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This is an index of the characters and pages in Chris Hazelton’s web comic, Misfile. The comic completed in 2019 so I’m not updating this page any more except perhaps correcting errors. See Help/About for more.

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ch-01 [131] Book 01: March - April ’04

ch-02 [115] Book 02: April - May ’04

ch-03 [108] Book 03: May ’04

ch-04 [117] Book 04: May - June ’04

ch-05 [135] Book 05: June - July ’04

ch-06 [116] Book 06: July - August ’04

ch-07 [126] Book 07: August ’04

ch-08 [145] Book 08: September ’04

ch-09 [131] Book 09: September ’04

ch-10 [123] Book 10: September ’04

ch-11 [129] Book 11: October ’04

ch-12 [131] Book 12: October ’04

ch-13 [114] Book 13: Halloween ’04

ch-14 [115] Book 14: November ’04

ch-15 [129] Book 15: November - December ’04

ch-16 [117] Book 16: December ’04

ch-17 [127] Book 17: Christmas ’04

ch-18 [119] Book 18: December ’04 - January ’05

ch-19 [116] Book 19: January ’05

ch-20 [115] Book 20: February ’05

ch-21 [119] Book 21: February - March ’05

ch-22 [120] Book 22: March - April ’05

ch-23 [116] Book 23: Spring ’05

ch-24 [124] Book 24: Spring ’05

ch-25 [106] Book 25: Spring ’05

ch-26 [113] Book 26: Early Summer ’05

ch-27 [110] Book 27: Early Summer ’05

ch-28 [113] Book 28: Early Summer ’05

ch-29 [115] Book 29: Early Summer ’05

ch-30 [133] Book 30: Graduation

ch-31 [128] Book 31: All good things…


Tags: People, Places and Things

100 [1] -

2001 [1] -

3CaratPendant [2] -

3GemPendant [2] -

A-plus [1] -

Acura [19] Tom drives an Acura, licence plate: TOMSTER

Adam [57] a member of the Cherubim, with a cat on his shoulder and a bird (eagle?) in proximity

AerialView [1] -

Aiden [75] Aiden Brewster, car-whisperer; rebuilds & drives Nissan 240/260/280 series cars

AidenHome [35] house number 1066; Aiden lives opposite Bronwyn

AirFreshner [1] -

Airborne [1] -

Airport [14] -

AleHouse [23] bar-bistro on Cape Cod near Marie Upton’s house

AllTrac [10] Burt’s race car wikipedia: All-Trac

Alleyway [9] dumpster-filled dead-end

AlsDiner [19] Al’s Diner, Tempest area

Amara [3] models for Marie

Ambulance [2] -

AmericanRallyLeague [1] -

AndySherman [4] Andy Sherman, chivalrous to a fault

Angel [94] manifestin’ wingz, halo, powerz

AngelAsh [1] -

AngelBoy [2] CFS minion

AngelEars [10] -

AngelGirl [2] another CFS minion

AngelGirl2 [2] yet another CFS minion

AngelHair [9] -

Angelica [14] Kate’s sister

Anna [1] school kid

Annie [3] mouthy dyke-spotter school student

Antifreeze [1] -

Anvil [1] -

ApplicationForm [7] -

Archon [14] class of boss angel & an endangered species. Carry keys to their Branches of the file repository embedded in their hands

ArchonKiller [43] a mystery

Aries [64] ’Arry’s auto workshop

Arthur [19] racer boy

Artist [1] -

Ash [3038] Ash Upton “King of the Mountain”; our protagonist; drives a Merkur XR4Ti & “The Monster XR” an XR4Ti / Sierra Cosworth hybrid

Ash-f [2] female post-refile Ash created by Rumisiel’s congress with a photocopier

Ash-m [5] male post-refile Ash created by Rumisiel’s congress with a Post-It pad

AshKids [1] -

AshMale [9] representation of Ash as male

AshManShadow [1] -

AshWilliams [1] -

Ashley [14] forum’s name for Ash’s truly female alter-ego, seen in flashbacks and imagination (N.B. she never existed – WoG)

Audi [2] Edward Upton‘s car, licence plate DR-U

AudiQuattro [16] -

AudiS4 [0] Sheldon’s ride

AuntNatalie [2] Emily’s mother’s sister

AutoModerZ [30] automobile supplies emporium

BAM [1] -

Baby [17] -

BabyBottle [5] -

BabyShower [6] venue – unclear whether Kate’s family’s or Kate & Harry’s place

Bacon [4] traditional breakfast food

Bald [1] -

BaldDriver [1] -

BaldingDude [1] Christmas party-goer

Ball [2] -

Barn [6] -

BasicAutoMech [1] Basic Auto Mechanics – Emily’s first book on cars

Bat [1] “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat / How I wonder what you’re at”. Found in graveyards.

Bath [3] -

Batman [1] -

Battery [1] -

Baxter [29] racer, drives a Supra, has the effrontery to come from New York (and wear his cap backwards). Companion is Lucy. He suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Beach [26] “too much sand in my shoes, and the seaweed and salt water … grossed me out”

Bed [166] -

Beer [2] -

Bell [1] -

BerkshireCollege [7] Community College in Pittsfield, MA

Bidet [1] -

Bikini [1] -

BinaryBackground [1] -

Bird [6] -

BirdPoop [2] -

BirthdayCake [5] -

Blobs [2] floating background – opaque Bubbles?

Blood [9] -

Blue [2] -

Blush [158] shows happiness / embarrassment / emotion

BodyHair [1] -

Boobies [3] -

Book [3] -

Bookshop [2] -

Booze [1] -

Boston [6] US city

BostonLogan [3] Boston Logan airport, identified by the twin pillar control tower

BowlingAlley [1] -

BoyA [2] fan of Fuller parties

BoyB [1] -

BoysLocker [1] school changing room for sports

Bra [9] -

Brain [1] -

Breakfast [3] -

BreakfastAnytime [7] ill-named diner (only open 5am-midnight)

Brent [37] Brent Westcott, racer from Falmouth, at college in California with James; drives an M3, licence HNDA ETR

BrentCar [3] see M3

BrentHouse [1] where Brent lives on Cape Cod

Bronwyn [37] Aiden’s psychic girlfriend; lives opposite his (parent’s) home

BronwynHome [7] across the road from AidenHome

Bubbles [0] happy floaty background

BubblesBG [67] -

Bull [7] -

BumperSticker [1] -

Bunny [1] -

BunnySuit [1] -

BurgerBarn [3] -

Burglar [1] -

Burn [1] -

Burt [22] Burt Clayton, car & parts sales

BurtsYard [19] one place where Burt does business

ButterCreamIcing [1] -

CFS [25] Celestial Filing System (properly the Celestial Filing Depository). Divided into five branches, four of which have an Archon.

CFS1 [0] First Branch: facets of time, space and celestial motion.

CFS2 [0] Second Branch: maintaining physical laws of the Creation.

CFS3 [1] Third Branch: (also?) maintaining the physical laws of the Creation.

CFS4 [5] Fourth Branch: takes measurements on Earth and compares them to extrapolations from the filing system.

CFS5 [74] Fifth Branch: deals with fairly mundane aspects of life on earth. Unimportant, no Archon [ref]. Rumisiel worked here.

Cafe225 [2] café in Tempest

CafeMarat [6] café in Tempest

Cake [1] -

California [1] -

Camera [21] takes pictures

Canada [11] -

Cancer [4] Ellen McArthur had a non-malignant tumour when Emily was young. See also June.

Candle [4] decorative/romantic light & scent source.

Cannabis [2] -

Cantina32 [8] restaurant in Tempest’s main street.

CapKid [5] generic: some kid wearing a cap.

Car [2] -

CarGraveyard [3] -

CarLot [6] -

CarOil [1] -

CardShop [3] selling greeting cards.

Carkeys [1] -

CarterHughes [4] -

CasHome [2] where Casper lives, somewhere on Cape Cod.

CashDesk [1] -

Casper [28] ‘Cas’, racer in Cape Cod, friend of Brent; drives an MR2.

CasperCar [5] MR2.

Cassi [110] Cassiel’s dark-haired ‘mortal schoolgirl’ guise for stalking/harassing Rumisiel

CassiCreepy [1] alternative disguise used by Cassiel.

CassiLunchLady [1] alternative disguise used by Cassiel.

Cassiel [264] angel, works for 4th Branch of the CFS, Rumisiel’s ex-. Lucifer’s niece. Also see Cassi.

Cat [34] -

CatAndMouse [0] background, associated with Marie.

CatAndMouseBG [3] -

CatCallDriver [1] -

CatsBG [1] -

Chain [1] -

ChainSaw [2] for cutting trees, or zombies

Chains [18] -

ChainsBG [15] unhappy bind-y background

Chair [2] -

Cherub [1] -

Cherubim [8] very different from our regular angels: ‘gestalt being, four aspects, unpredictable’, also four wings. Think the Filing Depot is wrong. Regular angels worry about them.

ChickBG [1] -

Chicks [1] -

ChiliCheeseFries [1] -

Chocolate [10] mmmm!

ChrisHazelton [2] the author & artist himself

ChristmasBauble [1] -

ChristmasTree [4] -

Church [7] -

Cigarette [4] -

Cinema [22] generic: popcorn sales outlets

Clam [1] -

ClassicPartsCatalogue [1] -

Cliff [5] -

Clock [6] -

ClockTower [3] highest central point in Tempest

ClothesShop [16] generic

Cloud [1] -

CoatHooks [1] -

Coffee [1] -

Coin [1] -

CokeBottle [2] -

CokeCan [1] -

Cola [1] -

Colin [24] an heroic ‘Everyman’ figure, works at AutoModerZ; drives a Camaro “with 20 inch rims and a Borla exhaust”

College [1] -

CollegeGuide [2] -

Collision [1] -

Colour [87] page in colour rather than the usual pencil greyscale

Computer [48] generic, probably a consumer grade Windows XP Home box

Corner22 [2] location of the Old Shed on the Old Road

Cosmology [1] -

CostumeShop [3] “Another Face”

Couch [2] -

Cover [32] start of a new book/chapter

Crack [1] -

Crash [1] -

Cricket [2] -

Crunch [2] -

CupidBow [1] stylised bow and arrow

DAngeloHouse [5] -

DMV [2] Department of Motor Vehicles (?) driver testing site

DanCreed [1] track team jock bullied Ash before the Misfile - mentioned not seen

DangBlastedIdiot [1] customer at The Ale House

DannyWyman [1] -

DarkWood [1] -

Dates [73] entries with days, dates, ages, etc

DaveDAngelo [24] Dave D’Angelo, racer in Greene, close cut frizzy-looking hair. Drives a Subaru WRX. Sidekick Doug

DayOne [3] live-action movie adaptation of the first Misfile book via Kickstarter

DayeSpa [5] -

DevilAsh [2] -

Diet [1] -

Diner [56] generic: diners, cafe, restaurant

DirtRoad [7] -

DogWalsh [3] Dog-owning Walsh clan member

DollarSign [1] -

Donut [3] -

DoorWedge [2] -

Doorbell [1] -

Doorstep [1] -

Doris [3] caterer extrordinaire!

Doug [5] racer (?) in Greene, lip tuft beard, sidekick to Dave D’Angelo

DrEmily [4] -

DrPatriciaWarding [3] -

Dream [52] from daydreams to nightmares

Dress [83] Ash in a …

DressShopAsst [1] -

DriversLicense [1] -

Dweeb [3] Robin to Colin’s Batman

Dyke [2] Lesbian (slang, probably offensive)

Eagle [5] -

Eclipse [1] -

Edward [159] Dr Edward Upton, Ash’s father; gynaecologist; drives an Audi, practice at Tempest Health

Eggs [2] -

EllenMcArthur [120] Emily’s Mom (officially named Ellen after fan poll May 2015)

Emily [1818] Emily McArthur, “Blues” in a notable fanfic; our other protagonist; drives a Nissan 240SX and a classic Mustang

EmilyMD [4] Emily portrayed in white coat and forehead reflector when she is being particularly analytic/intellectual

EmilyMissingPages [5] -

EmptyLot [3] -

Engine [1] -

EnriqueSwan [1] fashion clothes designer

Envelope [4] -

Eponine [63] friend of Ash the girl

EponineHome [24] -

EveWallace [1] An exploitative girlfriend of James in his school days, cause of a race-duel with Ash.

EverythingUnder [2] lingerie shop

EvilDead [1] -

Eyes [1] -

FaceHugger [1] -

FairGround [1] -

FeathersBG [5] -

FeminineHygiene [2] -

Fence [3] -

Fern [4] -

Ferret [2] -

File [1] -

FileCabinet [9] -

FileFolder [5] -

Files [6] -

FilingTool [25] Rumisiel’s 5th Branch issue unit includes sound recorder, internet access, possibly 5th Branch Key

Fillaniel [3] angel, a CFS boss, joint administrator of 5th Branch with Terrael

Filler [186] non-story pages: Xmas, Remembrance, crossovers, adverts etc

Film [1] -

Finger [1] -

Fire [5] -

FireSupression [3] -

Fireworks [4] skyrockets and mortars

Fish [7] -

FlagPole [2] -

Flash [1] -

Flashback [54] sometimes to a past that everyone remembers but Ash and Emily

FootBath [1] -

Form [1] -

Fraud [1] -

Fred [1] footballer at the School

Fresh-Mart [2] supermarket / store in the Tempest area

Fridge [1] -

FullerHome [60] Missi Fuller’s lair (& Tom Fuller’s)

GTPrimeGame [6] -

Gabriel [3] archangel, ‘father’ to Rumisiel, Vashiel

GarageDoor [1] -

GasCard [2] -

GasPump [1] -

GasStation [2] -

GiftCertificate [1] -

GirlA [1] romantic schoolgirl

GirlB [1] romance-questioning schoolgirl

GirlsLocker [5] girls changing room for school sports

GoateeKid [2] customer at The Ale House with KidConvertable

God [1] notable for Her absence; clearly has a sense of humour if Rumisiel and Cassiel are angels

GossipGirl1 [1] -

GossipGirl2 [1] -

GraduationCeremony [2] -

GraduationDay [129] -

GraduationParty [5] -

GraduationPhoto [1] -

GraduationRobe [12] -

Graveyard [1] metaphorical, so far.

Greene [7] -

GreeneHouse [7] a party scene for Jenny Greene

Gun [1] -

Gyno [8] exams Ash tries to skip

HairSalon [3] -

HairSalonWorker [2] -

Hand [1] -

HappyCones [1] -

Harry [43] ‘Harry’ (Henry) Walsh, local race scene’s auto engineer, owner Aries auto workshop

HarryJr [18] Kate’s son, Harry. Another Harry may have been involved

Harvard [3] a new-ish university

Headlights [1] -

Heart [5] -

HeartBeat [1] -

Heather [100] Heather Walsh, Harry’s niece, drives a yellow ZX3

HeatherCar [1] -

HeatherHome [12] where Heather lurks; (Art Note: doorway has changed)

Heaven [117] -

HeavenSun [7] -

Helmet [6] -

Hickey [4] “love-bite” Wikipedia

Hit [32] punch / slap / kick / strangle / chase / fight

HobbyCanyon [2] a hobby store, covering car modelling to video games (with free popcorn, Rumisiel notes)

Homework [2] -

Honda [3] -

HondaCivic [1] -

Honk [1] -

Horns [1] -

Hose [1] -

Hosepipe [2] -

Hospital [22] -

HotPants [1] -

Hug [26] -

IRsensor [3] remote infrared & motion sensing camera

IceCream [15] -

IceCreamStall [10] -

IceCube [1] -

Iridium [2] rare transition metal used in high performance spark plugs; see Wikipedia: Iridium

Istambul [1] -

Ivan [23] self-proclaimed ‘Ice King’

IvanCar [3] -

JaguarXKR [33] Kate’s ride, tuned by Harry, license “Kate 3”

Jake [1] -

JakeElliot [7] -

James [167] nailed Ash, but only in flashback. Drives a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

JamesBike [9] James’s V-twin motorbike

JamesCar [2] -

JamesCreekMall [3] -

JamesHouse [11] set a couple of houses along from the Upton residence. Number 17. Door has changed over the course of the comic.

Janine [1] unseen friend of Missi

Jason [5] local racer kid

Jazz [7] restaurant

Jen [2] waitperson at the Breakfast Anytime diner

Jenny [5] conceited model

JennyGreene [5] member/leader of the Tempest High ‘rich bitch squad’

JennySnr [2] Jenny-the-model’s conceited Mom

Joint [2] -

JosephTheBarber [2] -

June [1] friend of Ellen McArthur who Emily stayed with one summer while Ellen had a tumour removed

Junkyard [4] source of parts

JunkyardGuy [2] supplier of parts

Kate [131] ‘Kamikaze’ Kate, the Demon of Greylock Mountain (has mellowed…); drives a Jaguar XKR, licence plate: KATE 3

KateHouse [18] Kate‘s ‘Victorian’ styled house

KateRel1 [3] elderly relative of Kate’s

KateRel2 [2] another elderly relative of Kate’s

Kay [35] Kay Wheeler, model, works for Marie, drives a Miata

Kevin [13] reconnaissance Sheldonista

Key [6] -

Keys [1] -

KidB [2] some boy at school

KidConvertable [4] tried to pick up Ash at The Ale House

Kilt [1] -

KingOfTheMountain [1] -

Kiss [33] … is just a kiss, a sigh is just …

Knock [1] -

Kowtow [1] -

Kylie [1] -

LaFondue [13] a French restaurant specialising in— fondue!

Lab [2] -

Ladder [1] -

Landslide [1] -

Lars [2] -

Leggings [1] -

LeicesterPark [40] outdoor wedding venue

Lesbian [12] pertaining to female same-sex relationships

Letter [1] -

Library [1] -

Lie [1] -

LightSwitch [2] -

Lightbulb [1] -

Lightning [3] -

Lingerie [3] -

Lisa [2] waitperson

Lock [7] -

Lockpicks [1] -

Logan [51] racer, homeschooled, sees angels, drives an RX-7 with a Pinapple engine

LoganCar [12] -

LoganHome [10] house number: 402

Lucifer [2] -

Lucy [17] Baxter’s lady, a.k.a. Pince-Nez from her glasses

M3 [14] Brent’s car

M3000GT [20] Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 sports car, as driven by James

MIT [1] Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MMO [4] Massive Multiplayer Online game.

MR2 [3] Casper’s car.

Mace [1] pepper spray

Machete [3] -

MacsBar [3] a bar

Maid [1] -

MailBox [1] -

Marie [114] Marie Upton, Ash’s Mom, ex-model, ex-wife of Edward Upton

MarieCar [3] -

MarieHouse [99] Marie Upton’s home, number 225, with access to the beach, at Dennis, Cape Cod: WoG

MariePresent [3] -

MarieWork [19] where Marie runs a fashion/lingerie business

Mart [2] generic food store in/around Tempest area (“…ar MAR…”)

MassageRoom [2] -

Maude [1] canteen catering & hair advice

MaxSpeed [5] Maximum Speed Factor – car racing video game, named 2009-01-14 (Thx Cobra)

McArthurRes [371] The McArthur residence – Emily’s home, house no. 124

Melissa [10] Dr Melissa Frist, gynaecologist at Thorin Medical

Miata [5] Kay’s ride

MileHighClub [1] -

MiniVan [1] Mom McArthur’s ride

Mirror [8] -

Missi [504] Missi Fuller, adopted, hyperactive 15 year-old Freshman in September 2004 – held back “due to social/immaturity issues” (WoG on the Misfile Forum) so a year older than typical for her class); Ash-crush.

Mistletoe [1] -

ModelGirl [1] victim of Cassiel.

ModelGirl2 [1] fleeing Cassiel.

Molly [39] Molly Taber, bitch/tart (with a heart), drives a Volkswagen.

MollyHome [5] -

MomWaggon [2] -

MomsCar [2] -

Monster [255] The Monster XR: Ash’s frankencar, 4 wheel drive racer, built from various Cosworth models: higher spoiler with centre pillar; single right side hood intake.

Moon [23] -

Morgan [7] bit of a slapper.

Motel [3] -

Moustache [1] -

MrCuddles [3] Missi’s confidant & comforter.

MrGreen [1] -

MrMacMannus [1] teacher of 19th century literature.

MrMuffy [4] Walsh-clan dog with an inquisitive nose.

MrRenault [1] history teacher.

MrWalker [6] auto class teacher.

MsFlanery [1] teacher.

MtGreylock [4] -

Mud [2] -

Muffin [1] -

Munch [1] -

MushroomCloud [2] -

Mustang [31] a ’68 fast back, Emily’s other ride.

Myrael [1] missing Archon of 3rd Branch.

N240Z [33] Nissan 240Z sportscar, junker restored by Aiden.

NailPainter [1] -

Naked [4] -

Needle [1] -

NewJersey [1] -

Newspaper [3] -

Night [1] -

Nimble [1] -

Nissan240SX [126] Emily’s car, manual transmission upgrade by Ash.

Nissan240SXModel [1] -

Nosebleed [20] (you need a girlfriend, laddie!)

Noseplugs [2] -

Notebook [1] -

OhMyDressShop [12] women’s clothing retailer

OilTrap [1] -

OldRoad [465] local race site, a.k.a. the Mountain. A brief history.

OldRoadFlyer [2] -

OldShed [2] at Corner 22 of the Old Road.

Oscar [22] looks surprisingly like Emily.

OscarCar [5] unidentified model; has a spoiler.

OutHouse [1] -

Overcoat [4] -

Oversight [3] -

Package [1] -

PagerUnit [2] receive-only text messager.

Pancakes [5] -

Panties [4] -

Paperwork [2] -

Paris [1] -

ParkingLot [8] race/practice ground, after hours.

Party [89] let’s …

Patient [3] Ms J Random …

Patreon [16] bonus page from Patreon sponsorship

PearlyGates [3] -

Pee [1] -

Pencil [1] -

Perfume [1] -

Period [15] don’t say …

Pharmacy [2] -

Phone [98] calling on the tele…

Photo [13] the camera never lies

PhotoAlbum [1] -

Photocopier [1] -

Photographer [1] -

Pigeon [1] -

Pillow [1] -

Pin [1] -

Pink [2] -

PissBoy [1] -

Pizza [2] -

Planet [1] -

PlanetEarth [1] -

Plans [2] -

Plasters [3] -

PogoStick [1] -

Police [3] the long arm of the law

PoliceBox [1] -

PolkadotPanties [1] -

Pool [11] the McArthur house swimming pool

Poop [1] -

Pop [1] -

Popcorn [1] -

PostItNote [2] -

Pregnant [2] -

Puke [7] -

Puritan [1] -

Pyjamas [15] -

QuestiomarkBG [2] -

Quiche [1] -

RIP [2] -

Race [154] what Ash is all about

RaceFlag [1] -

RaceSuit [5] -

RacerA [1] guy interested in Nitrous Oxide engine enhancement

RacerB [5] lightly scrupled, resentful, pro-Burt guy

RacerBandana [1] a racer guy wearing a bandana on his head

RacerC [3] short light hair, dark collar, upper arm patches

RacerCheckshirt [1] -

RacerD [1] -

RacerF [2] dark shiny hair guy

RacerFrizz [2] -

RacerG [1] -

RacerGirl [1] -

RacerGlasses [1] -

RacerH [1] -

RacerJ [1] -

RacerMouth [3] -

RacerPat [3] condescending guy, glasses

RacerRCapDude [1] -

RacerSpecs [1] racer with glasses

RacerWhoDude [1] -

RacerXray [3] named from a shirt logo

Racers [12] the local crew (when not individualised)

Rachel [42] friend of Emily’s, a secret votary of Terpsichore

RachelHome [2] -

Raechiel [14] angel, Archon of the CFS 4th Branch, Cassiel’s boss

Rafael [2] angel (archangel?); sent a message by Ramael

RailRoad [11] -

RailroadSpike [5] -

Rain [28] -

Rainbow [1] -

Rake [1] -

RallyCar [1] -

Ramael [39] angel, Vashiel’s erstwhile comrade, field op for heaven’s ‘oversight’

RandomLady [1] unimpressed by a proposition from Ramael

Randy [8] into road maintenance

Rapists [9] would-be bad dudes

Razor [1] -

Receptionist [3] at Thorin Medical

RecoveryTruck [1] -

RecoveryTruckGuy [1] -

Restaurant215 [7] -

Roger [1] an unidentified colleague of Marie

Roof [16] -

Ropes [6] -

Rose [15] Ale House waitperson, Tyler’s sister, under 18

Roy [13] owner/operator of Speedway dirt track

Rumble [1] -

Rumisiel [1274] “son of Gabriel, Angel of the 3rd Circle, 437 years old, and unmarried” – used to work in the astral wing of 5th Branch of the celestial filing depository. The cause of all the bother

Ryan [2] nailed Emily

SATprimer [4] -

SUV [2] -

Sack [1] -

Salesman [5] car sales dude, but not Burt

Satan [1] -

Sausage [1] -

School [448] Tempest High

SchoolRoad [148] the long walk between the Upton home and Tempest High

ScienceTeacher [1] -

Scissors [1] -

Sea [1] -

SecretKiss [1] -

Security [1] private security staff

Selfies [1] -

Seraph [2] or Seraphim – a class of angel with six wings and made of pure flame. Associated with a “great dying” on Earth. See also Angel, Cherubim.

Seraphim [1] -

Shark [1] -

ShawsSteak [5] Shaw’s Steakhouse.

Sheldon [25] Machiavellian racer, drives an Audi S4.

Sheldonista [17] Sheldon’s bully boys: “just muscle”.

ShockBG [2] -

Shoes [1] -

ShopAsst [4] shop staff.

Shopping [52] recreational retail therapy.

Shorts [1] -

Shotgun [2] -

ShoulderAngel [35] conscience avatars.

Shower [24] steaminess and high emotions.

Shrimpy [2] rich bitch party-goer who hasn’t quite ‘got’ the memo.

SierraCarBook [1] -

Silhouette [2] -

Skirt [2] -

Skull [3] -

Sky [1] -

Skynet [1] -

Slam [1] -

Slap [3] -

Sleep [2] -

Sleepover [39] sharing a bedroom overnight, sleep optional.

Sleepware [2] -

Slush [2] -

Smack [1] -

Smoking [20] -

Smoothie [2] puréed fruit drink

Snip [1] -

Snow [93] -

Snowball [1] -

SoapBox [1] -

SomeMom [1] trying to get a word in edgeways

Sorry [1] -

Spa [1] -

SparkPlugs [3] -

Sparks [1] -

SparksBG [8] -

SpeccyKid [1] -

Speedway [27] dirtstrip race track

Spirit [31] spooky stuff

SpitTake [3] -

Spliff [4] -

Stake [1] -

StartLights [1] -

Starter [1] -

Statue [1] -

Steakknife [1] -

Steps [2] -

Stool [1] -

Strangle [4] -

StripLight [1] -

StripMall [8] “the strip mall parking lot over on Route 2”

StuntPlane [9] -

SubParSnacks [1] -

SubaruWRX [2] Dave D’Angelo’s car

SubtextDetector [1] -

SuicideGuy [9] tried to check out

Suit [2] -

SunPoisoning [3] -

Sunrise [1] -

Supra [22] Toyota Supra mark 4 (A80?), Baxter’s car

Surveyor1 [4] -

Surveyor2 [4] -

Sweatdrop [49] -

Sweatshirt [1] -

Swim [36] -place & -wear

Swimboy [1] -

Sword [31] For angelic smitings.


TORRSalumni [5] The Old Road Racing Society Alumni – proposed by Ash.

TV [1] -

TapeMeasure [4] -

Tardis [1] -

Tarot [1] Playing cards, with mystical properties when used with insight.

Teacher [17] Generic, unnamed – of math, gym, sport, etc.

TeamMisfile [8] -

Tears [72] (and generally crying.)

Teleport [1] -

Tempest [40] Small (pop ~8,000) town, est. 1876, in western Massachusetts. Scene of most of the action.

TempestHealth [14] Dr Upton’s workplace.

Tent [4] -

Tentacle [1] -

Terrael [4] Angel, co-administrator of 5th Branch with Fillaniel.

Teshiel [1] Hefty angel, once answered truthfully by Vashiel.

ThatWomanFromTheOtherComic [1] -

Therapist [2] -

Thermometer [3] -

Thief [1] -

Thong [1] -

Thorin [6] Thorin Medical practice, Dr Frist’s workplace.

ThreshingStreet [60] Racing venue (?) ‘off the state road’ close to Greene.

Thursday [9] -

Timeskip [1] -

Tire [3] -

Tissue [1] -

Toilet [16] -

ToiletRoll [4] -

Tom [35] Tom Fuller, Missi’s brother, adopted. Ash’s early rival. Drives an Acura.

Tongue [2] -

Towel [10] -

TrackTeam [3] -

TrafficLight [2] -

TransferSwirl [1] -

Transmission [1] -

Trap [1] -

TrashCan [3] -

TriangleMall [8] a mall.

Trolley [1] -

Truck [2] -

Truro [13] Town on Cape Cod, with beachfront parking areas suitable for racing.

Turkey [3] -

TwisterCloud [1] -

Tyler [3] Runs The Ale House, Rose’s brother.

UFO [1] -

UNbuilding [1] -

Umbrella [2] -

Underpants [1] -

Uniform [7] Mechanic’s uniform: blue shirt, pants and a hat, plus Team Misfile patches.

UptonHouse [1121] Edward and Ash live here.

Urtheniel [2] Angel, Rumisiel’s former weed dealer.

VW [7] Volkswagen – Beetle, modern edition: Molly’s car

Valentine [13] Related to the saint’s day on 14 February.

Vampire [1] -

Vashiel [373] Angel, Rumisiel’s truthful brother; “of the second order of holy swords, divine punishment division”

Veins [13] -

VendingMachine [1] -

VideoCamera [2] -

Vow [1] -

Wager [17] -

WaitPerson [5] burger bearer

WallaceMine [32] the pit mine at the top of the Old Road. Has a narrow dirt track which spirals and switchbacks down into it, but no guard rails.

WallaceSign [16] signs from the failed development Old Road sometimes used by the racers as meeting points and finish lines for races.

Wardrobe [2] -

WarningNotice [1] -

Wash [1] -

WashingMachine [1] -

Washout [3] -

Watcher [1] a shape at a window – probably Cassiel?

Water [3] -

Wedding [1] -

Wei [1] hospital medical worker

WetFloor [1] -

Wham [1] -

Whistle [1] -

WhiteRug [1] -

Window [4] -

WindowSticker [1] -

WingedOrb [1] -

Wings [1] -

Wink [2] -

Witch [1] -

WoG [0] Word of God: information from Chris Hazelton, not necessarily in the online comics

Woodpecker [1] -

Woods [29] -

Wormhole [2] -

Wrench [5] -

Wump [1] -

XR4Ti [212] Ash’s day-to-day street racing car, a Merkur, licence plate XR4TI. Twin symmetrical intakes on the hood, simple spoiler

XR4TiModel [1] -

XTremeRacer [1] -

Xaphrael [59] angel, rank: Captain, CFS security?, Vashiel’s erstwhile comrade, scarred face from a duel they fought

Yaoi [1] -

Ychromosome [1] -

YoghurtMelts [1] -

Z4 [0] rear-wheel drive sporty convertible coveted by Molly

ZX3 [17] Heather drives a yellow one.

Zombies [3] -

p-000 [31] -

p-001 [31] -

p-002 [31] -

p-003 [31] -

p-004 [31] -

p-005 [31] -

p-006 [31] -

p-007 [31] -

p-008 [31] -

p-009 [31] -

p-010 [31] -

p-011 [31] -

p-012 [31] -

p-013 [31] -

p-014 [31] -

p-015 [31] -

p-016 [31] -

p-017 [31] -

p-018 [31] -

p-019 [32] -

p-020 [31] -

p-021 [31] -

p-022 [31] -

p-023 [31] -

p-024 [31] -

p-025 [31] -

p-026 [31] -

p-027 [31] -

p-028 [31] -

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p.2019-08-28 Angel Ash-m Colour Emily Hug Rainbow Rumisiel TeamMisfile Tempest ch-31 p-127 THE END

[And so Misfile ends, with Rumisiel farting rainbows…].

p.2019-08-27 Ash-m Emily TeamMisfile Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-126 Vashiel: I… Think I’m going to throw up. I should never have asked.

p.2019-08-26 Ash-m Emily Rumisiel TeamMisfile Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-125 Vashiel: You… Put… POST-IT NOTES IN A MACHINE THAT MANIFESTS THE POWER OF GOD?!

p.2019-08-23 CFS5 FileFolder Flashback Heaven PostItNote Rumisiel Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-124 Rumisiel: The signs are merely a clever ruse. You know the only reason Ash originally kept his memories is because the file couldn’t update properly.

p.2019-08-22 CFS5 FileFolder Flashback Heaven PostItNote Rumisiel Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-123 Vashiel: What about “boy” Ash.

p.2019-08-21 CFS5 FileCabinet FileFolder Flashback Heaven Photocopier Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-122 Rumisiel: They were constantly doing performance reports and stuff and all that crap has to be filed in triplicate, so I figure they had to have a copy machine in there. I took Ash’s file and I made a perfect copy.

p.2019-08-20 HeavenSun Rumisiel Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-121 Vashiel: First of all, Ramael has been gone for years now. He took some low stress job where he said he could relax and enjoy his hobbies, and frankly he deserves it.

p.2019-08-19 Ash-f Ash-m Rumisiel TeamMisfile Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-120 Vashiel: I’m still confused as to how that works.

p.2019-08-16 Ash-f Ash-m Rumisiel TeamMisfile Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-119 Rumisiel: There you go, right there. There’s Ash now. Quit your bitching

p.2019-08-15 Missi Rumisiel TeamMisfile Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-118 Vashiel: I mean “where”. You KNOW I mean “where”.

p.2019-08-14 Harry Kate Rumisiel Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-117 Vashiel: You just want me to tell you how well things turned out with a plan you totally made up at the last possible second.

p.2019-08-13 Rumisiel Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-116 Vashiel: I was worried that something would come out that I couldn’t hide if I stayed.

p.2019-08-12 AmericanRallyLeague CashDesk RallyCar Rumisiel Tempest Vashiel ch-31 p-115 Rumisiel: So what did Adam tell you?

p.2019-08-09 Heaven HeavenSun Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-114 Rumisiel: Look, I took this little break for a reason. Thought you might want to come with me and check up on some OTHER folks that helped with that whole “saving the universe” thing, if you catch my drift.

p.2019-08-08 Heaven HeavenSun Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-113 Rumisiel: I’m on vacation, paid this time. Being an Archon has its perks.

p.2019-08-07 Ash Emily Sunrise Timeskip ch-31 p-112 Emily: Ash. Ash! Time to wake up! Several years later…

p.2019-08-06 Adam Ash CFS5 Emily GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel ch-31 p-111 Adam: Are you sure you really want to do this?

p.2019-08-05 CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel ch-31 p-110 Rumisiel: Sshh! Don’t distract me! I almost had it!

p.2019-08-02 Filler Misfile pins grab bag Advert.

p.2019-08-01 Ash CFS5 GraduationDay Harry Heaven Kate Marie Rumisiel ch-31 p-109 Rumisiel: And of course me. You would never have met me.

p.2019-07-31 Ash CFS5 GraduationDay Harry Heaven Kate Marie Rumisiel ch-31 p-108 Rumisiel: Then what would be the problem with changing back?

p.2019-07-30 Ash CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Sweatdrop ch-31 p-107 Rumisiel: Before I put all this out there, what are the downsides of leaving things like they are?

p.2019-07-29 Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Tears Vashiel ch-31 p-106 Vashiel: Now… No I’m sad too… And I’m not entirely sure what’s going on…

p.2019-07-26 Adam Ash CFS5 Emily GraduationDay Heaven Hug Tears ch-31 p-105 Adam: Well THIS is interesting. Choices, choices. What do you think…

p.2019-07-25 Ash CFS5 Emily GraduationDay Heaven Tears ch-31 p-104 Emily: … Don’t…

p.2019-07-24 Ash CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Strangle Vashiel Veins ch-31 p-103 Rumisiel: Look, if you’re in charge of oversight, no one ever has to know. I mean I clearly learned my lesson…

p.2019-07-23 CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Strangle Sweatdrop Veins ch-31 p-102 Cassiel: I FOUGHT FOR YOU! I took a blade of vengeance in the underboob!

p.2019-07-22 Filler Misfile Sequel – Samples

p.2019-07-19 CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Sweatdrop Vashiel Veins ch-31 p-101 Vashiel: I know! I know. I don’t get it myself. I should be shocked and angry, I know. It’s just, after all this right now and saving the universe and all it just seems so… Ridiculous.

p.2019-07-18 CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Sweatdrop Vashiel ch-31 p-100 Vashiel: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

p.2019-07-17 CFS5 Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-099 Cassiel: Those really were YOUR pages?! Wait! How did you she ahold of HER OWN pages?!

p.2019-07-16 CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel SoapBox Vashiel ch-31 p-098 Rumisiel: Bro, Cassi, we saved fifth branch today… But ir was already screwed up. I put it in danger.

p.2019-07-15 Ash Colour Filler Swim ThatWomanFromTheOtherComic Artist Holiday

p.2019-07-12 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Art Auction - Last Day

p.2019-07-10 Ash AshManShadow CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven ch-31 p-096 Ash: I’m tired of waiting, Emily. I’m just… I’m SO tired.

p.2019-07-09 Adam Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Heaven Munch Popcorn ch-31 p-095 Emily: Really? Like, right now? You sure we shouldn’t clean up first.

p.2019-07-08 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Art Auction

p.2019-07-05 Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Sweatdrop ch-31 p-094 Cassiel: … I’m not dead though, so I will be ok. I’ll heal, so don’t feel too bad about making me do all the dirty work.

p.2019-07-04 Ash Colour Emily Filler Fireworks 4th July

p.2019-07-03 ArchonKiller Ash Blood CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Lie Rumisiel Tears Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-093 Vashiel: No, not for us. When an anghel dies… their energy becomes a new angel. They get another chance… Vashiel also states he is no longer bound by his vows and is able to lie

p.2019-07-02 ArchonKiller Ash Blood CFS5 Flashback GraduationDay Heaven Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-092 Xaphrael: Your father is in room M·947·D. The code is a series of scents… Brimstone… Old books… Fresh paper…

p.2019-07-01 Angel ArchonKiller Blood CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-091 Vashiel: Let me help you, old friend. It’s over.

p.2019-06-28 Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Sword Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-090 [Vashiel impales Xaphrael]

p.2019-06-27 Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Sword Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-089 Cassiel: Funny, you didn’t notice I had no sword. Of course, now I have yours.

p.2019-06-26 Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Sword Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-088 Xaphrael: Good show. Very good show. Still, you’ve lost.

p.2019-06-25 Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Sword Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-087 [blood splatter]]

p.2019-06-24 Angel ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Emily Fire FireSupression GraduationDay Heaven Spliff Xaphrael ch-31 p-086 Emily: [fx: flick]

p.2019-06-21 Angel ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Emily GraduationDay Heaven Xaphrael ch-31 p-085 Rumisiel: … What the heck are you two DOING?!

p.2019-06-20 Angel ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Emily GraduationDay Heaven Sword Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-084 Xaphrael: You were one heck of a commander, Vashiel, but your fight could use some work. If I wanted you dead I’ve had two openings.

p.2019-06-19 Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Heaven ch-31 p-083 Emily: Where you go, I go. Besides… I think I have a plan.

p.2019-06-18 Adam Angel Ash CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven ch-31 p-082 Adam: And there’s the rub. I’m curious to see the nature of man. Does he save himself and the universe as he knows it, or does he try to save the angel who came to his aid?

p.2019-06-17 Filler Father’s Day

p.2019-06-14 Angel ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Hit Sword Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-081 Cassiel: This is it! This is our chance! Go for the door!

p.2019-06-13 Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Hit SparksBG Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-080 File Depository: Class one threat detected. Vow override processed.

p.2019-06-12 Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 Chains FileCabinet GraduationDay Heaven Hit Rumisiel SparksBG Sword Xaphrael ch-31 p-079 Rumisiel: Pretty sure cutting that whole cabinet in half constitutes an “immanent threat” to the filing depot.

p.2019-06-11 Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 FileCabinet GraduationDay Heaven Hit Rumisiel Sweatdrop Sword Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-078 Ash: Vashiel…

p.2019-06-10 Angel ArchonKiller Blood CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Hit Rumisiel Sword Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-077 Rumisiel: Vash… I want to help but… what can I even do?

p.2019-06-07 Angel Ash CFS5 Cassiel FileFolder Fire GraduationDay Heaven Hit Sword ch-31 p-076 Cassiel: Xaphrael has trained for centuries since they last fought.

p.2019-06-06 Angel ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Heaven Hit Sword Xaphrael ch-31 p-075 Emily: That’s it. The door is closed. We’re stuck…

p.2019-06-05 Angel ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Emily GraduationDay Heaven SparksBG Sword Xaphrael ch-31 p-074 Emily: That’s it. The door is closed. We’re stuck…

p.2019-06-04 Adam Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 FeathersBG GraduationDay Heaven Sword Xaphrael ch-31 p-073 Xaphrael: This IS God’s will! I AM God’s will! Your kind despise the system as it stands!

p.2019-06-03 Adam ArchonKiller CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Xaphrael ch-31 p-072 Adam: Xaphrael, Xaphrael, Xaphrael. I’m just here to watch the will of god play out. I don’t know who will win, but in the grand scheme it is sure to be a pivotal point in the history of the universe and I would very much like to bear witness.

p.2019-05-31 Adam ArchonKiller CFS5 DoorWedge GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-071 Vashiel: Door was wedged open.

p.2019-05-30 ArchonKiller CFS5 GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-070 Rumisiel: Kinder. The word you are forgetting is kinder. You see, he may be better than me at damn near everything, but all that means is that to compete with him on a day to day basis, I had to learn every dirty trick in the book. My brother is kind. I’m not.

p.2019-05-29 ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-069 Xaphrael: Rumisiel […] so if you’d be so kind as to sit your ass back where I threw it I’ll be happy to get to you after I’ve taken control of the entire universe.

p.2019-05-28 CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Kiss Rumisiel Sweatdrop ch-31 p-068 Rumisiel: What was that for? I mean… I’m not complaining, but…

p.2019-05-27 Colour Filler Memorial Day 2019

p.2019-05-24 CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel SparksBG Sweatdrop ch-31 p-067 Cassiel: Hey! Pssst! Hey! We gotta get out of that door!

p.2019-05-23 ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Emily FilingTool GraduationDay Heaven Sword Xaphrael ch-31 p-066 Emily: What kind of people does he takes us for? There’s no way we would…

p.2019-05-22 ArchonKiller CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Xaphrael ch-31 p-065 Cassiel: Hey! What gives? Why are you working with Ramael? What did he offer you?

p.2019-05-21 Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily FilingTool GraduationDay Heaven ch-31 p-064 Ash: Until what? Until Rumisiel pulls some terrible plan out of his backside?

p.2019-05-20 Colour Filler Chris absence announcement

p.2019-05-17 ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Emily FilingTool GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Sword Xaphrael ch-31 p-063 Xaphrael: There’s no way you wouldn’t have brought the key with you! You have to…

p.2019-05-16 Angel ArchonKiller CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Sword THOOOOOOM Wings Xaphrael ch-31 p-062 Xaphrael: Before you ask, your brother is fine. I’m not going to just kill my best friend. I’m doing my best no[t] to harm his family either, but you abd Gabriel are really making it SO difficult. Key. Now.

p.2019-05-15 AngelEars AngelHair ArchonKiller Ash CFS5 Emily GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-061 Xaphrael: Time crunch, Rumisiel!

p.2019-05-14 ArchonKiller CFS5 Cassiel DoorWedge GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Sweatdrop Xaphrael ch-31 p-060 Xaphrael: I’m told there is no plan. I have one. First though, where is the key?

p.2019-05-13 ArchonKiller CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Sweatdrop Xaphrael ch-31 p-059 Rumisiel: Man, you have NO idea how long we’ve…

p.2019-05-10 CFS5 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven Knock Rumisiel Sweatdrop ch-31 p-058 Cassiel: So much TROUBLE!

p.2019-05-09 Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily EmilyMissingPages GraduationDay Heaven Sweatdrop ch-31 p-057 Emily: Oh! Uh… Yeah. About this…

p.2019-05-08 Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily EmilyMissingPages GraduationDay Heaven RIP Sweatdrop ch-31 p-056 Emily: It’s called a grand gesture, Ash. It is showing I don’t want that part of my life back. I don’t need it any more. It’s a grand gesture because I can’t takke it back. I prefer my life it is, my “new” life, my life with you in it. It’s also a grand gesture because I did it here in front of you so you would know how I stand and how I feel.

p.2019-05-07 AngelEars Ash CFS5 Emily EmilyMissingPages GraduationDay Heaven RIP Sweatdrop ch-31 p-055 Emily: Can I… Can I see them?

p.2019-05-06 Ash CFS5 Emily EmilyMissingPages GraduationDay Heaven ch-31 p-054 Emily: What is that? Don’t tell me.. Did you actually find your file?

p.2019-05-03 ArchonKiller CFS5 Cassiel Chains CokeBottle FileCabinet GraduationDay Heaven Ramael Rumisiel Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-053 Ramael: There’s a trap door on the ceiling. I caught it being adjusted when he was spying from the other side once. Cut your ropes and go.

p.2019-05-02 ArchonKiller Chains GraduationDay Heaven Ramael Ropes Vashiel Wink Xaphrael ch-31 p-052 Vashiel: Wait! Don’t go! Where’s my dad?

p.2019-05-01 ArchonKiller Chains GraduationDay Heaven Ramael Xaphrael ch-31 p-051 Xaphrael: What exactly was that act of defiance supposed to accomplish?

p.2019-04-30 ArchonKiller Chains CokeBottle GraduationDay Heaven Ramael Xaphrael ch-31 p-050 Xaphrael: And you’ll drink this how, exactly? I’m not stupid enough to unchain you.

p.2019-04-29 ArchonKiller Chains GraduationDay Heaven Ramael Ropes Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-049 Vashiel: In old times… In old times I was wrong; shortsighted and wrong, Xaphrael

p.2019-04-26 ArchonKiller GraduationDay Heaven Ropes Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-048 Vashiel: Why are you doing this? I thought you always believed in the will of God…

p.2019-04-25 CFS5 Cassiel FireSupression GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Spliff WarningNotice ch-31 p-047 Cassiel: Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

p.2019-04-24 Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily FileCabinet FireSupression GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Spliff ch-31 p-046 Emily: Where did you get…

p.2019-04-23 Ash CFS5 Cassiel Emily FileCabinet GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Spliff Sweatdrop ch-31 p-045 Ash: What do you think I’m doing? I’m looking for my file.

p.2019-04-22 CFS5 FileCabinet GraduationDay Heaven LightSwitch Rumisiel StripLight ch-31 p-044 Emily: Seriously? This is where the universe is controlled?

p.2019-04-19 ArchonKiller Chains GraduationDay Heaven Ramael Ropes Rumisiel Vashiel Xaphrael ch-31 p-043 Vashiel: Xaphrael? What is his beef? Of the three of us, he’s the one who toed the line and moved up the chain of command.

p.2019-04-18 Chains GraduationDay Heaven Ramael Ropes Vashiel ch-31 p-042 Vashiel: Wait… Why are you in chains if I’m in ropes?

p.2019-04-17 Chains GraduationDay Heaven Ramael Ropes Vashiel ch-31 p-041 Vashiel: Where am i? I can’t see. / I feel bindings. / Clearly I’m a prisoner.

p.2019-04-16 Ash Emily GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Urtheniel ch-31 p-040 Emily: How much for what you’re selling AND Rumisiel and us were never here?

p.2019-04-15 Filler Kickstarter Final Week

p.2019-04-12 Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven HeavenSun Rumisiel Urtheniel ch-31 p-039 Cassiel: That way? That seems crazy out of the way. How did you ever find this route in the first place?

p.2019-04-11 Ash Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel WingedOrb ch-31 p-038 Rumisiel: This isn’t Heaven. I mean it’s IN heaven, but THIS is the Celestial Filing Depot. It’s like being backstage at a concert. You need a special pass. Regular visitors don’t get to go. This whole area is angels only.

p.2019-04-10 Adam Bull Cat GraduationDay Heaven Sword Vashiel ch-31 p-037 Vashiel: You’re not really a cat, are you?

p.2019-04-09 Adam Cassiel Cat GraduationDay Heaven HeavenSun Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-036 Rumisiel: Well, guys, I don’t want to run into too many people myself.

p.2019-04-08 AngelEars AngelHair Ash GraduationDay Heaven Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-035 Ash: Why don’t we all meet up inside, say fifth branch? You know, at Rumisiel’s old work station. At least I’m confident he can find his way there.

p.2019-04-05 AngelEars AngelHair Ash Cassiel GraduationDay Heaven HeavenSun PearlyGates Planet Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-034 Ash: Now THAT’S a bit more like it…

p.2019-04-04 AngelEars AngelHair Ash Cassiel Emily GraduationDay PearlyGates Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-033 Cassiel: Welcome to the pearly gates.

p.2019-04-03 Ash Colour Emily Filler Kickstarter advert

p.2019-04-02 AngelEars AngelHair Ash Cassiel Emily GraduationDay TransferSwirl UptonHouse ch-31 p-032 Cassiel: Any other questions before I do this.

p.2019-04-01 AngelEars AngelHair Ash Cassiel Cosmology GraduationDay UptonHouse Vashiel ch-31 p-031 Vashiel: We don’t really “go” anywhere. From an interdimensional perspective everything, I mean, Heaven, Hell and Earth all exist in the same space.

p.2019-03-29 Filler Misfile Sequel Kickstarter: update Kickstarter

p.2019-03-28 AngelEars AngelHair Ash Cassiel Emily GraduationDay PearlyGates Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-31 p-030 Vashiel: I don’t think you have to. If we use the back door it will set off alarm bells everywhere. If we just go through the front no one will bat an eyelid.

p.2019-03-27 AngelEars AngelHair Ash BodyHair Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-31 p-029 Cassiel: It’s an all senses illusion. Those pointed ears you don’t really have will still provide real sensations to you and anyone who touches them,

p.2019-03-26 AngelEars AngelHair Ash Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Rumisiel Sweatdrop UptonHouse Vashiel ch-31 p-028 Cassiel: Behold my amazing powers of disguise!

p.2019-03-25 Ash Cassiel Emily GraduationDay UptonHouse ch-31 p-027 Ash: Ok, just thowing a SUPER crazy thought out there, but so long as we’re disguising, maybe I should really go all out and be a boy.

p.2019-03-22 Ash Cassiel Emily GraduationDay Rumisiel Sweatdrop UptonHouse ch-31 p-026 Ash: I don’t have to wear a long white robe or anything, right? Please tell me I don’t have to wear an outfit like I’ve seen Cassiel wear.

p.2019-03-21 Cassiel GraduationDay Rumisiel Woods ch-31 p-025 Rumisiel: Look, we STILL need your help. This wouldn’t just get back in Dad’s good graces. Someone is messing with the files. That’s not good.

p.2019-03-20 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Misfile 15 Years

p.2019-03-19 Cassiel Flashback GraduationDay HeavenSun Rumisiel Tent Vashiel Woods ch-31 p-024 Cassiel: He made me take a pretty incriminating letter to oversight. He hates authority and has a history of working outside the rules.

p.2019-03-18 Cassiel GraduationDay Rumisiel Tent Vashiel Woods ch-31 p-023 Cassiel: You’re insane. You’re certifiably insane.

p.2019-03-14 Ash Emily GraduationDay Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-31 p-022 Vashiel: That won’t work. They might not notice Rumisiel being back right away but a human walking around will ring alarm bells all the way to the top.

p.2019-03-13 Ash Emily GraduationDay Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-31 p-021 Rumisiel: I don’t see any way to avoid going there. We can’t just GIVE him the key, as much as I’d like to end this the easy way…

p.2019-03-12 Ash Blush Emily FeathersBG FilingTool GraduationDay Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-31 p-020 Vashiel: You know, devices just like this recorded the first speaking of the ten commandments, the assassination of Julius Caesar, the coronation of Charlemagne and now…

p.2019-03-11 Adam ArchonKiller GraduationDay Heaven Hospital Sky ch-31 p-019 ArchonKiller: It’s been so long in coming. I can almost taste it.

p.2019-03-08 Ash Emily GraduationDay Hospital McArthurRes Phone Rumisiel Sweatdrop Vashiel ch-31 p-018 Ash: I’ll take Missi home. She’s not involved and I want to keep it that way. Em, take Vash and get the key from your mom. Everybody meet back at my place. My dad isn’t home. We can sort this out.

p.2019-03-07 Ash Emily GraduationDay Hospital Rumisiel Vashiel ch-31 p-017 Emily: Are you sure it’s ok to just leave him in there?

p.2019-03-06 DaveDAngelo GraduationDay Hospital Rumisiel Sweatdrop ThreshingStreet Vashiel ch-31 p-016 Rumisiel: But… I don’t know what to do…

p.2019-03-05 Ash GraduationDay Rumisiel ThreshingStreet Vashiel ch-31 p-015 Vashiel: He said… “We have your father”… They have Dad, Rumisiel.

p.2019-03-04 ChrisHazelton Colour Filler Holiday announcement

p.2019-03-01 Adam Ash GraduationDay Race ThreshingStreet Vashiel XR4Ti ch-31 p-014 Adam: Four simple words.

p.2019-02-28 Adam GraduationDay Race Rumisiel ThreshingStreet Vashiel XR4Ti ch-31 p-013 Rumisiel: What do you want?

p.2019-02-27 Adam AudiQuattro DaveDAngelo GraduationDay Race Rumisiel ThreshingStreet ch-31 p-012 Adam: Of course I can’t have you remembering any of this…

p.2019-02-26 Adam Ash AudiQuattro Blood Crack DaveDAngelo GraduationDay Pop Race ThreshingStreet Vashiel XR4Ti ch-31 p-011 Adam: Seeing as that accident just now SHOULD have killed you, I’m thinking breaking every bone from your fingertips to your shoulder is a pretty fair trade.

p.2019-02-25 Adam Angel AudiQuattro Bull Crunch DaveDAngelo GraduationDay Race ThreshingStreet Vashiel XR4Ti ch-31 p-010 Vashiel: I have to… There’s no time!

p.2019-02-22 AudiQuattro Collision Crunch DaveDAngelo GraduationDay Race ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-31 p-009 Ash: Fuck! He’s not trying! to push me into a trap. He’s trying to run me off the damn road

p.2019-02-21 AudiQuattro DaveDAngelo Emily GraduationDay Race Rumisiel ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-31 p-008 Dave: Yes, that’s it, bitch. Now just a push to the left. I mean, how can I help it if this rough old road knocks me around a bit…

p.2019-02-20 Ash GraduationDay Race RailroadSpike ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-31 p-007 Ash: That’s where we pulled out most of those rail spikes.

p.2019-02-19 Ash AudiQuattro GraduationDay Race ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-31 p-006 Ash: All that time in the monster I was counting on grip. What if I just let myself slide right across…

p.2019-02-18 Ash Colour Emily Filler Heart Auction Advert: Valentine’s Day artwork

p.2019-02-15 AerialView Angel Ash AudiQuattro GraduationDay Race Rumble ThreshingStreet TwisterCloud Vashiel XR4Ti ch-31 p-005 Ash: There it is, that frikkin’ transition to gravel. Just let this be one of the times it goes smoothly or I will never hear the end of it…

p.2019-02-14 Ash Colour Emily Filler Heart Valentine’s Day 2019

p.2019-02-13 Angel Ash AudiQuattro DaveDAngelo Finger GraduationDay Race ThreshingStreet Vashiel XR4Ti ch-31 p-004 Ash: And here you think that is going to piss me off. That’s just a sign post saying I’ve gotten to you

p.2019-02-12 Emily GraduationDay Race Rumisiel ThreshingStreet Vashiel ch-31 p-003 Emily: It kills me not to able to see what’s happening

p.2019-02-11 Ash AudiQuattro GraduationDay Missi Race ThreshingStreet Washout XR4Ti ch-31 p-002 Ash: The washout is coming up. He has so much more power. There’s no way I’ll be in front. Light isn’t going to help me here…

p.2019-02-08 AudiQuattro Emily GraduationDay Missi Race ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-31 p-001 Emily: Holy… The power of that thing. How is Ash supposed to compete against that without the Monster?

p.2019-02-07 Colour Cover Rumisiel ch-31 p-000 Book 31: All good things…

p.2019-02-06 Ash AudiQuattro DaveDAngelo GraduationDay Missi ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-30 p-132 Ash: Okay. Lets’s do this.

p.2019-02-05 Ash AudiQuattro DaveDAngelo Emily GraduationDay Missi Rumisiel ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-131 Emily: I know you don’t actually have a plan, Ash, but good luck. I know you’ll find a way. You always do.

p.2019-02-04 Ash GraduationDay Missi Nissan240SX Rumisiel ThreshingStreet Vashiel ch-30 p-130 Ash: Oh! I… didn’t expect you.

p.2019-02-01 Ash AudiQuattro DaveDAngelo GraduationDay Nissan240SX ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-129 Ash: Pit crew. Just in time. Let me get on that car thing.

p.2019-01-31 Ash DaveDAngelo GraduationDay ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-128 Ash: Nah. I can tell you don’t have a lot in your life beyond your inflated sense of self-worth, So I’m not going to damage it. I mean the race is just one more fun thing I’m doing today. What else have you got planned in Dave’s sad little self-pity land?

p.2019-01-30 Colour Filler FTX Jan 2019

p.2019-01-29 Ash DaveDAngelo GraduationDay ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-30 p-127 Ash: I… Don’t know what to say. Thanks?

p.2019-01-28 Ash GraduationDay RacerGlasses RacerJ ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-30 p-126 Ash: Did Dave really bring all these people just to intimidate me? It’s not like he doesn’t have home field advantage already. That piece of …

p.2019-01-25 Ash Emily GraduationDay ThreshingStreet XR4Ti ch-30 p-125 Ash: I should go before I get too introspective. Don’t want to crap on my own mood.

p.2019-01-24 Ash Emily GraduationDay ch-30 p-124 Ash: Could you provide cover? I just… I can’t shake this feeling like someone is watching me. I thought it was Heather but I still feel it. It’s creepy.

p.2019-01-23 Ash Eagle Emily GraduationDay ch-30 p-123 Emily: Are you sure you don’t want to go home first?

p.2019-01-22 Cassi Cassiel Eponine GraduationDay GraduationParty School ch-30 p-122 Cassi: So this is… Is this it? Is this “good bye?” This is it isn’t it?

p.2019-01-21 Ash GraduationDay GraduationParty Heather School ch-30 p-121 Heather: Oh, and if you let Dave win this thing this afternoon I’ll never forgive you. Kick his ass.

p.2019-01-18 Filler Chris 43rd Birthday

p.2019-01-17 Ash GraduationDay GraduationParty Heather School ch-30 p-120 Ash: I think I know why you’re here. You are now officially King of the Mountain.

p.2019-01-16 Ash Emily GraduationDay GraduationParty Heather Rumisiel School ch-30 p-119 Rumisiel: I know the difference between an ominous feeling in the pit of my stomach and a stuck fart… Though I grant you they are admittedly rather similar. It’s nothing really. Just the sensation of being…

p.2019-01-15 Ash Emily GraduationDay GraduationParty Rumisiel School ch-30 p-118 Emily: How’s it feel “graduate”?

p.2019-01-14 Ash GraduationCeremony GraduationDay GraduationPhoto Photographer School ch-30 p-117 Photographer: Face the camera.

p.2019-01-11 Ash GraduationCeremony GraduationDay School ch-30 p-116 Ash: This is probably the last time I see a lot of these people… But in the end I suppose everyone I really care about seeing again is out there in the audience.

p.2019-01-10 Ash GraduationDay Rumisiel School Smack ch-30 p-115 Rumisiel: Kick ass and take names!

p.2019-01-09 Ash Edward Marie Pancakes UptonHouse ch-30 p-114 Edward: Well don’t expect anything like that from me. All I got you was a gas card. It’ll have to be Shell, but I’ll pay it monthly. Try not to bankrupt me. I figure you’d probably need it to get back and forth from college. Try not to get banned from parking at this one.

p.2019-01-08 3CaratPendant Ash Emily Marie UptonHouse ch-30 p-113 Ash: I can’t just wear something like this around. It’s tiny and can get lost in an instant and it’s worth more than either of my cars.

p.2019-01-07 3CaratPendant Ash Marie MariePresent Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-112 Ash: Uh… Gift? You didn’t have to.

p.2019-01-04 Ash Edward Emily Marie Pancakes Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-111 Ash: I mean, I don’t remember ever having a big family breakfast and now here it is on what’s sort of my last day of childhood ever.

p.2019-01-03 Ash Edward Marie Pancakes UptonHouse ch-30 p-110 Marie: Knock, knock! Happy graduation day. Marie is stopping by for her first family dinner in 16 years

p.2019-01-02 Blush Canada Edward Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse Whistle ch-30 p-109 Edward: Emily, you’re practically family. If Ash wants you there, you’re welcome to come.

p.2019-01-01 Ash Filler Filler: New Year 2019

p.2018-12-31 Ash Edward Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-108 Edward: Oh! Hello, Emily. Did you spend the night?

p.2018-12-28 Ash Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-107 Ash: Morning, Dad. Are you making…

p.2018-12-27 Edward Pancakes Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-106 Ed: I never thought I’d see this day, and now it’s suddenly here! I don’t know how to feel…

p.2018-12-26 Ash Emily Sleepover UptonHouse ch-30 p-105 Ash: How’s it look? Can you tell? I feel like my ankles give it away.

p.2018-12-25 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Christmas 2018

p.2018-12-24 Ash Emily Sleepover UptonHouse ch-30 p-104 Emily: … You are going to be wearing underwear, right?

p.2018-12-21 Ash Emily Sleepover UptonHouse ch-30 p-103 Ash: Which shirt do I wear? I mean, I feel like it’s a special day and I should wear something kind of nice but it is also going to be beneath the robe, so maybe just go for comfortable?

p.2018-12-20 Ash Filler Advert: Misfile Art Auction

p.2018-12-19 Ash Emily Sleepover UptonHouse ch-30 p-102 [Ash’s bedroom: Ash x Emily. D’awww] 2:37 on clock

p.2018-12-18 Ash Emily UptonHouse XR4Ti ch-30 p-101 Ash: I think that’s about all I can do.

p.2018-12-17 Ash Emily UptonHouse XR4Ti ch-30 p-100 Ash: Damn… I think this may be a bit more complicated and possibly more permanent than I’d imagined. I mean the front seats just pop out but the back ones are really in there.

p.2018-12-14 Ash Filler Advert: Misfile Art Auction

p.2018-12-13 Ash Emily UptonHouse XR4Ti ch-30 p-099 Ash: Sacrifices must be made. Besides it’s not like I can’t put it back.

p.2018-12-12 Ash Emily Fence UptonHouse ch-30 p-098 Ash: Upton Family Auto Works, also known as my garage. I have a day to see if I can make my car even lighter!

p.2018-12-11 Ash Emily Fence ch-30 p-097 Emily: Can’t you just, you know, reshedule the race?

p.2018-12-10 Aries Ash Emily Monster ch-30 p-096 Emily: Ash? Are you really ok with that?

p.2018-12-07 Aries Ash Harry Monster ch-30 p-095 Harry: It’s not simple. You blew a cylinder ’ead, Ash.

p.2018-12-06 Ash Emily Missi Nissan240SX Rumisiel School ch-30 p-094 Rumisiel: You know I TECHNICALLY finished high school today too. May be the first thing I ever finished.

p.2018-12-05 Ash School ch-30 p-093 Ash: Why do I feel so numb? Why am I even here today?

p.2018-12-04 Ash Emily Nissan240SX School ch-30 p-092 Ash: I guess nothing will be more of a surprise than anything that’s already happened to us. We’ll always have that.

p.2018-12-03 Ash Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad ch-30 p-091 Ash: This… This is my last day of high school.

p.2018-11-30 Ash Dream Monster ch-30 p-090 Monster: I’m just a car. I’m a tool. I won’t be your car forever. Things break. Technology changes. I’m not the racer, Ash. You are. Race with or without me. Enjoy it. Trust yourself. Your friends will have your back either way. You woke up someone different and still found yourself in there. You don’t need me. Deep down, who are you?

p.2018-11-29 Ash ChainsBG Dream Monster ch-30 p-089 Monster: So what if this is a dream? Didn’t Emily tell you to listen to this crap? Don’t be a hypocrit, dude.

p.2018-11-28 Ash Dream Monster ch-30 p-088 Ash: Who are you?! What are you!?

p.2018-11-27 Ash Dream ch-30 p-087 Ash: Darkness… Am I blind?

p.2018-11-26 Aries Ash Emily Missi Rumisiel Tears ch-30 p-086 Rumisiel: Aiden was crazy. A car is just a thing. You call it the monster, but any qualities you give it beyond a machine, that’s really just you.

p.2018-11-23 Aries Ash Emily Missi Monster Rumisiel ch-30 p-085 Ash: It looks sad, doesn’t it, just sitting there?

p.2018-11-22 Angel FileFolder Filler Rumisiel Turkey Thanksgiving 2018

p.2018-11-21 Ash Monster RecoveryTruck RecoveryTruckGuy ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-084 Recovery Truck Guy: Hi. Sorry it took so long. This place is hard to find.

p.2018-11-20 Ash Emily Heart Monster Nissan240SX ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-083 Emily: Hi. We weren’t expecting to see you here.

p.2018-11-19 Ash Monster Rumisiel ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-082 Ash: You remeber how I told you it was running too close to perfect and it was about to have issues? Well, “it has issues”.

p.2018-11-16 Emily McArthurRes Missi Tears ch-30 p-081 Emily: You’re looking at this all wrong. This isn’t something “I’m” doing. It’s something “We’re” doing. The patch, the club, it’s something we’re ALL doing.

p.2018-11-15 Emily McArthurRes Missi Tears ch-30 p-080 Missi: I wanted to talk to you… Without Ash.

p.2018-11-14 Adam Ash Eagle Monster Rumisiel ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-079 Rumisiel: Warn me before things like that! There’s no seat back here!

p.2018-11-13 Ash Monster Rumisiel ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-078 Rumisiel: I’m saying you’re good. Why don’t you stop trying to come up with some last minute trick or plan and just be a better driver than he is?

p.2018-11-11 Ash Monster Rumisiel ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-077 Ash: There’s got to be a trick. There’s ALWAYS a trick.

p.2018-11-09 Ash Missi School ch-30 p-076 Ash: Next week… Next week seems like a whole different life.

p.2018-11-08 Ash Missi OldRoad RailroadSpike School TORRSalumni ch-30 p-075 Ash: Opinions aside, can you do something with it?

p.2018-11-07 Ash Emily Missi Nissan240SX School TORRSalumni ch-30 p-074 Ash: OK… But… What do I do with this?

p.2018-11-06 Ash Emily Nissan240SX TORRSalumni ch-30 p-073 Ash: For me? I have to be honest… I’m not actually sure WHAT they are.

p.2018-11-05 Ash Emily Nissan240SX TORRSalumni ch-30 p-072 Ash: You look tired. You get any sleep?

p.2018-11-02 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Pencil TORRSalumni ch-30 p-071 Emily: No that’s not right either…

p.2018-11-01 Ash Computer Emily UptonHouse ch-30 p-070 Emily: You’re driving yourself crazy.

p.2018-10-31 Ash Emily Filler Happy Halloween: be someone else for the day.

p.2018-10-30 Ash Computer Emily UptonHouse ch-30 p-069 Emily: Ash, you’re going to be fine.

p.2018-10-29 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-30 p-068 Emily: Why can’t you just continue to use the Old Road?

p.2018-10-26 Ash MomWaggon MtGreylock XR4Ti ch-30 p-067 Emily: What’s wrong? Is the road no good?

p.2018-10-25 Ash MomWaggon MtGreylock XR4Ti ch-30 p-066 Ash: I can’t do this.

p.2018-10-24 Airborne MtGreylock Rumisiel XR4Ti ch-30 p-065 [views of Rumisiel beening tossed around on a hight speed drive]

p.2018-10-23 Ash Emily MtGreylock Rumisiel ch-30 p-064 Emily: Why mount Greylock?

p.2018-10-22 Ash Emily Nissan240SX Rumisiel School ch-30 p-063 Rumisiel: I miss my old habits. I want to kick back and toss a few back and smoke a bit and just forget the stress and the worry. I mean everybody needs an oitlet and you took mine. Ok, I admit I abused it a bit, but at times like this it was so useful and easy to help me cope.

p.2018-10-19 Ash BirdPoop Emily Rumisiel School Statue ch-30 p-062 Rumisiel: Flocks of angels have rained holy turd bombs down on statues as birds for hundreds of years now!

p.2018-10-18 Ash BirdPoop Emily Nissan240SX Rumisiel School ch-30 p-061 Emily: What are you doing?

p.2018-10-17 Ash Emily School ch-30 p-060 Emily: Did that feel good?

p.2018-10-16 Ash Emily Lock School ch-30 p-059 Ash: Even if leaving everything behind might make you happy?

p.2018-10-15 Ash Emily Lock School ch-30 p-058 Ash: Anyway, I AM sorry. I guess I just lost track of time.

p.2018-10-12 Ash Emily Fence School ch-30 p-057 Emily: There you are. Look, I’m sorry, ok?

p.2018-10-11 Ash Clock Emily Lock Nissan240SX School ch-30 p-056 Emily: Where ARE you, Ash? Time: 2:15pm, school’s out

p.2018-10-10 Pigeon Rumisiel ch-30 p-055 Rumisiel: I know you are out there! What do you want from me? I don’t have the key any more, so you can leave my friends an I alone!

p.2018-10-09 Ash Emily School ch-30 p-054 Ash: You spaced out for a second there. We were right in the middle of…

p.2018-10-08 Ash DrEmily Emily School ShoulderAngel ch-30 p-053 DrEmily: You SHOULD start talking. Isn’t this the chance to stee things just the way you want?

p.2018-10-05 Ash Emily Lock School ch-30 p-052 Ash: I keep asking myself the same question. I guess it boils down to whether I am hanging on to the past for no good reason, whether it’s just making me miserable or keeping me from enjoying anything in the now. Like, maybe I’d be happier just moving on, but that feels like a mistake too.

p.2018-10-04 Emily Lock Rachel School ch-30 p-051 Rachel: In short don’t be who someone else wants you to be. Be you, Emily.

p.2018-10-03 Emily Rachel School ch-30 p-050 Rachel: What made you think that anyway?

p.2018-10-02 A-plus Emily Rachel School ch-30 p-049 Emily: This should make me happy. Why isn’t this making me happy?

p.2018-10-01 Ash Eponine Lock School ch-30 p-048 Ash: What do I do with this? Same lock I’ve been bringing for four years despite everything else that has changed.

p.2018-09-28 Ash Eponine School ch-30 p-047 Eponine: Nice “Whoah”. Glitch in ther matrix, Neo?

p.2018-09-27 Ash Emily Nissan240SX School ch-30 p-046 Emily: Ash, sometimes I can be in a mood and it has nothing to do with anything. Do you understand?

p.2018-09-26 Ash Emily Nissan240SX School ch-30 p-045 Ash: Wha… Sonova bitch! Take up two damn spots, why don’t you?

p.2018-09-25 Ash Emily Nissan240SX School ch-30 p-044 Ash: You’ve been awfully quiet this morning. Don’t leave me hanging. Did you have the dream again?

p.2018-09-24 Cassiel Couch Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-043 Cassiel: Can Cherubim make storms? Is he your lightening man?

p.2018-09-21 Cassiel Couch Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-042 Rumisiel: Bwuh! What are you doing here!?.

p.2018-09-20 DrEmily Dream Emily Tears ch-30 p-041 Dr Emily: You’re afraid of change.

p.2018-09-19 DrEmily Dream Emily Mud ch-30 p-040 Dr Emily: Or… You know… YOU could just save me the trouble and sit down.

p.2018-09-18 DrEmily Dream Emily Moon Mud ch-30 p-039 Mud Emily: I guess it all started with my mother’s controlling expectations.

p.2018-09-17 Adam Cassi Eagle Eponine School ch-30 p-038 Eponine: Hello. Hello? You seem pre-occupied, Cassie.

p.2018-09-14 Ash Emily School ch-30 p-037 Ash: Still hasn’t solved my original problem. With PE this afternoon going without is not an option. Sometimes I feel like boobs are far more trouble than they’re worth … Don’t take my man card for that.

p.2018-09-13 Ash Emily Mirror School ch-30 p-036 Ash: No way. That’d be worse. I’d have had to wake up every day and look in the mirror in fear watching myself growing slowly and steadily into a body I didn’t want.

p.2018-09-12 Colour Filler Hurricane Florence: possible effect on comic

p.2018-09-11 Ash Emily School ch-30 p-035 Ash: Thank god it’s just you. It’s… not what it looks like. Something is poking me, like, right there.

p.2018-09-10 Cassi Rumisiel School WetFloor ch-30 p-034 Cassi: What? Oncoming storm and all that crap? Who do we know that deals in crappy used up metaphors

p.2018-09-07 Cassi Rumisiel School ch-30 p-033 Cassi: I hear you, jackass. Stop “pst-ing” me. You’re actually at school today?

p.2018-09-06 Ash Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad ch-30 p-032 Ash: Anyway, I think it’s about me leaving for college.

p.2018-09-05 Ash Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad ch-30 p-031 Emily: What a stupid dream.

p.2018-09-04 Clock Dream Emily EmilyMD ch-30 p-030 Emily: Oh. I get it. This is a dream. That’s fine. I can wait it out. No one is chasing me. I’m not naked at school. Dawn comes eventually. Emily’s school morning alarm is set to 5:45

p.2018-09-03 Dream Emily ch-30 p-029 Emily: So empty.. Where am I?

p.2018-08-31 Ash Lightning Rain Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-028 Rumisiel: Uh… I meant my feet.

p.2018-08-30 Ash Lightning Rain Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-027 Ash: Whoa… It’s really storming out.

p.2018-08-29 Ash Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-026 Rumisiel: You know you spend a lot of time fretting over something you claim to enjoy.

p.2018-08-28 Ash Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-025 Ash: If experience has taught me anything it’s that when you have your car running right on the edge like this, when everything is broken in and smooth and tight, you’re a hair’s breadth from failure. I almost want to loosen the tolerences but it’s so…

p.2018-08-27 Ash Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-024 Rumisiel: You know, if you off yourself with carbon monoxide fumes we’ll never fix your problem.

p.2018-08-24 Ash Emily School ch-30 p-023 Emily: … I… Don’t know what to say that can possibly help. They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone… I’ve never been anyone but me… Even if I’ve been me twice now.

p.2018-08-23 Ash Emily School ch-30 p-022 Ash: You think someone in a wheelchair likes it every time someone worries about whether or not there’ll be wheelchair access.

p.2018-08-22 Ash Emily School ch-30 p-021 Emily: There you are! You weren’t at our usual lunch table. I was worried.

p.2018-08-21 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Lightning damage sale advert

p.2018-08-20 Ash Missi School ch-30 p-020 Missi: Killing you is not what I’m worried he might do.

p.2018-08-17 Ash Missi Sack School ch-30 p-019 Missi: Some nails, some un-identifiable metal bits, a surprising number of coins and another railroad spike.

p.2018-08-16 Ash Emily Nissan240SX School SecretKiss ch-30 p-018 Emily: I know how you feel about PDA, and we both know that kissing in public would start the talk of the school buzzing. That was a secret kiss. Whenever I do that it means really I’m kissing you.

p.2018-08-15 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Lightning damage sale advert

p.2018-08-14 Ash Emily Nissan240SX School ch-30 p-017 Ash: And thus is the irony of the school parking lot. Just because you can park here doesn’t mean you can park here.

p.2018-08-13 Ash CoatHooks Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad ch-30 p-016 Ash: My identity is so tied up in being a driver it feels downright bizarre when someone else takes me somewhere. It’s, like, over the last year all the hooks that I hang my identity on have been yanked out one by one. Now driver is all that’s left.

p.2018-08-10 Ash Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad UptonHouse ch-30 p-015 Emily: My parking pass for school finally got approved

p.2018-08-09 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-014 Ash: The fastest damn fish in Tempest, thank you.

p.2018-08-08 Ash Rumisiel SpitTake UptonHouse ch-30 p-013 Rumisiel: I’ll come up with something. We could get engaged.

p.2018-08-07 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-30 p-012 Ash: I just can’t sleep. Too much to think about. My head is spinning over everything.

p.2018-08-06 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Tears ch-30 p-011 Ellen: Emily? I’ll be late tomorrow. I just thought you should…

p.2018-08-03 Ash Batman Edward UptonHouse ch-30 p-010 Edward: I just hope I did a good job. I did the best I could. It wasn’t always easy without your mother around, but I tried to be…

p.2018-08-02 Ash Edward UptonHouse ch-30 p-009 Edward: It’s an itinerary for your graduation.

p.2018-08-01 Ash Blush Missi Tears UptonHouse ch-30 p-008 Missi: I’m still going, by the way. I have to.

p.2018-07-31 Ash Missi PolkadotPanties UptonHouse ch-30 p-007 Missi: Oooooh! Naughty!

p.2018-07-30 Ash Missi Towel UptonHouse ch-30 p-006 Missi: My underwear is soggy…

p.2018-07-27 Ash Filler Ashville Anime Convention Advert

p.2018-07-26 Ash Missi Monster MrGreen Rain ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-005 Ash: … Wait… You don’t have a car, how did you even GET here? Mention of “Mr Green, from Chemistry” (a teacher or lab tech?)

p.2018-07-25 Ash Missi Monster Rain ThreshingStreet ch-30 p-004 Ash: Missi! What are you doing?

p.2018-07-24 Ash DAngeloHouse Monster Rain Rumisiel ch-30 p-003 Ash: Because like it or not, physically I’m still a girl, especially to an ass like Dave. I want to do this myself, but… Well, I guess I’m coming to grips with the idea that I may sometimes need the help of a friend in my life.

p.2018-07-23 Ash DAngeloHouse DaveDAngelo Rain Umbrella ch-30 p-002 Dave: Oh… It’s you. What the hell do you want? Ash graduates in two weeks time

p.2018-07-20 Ash DAngeloHouse Monster Rain Umbrella ch-30 p-001 Rumisiel: You ready for this?

p.2018-07-19 Ash Colour Cover GraduationRobe Monster ch-30 p-000 Chapter 30 cover page

p.2018-07-18 ArchonKiller CFS5 Heaven ch-29 p-113 Archon Killer: … It is time to open everything.

p.2018-07-17 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-112 Ash: You just want to watch…

p.2018-07-16 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-112 Ash: Hold up. That’s totally different. I’m a jerk to YOU, the alpha and omega of my problems. It didn’t turn me into a jerk to EVERYone.

p.2018-07-13 Ash Computer Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-111 Ash: It’s my butt and it’s my bug and I’m still creeped out when you manhandle me even as a joke!

p.2018-07-12 Ash Computer Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-110 Rumisiel: Guess who’s feelin’ free! Come on! Guess. Guess!

p.2018-07-11 Ash Missi Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-109 Ash: But he was TEN at the oldest. Look, I HATE Dave but I want to hate him for the right reasons. I can’s blame a ten yoear old for his family’s tax evasion. It legitimately ISN’T his fault an that almost makes me feel worse.

p.2018-07-10 Ash Emily Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-108 Ash: And Dave was how old during all this?

p.2018-07-09 Ash Emily Monster Nissan240SX ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-107 Emily: Ash, you need to stop giving Dave any benefit of the doubt and stop feeling sorry for him. There is nothing going on here that is not of his family’s own making.

p.2018-07-06 Cassiel Eponine Rumisiel ch-29 p-106 Rumisiel: That’s… So sudden. I feel… Weird. Eponine mentioned

p.2018-07-05 Cassiel Colour Rumisiel ch-29 p-105 Cassiel: Stop.

p.2018-07-04 Ash Colour Filler US Independence Day 2018

p.2018-07-03 Ash Missi Monster RailroadSpike ch-29 p-104 Ash: And the fact he doesn’t know which ones I HAVE found will be to MY advantage. I can pounce where he thinks he’s safe without having to play dirty.

p.2018-07-02 Ash Missi Monster ch-29 p-103 Missi: I’m telling you, a good swift groin kick before the race and he’ll be off his game all day. It’s like guy kryptonite!

p.2018-06-29 Computer Emily Library ch-29 p-102 Emily: Huh… Seriously?

p.2018-06-28 Ash Emily Missi School Sweatdrop ch-29 p-101 Ash: … I should never have gone to his house that day…

p.2018-06-27 Ash Emily Missi School Sweatdrop ch-29 p-100 Emily: No I think Missi could drop a dude. There’s not a lot of mass there but I think the ferocity would surprise the hell out of someone.

p.2018-06-26 Ash Emily Missi School ch-29 p-099 Ash: How do you know? Maybe I could knock him on his backside.

p.2018-06-25 Ash Emily Missi School Sweatdrop ch-29 p-098 Emily: Just believe me when I tell you, Missi, this isn’t the job for you.

p.2018-06-22 Ash Blush Emily Missi School ch-29 p-097 Ash: What are you…

p.2018-06-21 Church Donut Rumisiel Vashiel ch-29 p-096 Rumisiel: A Donut?

p.2018-06-20 Church Rumisiel Steps Vashiel Vow ch-29 p-095 Vashiel: But for you it shows growth. Took me forever. That’s one reason I had to take the honesty vow.

p.2018-06-19 Church Rumisiel Steps Vashiel ch-29 p-094 Vashiel: Hey there. You look tired.

p.2018-06-18 Ash Emily SchoolRoad Tongue ch-29 p-093 Ash: Why am I even talking about this? I was trying to get one over on YOU. Now suddenly I’m spurting uncomfortable stuff about myself as if you hearing it is some sort of victory on my part.

p.2018-06-15 Ash Emily SchoolRoad Thursday ch-29 p-092 Emily: But… Thursday? I figured the last time would have been before… US was a thing. You have ME for that now.

p.2018-06-14 Ash Emily SchoolRoad Thursday ch-29 p-091 Ash: Well now I feel stupid for having no secrets. Reference to Thursday just passed.

p.2018-06-13 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-29 p-090 Ash: But no each other, right?

p.2018-06-12 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-29 p-089 Emily: You look lost in thought. Should I be worried?

p.2018-06-11 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-088 Ash: Well that… That can’t be bad, right? I mean I can’t get mad at you for saving my friend’s brother’s life…

p.2018-06-09 Emily Filler Angel Emily Pin & Gamga Con advert

p.2018-06-08 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-087 Rumisiel: So nothing? Not under ANY circumstances should I EVER use my powers during a race for ANY reason? Link

p.2018-06-07 Ash Moon Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-086 Rumisiel: I still don’t get why, if he’s cheating, you still feel like you can’t. You’d be amazed at what I can do to help.

p.2018-06-06 Ash Emily Monster RailroadSpike ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-085 Emily: Someone must have put them there deliberately.

p.2018-06-05 Ash Emily Monster RailroadSpike ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-084 Emily: Looks like railroad spikes.

p.2018-06-04 Ash Beach Colour Emily Filler Rumisiel “Summer is here!” also features 6 Gun Mage characters

p.2018-06-01 Ash Emily Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-083 Ash: I’m going to walk it. It’s a useful technique. It should give me a different point of view.

p.2018-05-31 Filler Donation Advert

p.2018-05-30 Ash Emily Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-082 Ash: Shit… It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t mid corner. I have to find a line where I can just do one thing at a time.

p.2018-05-29 Cassiel Monster Rumisiel SchoolRoad ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-081 Cassiel: You know what? Don’t answer that. I know the real reason no one trusts me, and it has nothing to do with me.

p.2018-05-28 Filler Memorial Day 2018

p.2018-05-25 Cassiel Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-29 p-080 Cassiel: I know! We can practice.

p.2018-05-24 Cassiel Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-29 p-079 Rumisiel: PLEEEEEEEASE?

p.2018-05-23 Adam Ash Bull Eagle Emily ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-078 Emily: So much for your non-angel day?

p.2018-05-22 Adam Ash Eagle Emily FeathersBG Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-077 Emily: What’s wrong? That was meant to be a joke. I didn’t mean anything by it.

p.2018-05-21 Ash Emily Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-076 FX: Thunk Thunk

p.2018-05-18 Ash Emily Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-075 Emily: You sure you want to do this? I mean, Dave could be down there waiting and ruin your whole day again.

p.2018-05-17 Ash Cassi Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-29 p-074 Ash: You have permission to exist, but today you are not an angel to me. No boyfriend crap either. You’re just Rumisiel the stupid exchange student to me. This wrong body is a no angel zone.

p.2018-05-16 Ash Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-29 p-073 Rumisiel: Actually, I thought of some new places to look…

p.2018-05-15 Ash Bed Edward McArthurRes Rumisiel SchoolRoad UptonHouse ch-29 p-072 Edward Upton: Ahem

p.2018-05-14 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-29 p-071 Emily: Ash… I love you… Never forget that.

p.2018-05-11 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone Tears UptonHouse ch-29 p-070 Emily: It almost sounds like you hate it when we’re together…

p.2018-05-10 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-29 p-069 Emily: Ash… What do you imagine when we’re together; when you close your eyes?

p.2018-05-09 Kickstarter advert

p.2018-05-08 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-29 p-068 Emily: Either. I just hate hiding us. It feels wrong. But the alternative terrifies me. I feel like we’re screwed either way and I hate how unfair the whole thing is.

p.2018-05-07 Ash Emily McArthurRes Moon Phone UptonHouse ch-29 p-067 Emily: I just wanted to warn you, I’m not sure my mom was QUITE as convinced by my misdirection earlier today as I may have let on…

p.2018-05-05 Kickstarter advert

p.2018-05-04 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-29 p-066 Ellen McArthur: Well, you may not be, but Ash…

p.2018-05-03 Kickstarter advert

p.2018-05-02 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-29 p-065 Ellen McArthur: You know I can’t even imagine not having grandchildren one day. You’d have such beautiful children.

p.2018-05-01 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-064 Rumuisiel: I’m jumping on the bed. You don’t have a head board to bang on the wall so it’s the best way to make it sound like we’re doin’ it in here. You may want to make some little muffled screams too. You know, to set your dad’s mind at ease.

p.2018-04-30 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-063 Ash: Well, he thinks I’m gay, or a lesbian or whatever.

p.2018-04-27 Angel Ash Cassiel Files Missi Rumisiel Sword UptonHouse Vashiel XR4Ti Kickstarter advert

p.2018-04-26 Ash LightSwitch Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-062 Rumisiel: Why are you sitting in the dark?

p.2018-04-25 2001 Ash Edward Silhouette UptonHouse ch-29 p-061 Edward: You’d tell me though, right?.

p.2018-04-24 Ash Edward Headlights Horns UptonHouse ch-29 p-060 Edward: What about in front of Emily’s mother?.

p.2018-04-23 Ash Edward Missi Rumisiel TrashCan UptonHouse ch-29 p-059 Rumisiel: So, your dad is distant, Emily’s is long gone and mine is off the grid. I guess only Ash’s dad is normal.

p.2018-04-20 Missi Rumisiel TrashCan ch-29 p-058 Missi: Kind of a generation gap, huh?

p.2018-04-19 Missi Rumisiel TrashCan ch-29 p-057 Missi: What ‘cha doin’?

p.2018-04-18 Ash EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Phone Woods ch-29 p-056 Ash: Anyway, I’m glad you are not super pissed at me. Are you SURE she bought your story?

p.2018-04-17 Ash Emily Woods ch-29 p-055 Emily: Um… Mostly? I mean, I’m good. I’m VERY good. I told her it was Missi’s idea of a joke. She knows I’ve had issues with her and in turn mom doesn’t like her. I said you lost a bet with her and didn’t expect my mom to be home when you did it.

p.2018-04-14 Ash Carkeys Emily Kickstarter Advert

p.2018-04-13 Ash Emily Woods ch-29 p-054 Emily: Ash!

p.2018-04-12 Ash Tears Woods ch-29 p-053 Ash: What did I do? What did I just do?!

p.2018-04-11 Ash Blush EllenMcArthur Emily Kiss McArthurRes ch-29 p-052 Emily: Ash! I, Uh,… What was THAT?

p.2018-04-10 Ash Emily Kiss McArthurRes Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-051 Rumisiel: You want to hit me? Normally when you get like this you want to hit me. If it would help, I’ll take one for the team today

p.2018-04-09 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-050 Rumisiel: By standing around looking really uncomfortable in clothes your mom is trying to peddle? Who do you think they are selling to, voyeurs? Stalkers? Serial killers?

p.2018-04-06 Ash Blush Rumisiel Tears UptonHouse ch-29 p-049 Rumisiel: Didn’t they also say they hoped you cried? Stop giving them the satisfaction

p.2018-04-05 Ash Blush Period Rumisiel Tears UptonHouse ch-29 p-048 Ash: What’s worse, Rumisiel? Is it how shitty I feel being written off and mocked for just being “some stupid” girl, or that it bothers me so much I am fighting tears despite the fact I’m NOT EVEN a girl?

p.2018-04-04 Ash AudiQuattro Barn DaveDAngelo Rumisiel UptonHouse Woods ch-29 p-047 DaveDAngelo: What was that?

p.2018-04-03 Ash AudiQuattro Barn DaveDAngelo Doug Tire Woods ch-29 p-046 DaveDAngelo: I’d fuck her just to wipe that smug grin off her face, but hot? No. She’s just a pair of tits on a stick with a mug I’d punch if she were a guy id of other shadow as Doug is a presumption, as he’s Dave’s sidekick

p.2018-04-02 Ash AudiQuattro Barn Rumisiel Woods ch-29 p-045 Rumisiel: Looks like just another car, older than yours even

p.2018-03-30 Ash Cassiel Eggs Emily Filler Missi Rumisiel Happy Easter 2018 “from Misfile and 6Gun Mage”

p.2018-03-29 Ash Barn CarGraveyard Missi Rumisiel Woods ch-29 p-044 Ash: It’s him. I can feel it. We’ve seen his place. There’s no garage or car port there. It just makes sense. By the look outside people have been doing their car stuff here for years.

p.2018-03-28 Ash Barn CarGraveyard Missi Rumisiel Woods ch-29 p-043 Missi: They lead in and out of that barn… Thing… That wouldn’t be trespossing, would it?

p.2018-03-27 Ash Barn CarGraveyard Missi OutHouse Rumisiel Woods ch-29 p-042 Missi: Check it out!

p.2018-03-26 Ash Missi Rumisiel Woods ch-29 p-041 Rumisiel: I’m hot and thirsty. Why can’t we just drive there?

p.2018-03-23 Ash Ferret Missi Rumisiel School ch-29 p-040 Missi: Ok… Rumisiel’s sudden rodent fetish aside, I’m here to put forward a spy mission!

p.2018-03-22 Ash Ferret Missi Rumisiel School ch-29 p-039 Ash: What’s next? Me looking for Vashiel seemed to work. Why not try the same thing with your dad?

p.2018-03-21 Emily Missi School ch-29 p-038 Missi: Emily? Hey! The gang is over there. Are you blind?

p.2018-03-20 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-29 p-037 Ash: We’re that much closer… Maybe. I mean, it wasn’t what I expected

p.2018-03-19 Ash Cassiel Nosebleed UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-036 Cassiel: … What the heck was THAT?! ‘that’ was an enthusiastic hug from Ash

p.2018-03-16 Ash Cassiel Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-035 Cassiel: SCORE! I got an apology out of the big, bad angel of vengeance!

p.2018-03-15 Cassiel Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-034 Vashiel: Cassiel… I can’t stand you. The way you’ve acted all the years I’ve known you has been utterly horrid despite any mitigating circumstances. However…

p.2018-03-14 Ash AshMale Filler Mirror Memories fade but the feeling of wrongness feels the same…

p.2018-03-13 Ash Cassiel Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-033 Rumisiel: […] I even took a little nap just before we met. I mean, I had to let you wake up and all…

p.2018-03-12 Ash Cassiel Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-032 Cassiel: Wakey. Wakey.

p.2018-03-09 Ash Filler ShoulderAngel Ash & shoulder angels

p.2018-03-08 Ash Cassiel Sleepover UptonHouse ch-29 p-031 Cassiel: Hey, that was about Rumisiel, not you. It was just sex. It’s not like I wouldn’t have followed through, and trust me, it would have been awesome for you

p.2018-03-07 Ash Cassiel UptonHouse ch-29 p-030 Ash: I’d love too score some points in your nice game and say I care about you, but it might actually affect me more than you know.

p.2018-03-06 Ash Cassiel Cricket UptonHouse ch-29 p-029 Cassiel: What are YOU doing up?

p.2018-03-05 Cassiel Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-028 Vashiel: …I’m sorry

p.2018-03-02 Cassiel Rumisiel Sword UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-027 Vashiel: Don’t play innocent! What about the way you treat Ash?

p.2018-03-01 Cassiel Sword Tears UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-026 Vashiel: And she shows her true colors. This is a private conversation.

p.2018-02-28 Cassiel Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-025 Vashiel: … You make a compelling argument

p.2018-02-27 Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-024 Rumisiel: So… Just us, huh?

p.2018-02-26 Ash Rumisiel Sword UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-023 Ash: Look, he hasn’t really explained anything. He explained it to me and he has a point. Give him time to convince you.

p.2018-02-23 Ash Rumisiel Sword UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-022 Vashiel: Wow… That must have taken a lot of courage. I’m very proud of you!

p.2018-02-22 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-021 Vashiel: Are you two getting married?!

p.2018-02-21 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-020 Ash: Ok. I’m here. I’m fully dressed. And… What can I say? Vashiel is back. I… never thought this would work

p.2018-02-20 Ash Rumisiel Toilet UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-019 Ash: WAIT!

p.2018-02-19 Ash Nosebleed Rumisiel Toilet UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-018 Ash: I’m sort of pre-occupied in here!

p.2018-02-17 Ash Filler Monster ShoulderAngel Misfile Art Auction

p.2018-02-16 Moon Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-017 Rumisiel: …Vashiel! This is, like, the exact oppositeof how it was the first time you showed up here!

p.2018-02-15 Moon Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-29 p-016 Rumisiel: Why do I bother? I can’t find Vashiel. I don’t even know how. Even if I do I sure don’t know how to find dad.

p.2018-02-14 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-29 p-015 Ash: Besides I feel like a jerk for thinking those kinds of things about people

p.2018-02-12 Ash Emily McArthurRes Nissan240SX XR4Ti ch-29 p-014 Emily: Good for you! I think you made the right choice. No one likes being spied on

p.2018-02-09 Ash DAngeloHouse DaveDAngelo Monster ShoulderAngel ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-013 Angel Ash: Drive on! You wouldn’t want him spying on YOU!

p.2018-02-08 Ash DAngeloHouse DaveDAngelo Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-012 Ash: His house is at the end of this thing somewhere, right?

p.2018-02-07 Ash Monster ThreshingStreet ch-29 p-011 Ash: Shit!

p.2018-02-06 Cassi Emily Rachel Rumisiel School ch-29 p-010 Cassi: I mean I’ve spent so long hating you, trying to ruin you, destroy you. I even did come research on how to kill you.

p.2018-02-05 Cassi Emily Rachel Rumisiel School ch-29 p-009 Rachel: Seriously though, are you… ok?

p.2018-02-02 Emily Rachel School ch-29 p-008 Emily: See? It doesn’t work

p.2018-02-01 Emily Rachel School ch-29 p-007 Emily: Don’t change. Don’t be you

p.2018-01-31 Ash Missi Rumisiel School ch-29 p-006 Rumisiel: So, you tell the whole crew about your impending race?

p.2018-01-30 Ash Rumisiel School ch-29 p-005 Ash: What an I doing? Vashiel’s not going to be in a locker. I feel like an idiot

p.2018-01-29 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-29 p-004 Emily: Look the point is you don’t know the answer and there is no way to find out, so don’t worry too much about it

p.2018-01-26 Ash Emily Pin SchoolRoad ch-29 p-003 Emily: How many can dance on the head of a pin?

p.2018-01-25 Angel Ash Dream Dress Vashiel ch-29 p-002 Vashiel: It’s your dream. At very least it’s how you assume I see you

p.2018-01-24 Angel Ash Dream Vashiel ch-29 p-001 Ash: You’re floating in an endless void, stupid. Of course you’re dreaming

p.2018-01-23 Ash Colour Cover Tire ch-29 p-000 Chapter 29

p.2018-01-22 Ash Bird Emily McArthurRes Night Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-112 [Three sleeping beauties and two views of a white bird of prey]

p.2018-01-19 Ash Rumisiel Towel UptonHouse ch-28 p-111 Ash: It had to come off eventually

p.2018-01-18 Filler Birthday filler Chris is 42…

p.2018-01-17 Ash Rumisiel Towel UptonHouse ch-28 p-110 Rumisiel: I’m being serious!

p.2018-01-15 Ash Rumisiel Towel UptonHouse ch-28 p-109 Ash: How longh will it take you to learn not to enter without knocking? I’m basically naked here

p.2018-01-12 Emily Homework McArthurRes ch-28 p-108 Emily: “Happy Anger?” Seriously?

p.2018-01-11 Ash Emily Phone ch-28 p-107 Emily: So… Ash is a girl, sad anger? Ash hates some guy he just met, happy anger?

p.2018-01-10 Ash Emily Moon Phone Shower ch-28 p-106 Ash: Hello Emily? What’s up? I was just about to wash off a day’s worth of accumulated Dave’s road grime

p.2018-01-09 Ash Emily Missi Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-105 Ash: Somebody get in. We’re driving up and down this road all afternoon and we’re making it loud

p.2018-01-08 Ash Cigarette DaveDAngelo Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-104 Ash: What are you doing?

p.2018-01-05 Ash Cigarette DaveDAngelo Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-103 Ash: What are you spying on me? You trying to psych me out?

p.2018-01-04 Ash Monster ThreshingStreet Washout ch-28 p-102 Ash: There’s the washout. I have to be ahead of him by here

p.2018-01-03 Emily Homework Missi Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-101 Emily: Wow… That’s… Pretty slow…

p.2018-01-02 Ash Missi Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-100 Ash: I can’t have you back there with no seat. I shouldn’t have even let you sit there on the way

p.2018-01-01 Ash Emily Missi Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-099 Missi: This is beginner stuff. It shouldn’t need explaining

p.2017-12-29 Ash Emily Monster ch-28 p-98 Emily: The car feels different. I don’t know… Higher?

p.2017-12-28 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-28 p-097 Emily: So what’s with this new road? Are you keeping a racing secret from me?

p.2017-12-27 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-096 Rumisiel: I… uh, already did talk to Emily

p.2017-12-26 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-095 Ash: At the current rate we’re going I’ll be ninety before you fix things. I probably won’t even live that long. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but even if it is a long shot it may be time to start throwing hail Mary passes.

p.2017-12-25 Ash Filler Kylie Christmas 2017

p.2017-12-22 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-094 Rumisiel: I’m… I’m trying to think about other people… But it is complicated.

p.2017-12-21 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-093 Rumisiel: Look, I’ve got MY shirt off. We can just be two dudes sitting around shirtless trying to get cool

p.2017-12-20 Ash Moon Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-092 Ash: I see you there at the door, you know. I’m still awake. Too hot to sleep. Come on in

p.2017-12-19 Cassiel Moon Rumisiel Woods ch-28 p-091 Cassiel: Wha… You… You’re actually DOING that?

p.2017-12-18 Cassiel Moon Rumisiel Woods ch-28 p-090 Rumisiel: Ugh! This is pointless. Humans can just ask at the sky and expect a response but an actual angel just wants to find another one and we have ZERO infrastructure

p.2017-12-15 Ash Missi Monster UptonHouse ch-28 p-089 Missi: We both think that, but I still wonder. I’m not saying we should try, or that it was the wrong decision. I’m just curious

p.2017-12-14 Ash Missi Monster UptonHouse ch-28 p-088 Ash: Now that’s a good days work

p.2017-12-13 Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-087 Rumisiel: What about brothers? You got any experience with brothers

p.2017-12-12 Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-086 Rumisiel: Look. Ignore everything I’ve said so far. Have you ever done anything wrong?

p.2017-12-11 Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-085 Edward: You live in this house. There’s really no need to knock just to come into the kitchen

p.2017-12-08 Ash Missi Monster UptonHouse ch-28 p-084 Ash: So you’re saying if I was a guy, this whole friendship and mentor thing wouldn’t be a thing

p.2017-12-07 Ash Missi Monster UptonHouse ch-28 p-083 Missi: Truth be told though… That’s part of why I like you so much. You’re so confident. You don’t flaunt what you’ve got. You don’t take the easy way out. You’re kind of my best female role model

p.2017-12-06 Filler [snowy, military camping scene]

p.2017-12-05 Ash Missi Monster UptonHouse ch-28 p-082 Missi: How do you have special tires for this? You are always claiming to be broke! I call bullshit…

p.2017-12-04 DaveDAngelo Doug SubaruWRX ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-081 DaveDAngelo: Almost two hundred damn years my family owned this land before the county swindled it away from us

p.2017-12-01 DaveDAngelo Doug SubaruWRX ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-080 Doug: Dave. I looked up that girl.

p.2017-11-30 Ash Missi Monster UptonHouse ch-28 p-079 Missi: I’ve got a book from Tom’s collection. It should have everything we need to get your car ready for dirt.

p.2017-11-29 Emily McArthurRes Molly Rumisiel ch-28 p-078 Emily: No. I considered that, but that’s not it. I was thinking about when I was in middle school and the rich girls found out my mom cleaned houses for a living.

p.2017-11-28 Emily McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-28 p-077 Emily: An apology? For what?

p.2017-11-27 Emily EmilyMD McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-28 p-076 Rumisiel: I don’t even know if you CAN help, I just…

p.2017-11-24 Ash Emily McArthurRes Moon Phone Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-075 Emily: Wait. You need MY help with your car?

p.2017-11-23 Filler Rumisiel Thanksgiving 2017

p.2017-11-22 Ash Missi Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-074 Ash: Looks like it turns to dirt up there too. May need to make some tire and suspension changes

p.2017-11-21 Ash Missi Monster ThreshingStreet Washout ch-28 p-073 Ash: There’s a process to it, a science, you know? This isn’t a video game. I have to learn every corner, every curve

p.2017-11-20 Ash Missi Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-072 Missi: You’ve suddenly got so much energy. People should insult you more often

p.2017-11-17 Filler Con attendance

p.2017-11-16 Ash Missi Monster ThreshingStreet ch-28 p-071 Ash: That is narrow. No center line. Even two cars going in opposite directions would have a hard time keeping all tires on the road.

p.2017-11-15 Ash Missi Monster ch-28 p-070 Missi: What are you doing?

p.2017-11-14 Ash DaveDAngelo Diner Greene Missi ch-28 p-069 Ash: My driving? I will whup your ass any time, any place, anyhow. I’m Tempest’s King of the Mointain, ass face.

p.2017-11-13 Ash DaveDAngelo Diner Doug Greene Missi ch-28 p-068 Ash: Wait. “My place?” What the hell does that mean?

p.2017-11-10 Ash DaveDAngelo Diner Doug Greene Missi ch-28 p-067 Missi: Hey, guys. Could you let me know if we’re, like, covered in ranch dressing or something?

p.2017-11-09 Ash Diner Greene Missi ch-28 p-066 Ash: Enough memories for one day?

p.2017-11-08 Cassiel Rumisiel Woods ch-28 p-065 Cassiel: I already said I have your back. Do NOT ask me for anything else

p.2017-11-07 Cassiel Rumisiel Woods ch-28 p-064 Cassiel: What, did one of you friends say something mean or push you away? Did one of the dozen people who hang out with you at that school not save you a seat?

p.2017-11-06 Cassiel Rumisiel Woods ch-28 p-063 Rumisiel: You know, regular people are going to wonder how you got up there

p.2017-11-03 Emily McArthurRes Pool Rumisiel Swim ch-28 p-062 Emily: You’re thinking about consequences, maybe about other people? Those are good things

p.2017-11-02 Emily Hose McArthurRes Pool Rumisiel Swim ch-28 p-061 Rumisiel: Ah! Wow… It’s a HOSE! I’m glad it’s a hose. For a second I thought I’d made a second misfile

p.2017-11-01 Ash EmptyLot Greene HotPants Missi Monster ch-28 p-060 Missi: Sounds good… But… First… Can I slide across the hood of your car and jump in through the window? I mean, I wore hot pants and all…

p.2017-10-31 Colour Filler Hallowe’en 2017

p.2017-10-30 Ash Donut EmptyLot Greene Missi Monster ch-28 p-059 Ash: To be honest I can sort of see why Tom was on you about being careful… Why don’t we try grip before slip. It’s sort of what this drive train was designed for

p.2017-10-27 Ash Donut EmptyLot Greene Missi Monster ch-28 p-058 Ash: Ok. This place has been empty for years. We should be good to go. Now if you just apply a little pressure to the gas while…

p.2017-10-26 Ash Missi UptonHouse ch-28 p-057 Missi: But you STILL owe me. I’ll cancel ALL debts if you do this for me

p.2017-10-25 Ash Missi UptonHouse ch-28 p-056 Missi: Pleeeeeaaaase?

p.2017-10-24 Ash Bed Missi Pyjamas Sleepover UptonHouse ch-28 p-055 Missi: I wanna drive your car today!

p.2017-10-23 Ash Doorstep James Missi Pyjamas Rumisiel UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-054 James: Well if you want to play hide and seek I think I we can make that happen

p.2017-10-20 Ash James Missi Pyjamas UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-053 Ash: You’ve both seen more of me than I show most people, but that doesn’t make me a “thing”. I’m standing right here.

p.2017-10-19 Ash Blush James Missi Pyjamas ShockBG UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-052 Missi: So you… And him… / But I thought I was your first!

p.2017-10-18 Ash Boobies James Missi Pyjamas ShockBG UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-051 Missi: All you men are a paradox. You are all about boobs until we want to have an honest to goodness conversation about them, then suddenly you are all hush hush

p.2017-10-17 Ash Blush Boobies James Missi Pyjamas Trap UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-050 Missi: That’s BS. James, we need an outsider’s opinion. Ash’s rack, or my rack? Don’t think about it. Just answer. ‘Boobies’ is all talk… almost

p.2017-10-16 Ash Boobies James Missi Pizza Pyjamas UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-049 James: How are you both out eating me? ‘Boobies’ is all talk…

p.2017-10-13 Emily McArthurRes Moon Rumisiel ch-28 p-048 Rumisiel: Now I wonder if you were really happy before, and if changing anything back again might make you happy again, even if it is not your file

p.2017-10-12 Emily McArthurRes Moon Rumisiel ch-28 p-047 Emily: So what’s the deal?

p.2017-10-11 Emily McArthurRes Rumisiel Window ch-28 p-046 Rumisiel: Look, I just realised I spend so much time dealing with Ash about everything that we, you and I, haven’t really talked much lately.

p.2017-10-10 Emily McArthurRes Rumisiel Window ch-28 p-045 Emily: GHUUUH! What are you…

p.2017-10-09 Ash Burn Lingerie Missi Pyjamas UptonHouse Wager Wash ch-28 p-044 Missi: Look… I know you and Emily are a thing. I’m just playing. I know this won’t go anywhere…Just promise me you won’t forget me, ok? Lingerie reference (presumed…)

p.2017-10-06 Ash James Missi Pizza Pyjamas UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-043 Missi: So… A deal is still a deal, right?

p.2017-10-05 Ash Cloud James Missi Pyjamas UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-042 Ash: I don’t like them, something feels… Off

p.2017-10-04 Ash Blush James Missi Pyjamas UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-041 Missi: You comfortable? You ready for the show?

p.2017-10-03 Ash Missi UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-040 Ash: You really think you’re going to find something in MY drawers?

p.2017-10-02 Ash GasCard James Missi UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-039 Ash: Wait… A double loss? You’re not seriously going to hold me to…

p.2017-09-29 Ash Crash GTPrimeGame James Missi UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-038 Missi: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

p.2017-09-28 Ash GTPrimeGame Missi UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-037 Ash: How are you…

p.2017-09-27 Ash GTPrimeGame James Missi UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-036 James: Ok, remember, you’re in “separate cars”. No touching each other. No verbal taunting. Any crash counts as a loss.

p.2017-09-26 Ash GTPrimeGame James Missi UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-035 Missi: Wait… Why a Subaru?

p.2017-09-25 Ash GTPrimeGame James Missi Pyjamas Sleepware UptonHouse Wager ch-28 p-034 Ash: No. Back me up, James. Without the opening in the front they’re not REALLY boxer shorts. Ergo they are pyjamas. Prosecution, your witness.

p.2017-09-22 Ash GTPrimeGame James Missi Pyjamas Sleepware UptonHouse ch-28 p-033 Ash: There. This is far more comfortable. Who wants to race?

p.2017-09-21 James Missi UptonHouse ch-28 p-032 James: So, um, does that mean you’re…

p.2017-09-20 Ash GraduationRobe James Missi UptonHouse ch-28 p-031 Ash: Yeah… We just did this. I’m going to put some clothes on.

p.2017-09-19 Ash GraduationRobe James Missi UptonHouse ch-28 p-030 Missi: Nah. It’s ok. I’ll work it into a threesome. Before you ask, yes, I’m kidding. I don’t share well in bed.

p.2017-09-18 Ash GraduationRobe James UptonHouse ch-28 p-029 Ash: Ok, it’s funny, but not THAT funny

p.2017-09-15 Ash GraduationRobe James Therapist UptonHouse ch-28 p-028 James: He didn’t… Take advantage, did he?

p.2017-09-14 Ash GraduationRobe James Therapist UptonHouse ch-28 p-027 James: No. You’re still my friend. But I would say that I think you were happier then

p.2017-09-13 Ash GraduationRobe James UptonHouse ch-28 p-026 Ash: Would it hurt you if I said I wasn’t that Ash any more, if I didn’t even know what it was like to be that Ash anymore?

p.2017-09-12 Ash GraduationRobe James UptonHouse ch-28 p-025 James: Look at that collar. The neck line is open. If you are not wearing a shirt it’s a dead givaway.

p.2017-09-11 Ash GraduationRobe James UptonHouse ch-28 p-024 James: Are you naked under that thing?

p.2017-09-08 Ash GraduationRobe James Missi UptonHouse ch-28 p-023 Ash: Jeeze, Missi. You’re early I thought you weren’t…

p.2017-09-07 Ash GraduationRobe Missi School UptonHouse ch-28 p-022 Ash: Well, now I feel crappy. Suddenly I’m the root of all this depression. Look. Stop by tonight. We… Do… Something, just you and me

p.2017-09-06 Ash Missi OldRoad School ch-28 p-021 Ash: Why are you staring? Are you imagining me naked under a graduation robe?

p.2017-09-05 Ash Missi School ch-28 p-020 Missi: Tom didn’t. He didn’t wear anything underneath. He said, like half his class didn’t. Even if he was exaggerating there had to be a bunch

p.2017-09-04 Ash Missi School ch-28 p-019 Missi: You you going to wear anything under your robe?

p.2017-09-01 Cassi Rumisiel School Toilet ch-28 p-018 Rumisiel: Uh… You aren’t looking at me anymore… Is that good or bad?

p.2017-08-31 Cassi Rumisiel School Toilet ch-28 p-017 Cassi: Don’t! Don’t you dare…

p.2017-08-30 Cassi Rumisiel School Toilet ch-28 p-016 Cassi: You LOST IT?!

p.2017-08-29 CFS5 Cassi Key PissBoy Rumisiel School Toilet ch-28 p-015 Cassi: You, piss boy! / Shake it off and scram!

p.2017-08-28 CFS5 Cassi Key Rumisiel Satan School ch-28 p-014 Cassi: Well now… That’s a little self-important. Why would a nobody like you think that? mention of Key to 5th Branch; and Satan

p.2017-08-25 Cassi Kowtow Rumisiel School ch-28 p-013 Cassi: Well, clearly you are in a bad place, so… No

p.2017-08-24 Ash Emily Hand Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-28 p-012 Ash: So you’re…

p.2017-08-23 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-28 p-011 Ash: Does it? Does it really , or does it just distract you? I’m always worried that one day you’ll just explode with resentment and it will be my fault

p.2017-08-22 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-28 p-010 Rumisiel: What about my hand?

p.2017-08-21 Colour Eclipse Filler Silhouette Enjoy the Eclpise / View it safely

p.2017-08-18 Ash Emily GraduationRobe SchoolRoad UptonHouse ch-28 p-009 Ash: It’s my graduation robe… Please don’t be depressed

p.2017-08-17 Ash Doorbell Emily Package UptonHouse ch-28 p-008 Emily: Is that for you? What did you get?

p.2017-08-16 Ash Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-007 Ash: You losing your memory now? Your stupid recorder has been gone for a while now

p.2017-08-15 Ash Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-006 Ash: Putting on some clothes. I don’t do “casual naked”… And stop watching. It’s creepy.

p.2017-08-14 Ash Bed Cassiel Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse Window ch-28 p-005 Rumisiel: Look, so long as you’re here, I want to talk angel stuff. Ash, Emily, could you give us some privacy for a moment.

p.2017-08-10 Ash Bed Cassiel Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse Window ch-28 p-004 Cassiel: And to think I came here to out-nice you. Now I’m just pissed off!

p.2017-08-09 Bed Cassiel Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-003 Emily: Awkward as this may be… You looked pretty worried. Was something the matter?

p.2017-08-08 Ash Bed Blush Emily Rumisiel Sleepover UptonHouse ch-28 p-002 Rumisiel: Ash! Ash, I…

p.2017-08-07 Dream Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-28 p-001 Voice:  Take up the Angel’s burden…
Send forth thy host on wings…
 Go send they sons to exile…
See what thy power brings…
See The White Man’s Burden —Kipling

p.2017-08-04 Ash CokeCan Colour Cover Emily ch-28 p-000 Chapter 28

p.2017-08-03 Ash Emily Kiss UptonHouse ch-27 p-106 Emily: I guess… I guess it’s something I’ll never really understand

p.2017-08-02 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-27 p-105 Ash: I could stop by. It’s much less creepy for me to come hang out with high school girls after graduation no that I’m not sporting… you know

p.2017-08-01 Ash Emily Moon UptonHouse ch-27 p-105 Emily: I’m going to miss this…

p.2017-07-31 Ash Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-104 Emily: Hello? Am I interrupting?

p.2017-07-28 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-103 Ash: Cassiel? You asked the Queen of Fail for help?

p.2017-07-27 Emily Rachel School ch-27 p-102 Rachel: Yo, Emily. Eating alone? Where’s your other half? reference to a ‘graduation meeting thing’ for Ash

p.2017-07-26 Cassiel Rumisiel Woods ch-27 p-101 Rumisiel: You’re about half an inch from losing it completely. You NEED what I’m offering

p.2017-07-25 BowlingAlley Cassiel Rumisiel Spa Woods ch-27 p-100 Cassiel: Why on earth should I help you?

p.2017-07-24 Rumisiel Woods ch-27 p-099 Rumisiel: Vashiel! Vash!

p.2017-07-21 Ash Emily School ch-27 p-098 Ash: Don’t say stuff like that in public…

p.2017-07-20 Ash Emily School ch-27 p-098 Ash: That last worry is the worst kind of worry, because unlike the other bits that directly involve me there’s nothing I can think of to do to even affect that last one

p.2017-07-19 Ash Emily School ch-27 p-097 Emily: Hey. That is a worried Ash brow

p.2017-07-18 Ash Bed Cassi UptonHouse ch-27 p-096 Ash: WAIT! Before you go… Rumisiel tole me some really… Heavy stuff is going down with the filing… If I promise not to…

p.2017-07-14 Ash Bed Breakfast Cassi UptonHouse ch-27 p-095 Ash: … Is that… supposed to be toast?

p.2017-07-13 Ash Ladder Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-094 Ash: There you go, thinking again. Always seems to lead to trouble, but I’m beginning to see it as a positive development in your character

p.2017-07-12 Ash Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-093 Rumisiel: Does that not sound a bit suspicious to you?

p.2017-07-11 Ash Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse XR4Ti ch-27 p-092 Ash: My dad giving you a hard time again?

p.2017-07-07 Ash Emily McArthurRes XR4TiModel ch-27 p-091 Ash: Open it

p.2017-07-06 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-27 p-090 Emily: Come on in. The door is open.

p.2017-07-05 Ash Cassiel Rumisiel ch-27 p-089 Rumisiel: So the Archons go missing and then the guy investigating them being missing disappears and that doesn’t bother you on some level?

p.2017-07-04 Colour Filler Fireworks Rumisiel 4th July 2017

p.2017-07-03 Cassiel Rumisiel ch-27 p-088 Rumisiel: Uh… You knocked down, like, four trees on the way here. It was a pretty easy follow

p.2017-06-30 Cassiel Rumisiel ch-27 p-087 Cassiel: Stupid Ash and her stupid “thank you”…

p.2017-06-29 Ash Cassi School ch-27 p-086 Ash: You helped us, and I KNOW it wasn’t FOR us, but you still deserve thanks

p.2017-06-28 Ash Cassi School ch-27 p-085 Ash: … Everyone keeps saying that … But I’m not the only one who saved the Old Road

p.2017-06-27 Ash Cassi Eponine Rumisiel School Swim ch-27 p-084 Eponine: Clearly SOME people enjoy water safety

p.2017-06-26 Ash Eponine School Swim ch-27 p-083 Ash: This is, I think, my least favorite thing about warm weather

p.2017-06-24 Ash Emily Filler Patreon Rumisiel Banana Hammock

p.2017-06-23 Ash FullerHome ch-27 p-082 Ash: I just… I need to know it’s for you and not for me

p.2017-06-22 Ash FullerHome ch-27 p-081 Emily: What gives?

p.2017-06-21 Ash FullerHome Rumisiel ch-27 p-080 Emily: Huh? Why? I thought you’d want me to…

p.2017-06-19 Ash FullerHome Rumisiel ch-27 p-079 Emily: I AM THE CHAMPION

p.2017-06-16 Ash BinaryBackground FullerHome Rumisiel ch-27 p-078 Rumisiel: That’s not… You tricky bitch!

p.2017-06-15 Ash FullerHome Rumisiel ch-27 p-077 Ash: Look, I’ve spent the last year and a half trying to make things the same; trying to get things back to the way they used to be

p.2017-06-14 Ash FullerHome Rumisiel ch-27 p-077 Rumisiel: Come on. Just ‘cause you got beat by a REAL girl doesn’t mean you’ve got to sulk by the window

p.2017-06-13 Ash Emily FullerHome Rumisiel XTremeRacer ch-27 p-076 Missi: ASH! You came! Rumisiel send you weren’t going to make it

p.2017-06-12 Ash FullerHome Missi ch-27 p-075 Missi: ASH! You came! Rumisiel send you weren’t going to make it

p.2017-06-09 Ash Moon OldRoad ch-27 p-074 Ash: This is familiar. Just me, my car, the road

p.2017-06-08 Ash OldRoad Rumisiel School ch-27 p-073 Rumisiel: Missi is going to try to throw another shindig tonight. You want in?

p.2017-06-06 Ash Rumisiel School ch-27 p-072 Rumisiel: It’s isn’t though. You’ve just got a narrow perspective

p.2017-06-05 Ash Rumisiel School ch-27 p-071 Rumisiel: Earth to Ash. Come in, space cadet

p.2017-06-02 Ash Missi SchoolRoad ch-27 p-070 Missi: Ash, I… I told Emily last night… But it’s harder with you

p.2017-06-01 Ash Missi SchoolRoad ch-27 p-069 Missi: I can’t believe he threw you out… I mean PHYSICALLY picked you up and THREW you out of his room

p.2017-05-31 Ash FullerHome Missi Naked Tom ch-27 p-068 Tom: What the hell, Missi? Are you still four years old? And, Ash, if you wanted to see the goods you could have just asked

p.2017-05-30 Ash FullerHome Missi Underpants ch-27 p-067 Ash: Stop. I never said…

p.2017-05-29 Ash FullerHome Missi ch-27 p-066 Ash: Do not make me empathise with your brother. I’ve gotten way too much crap from him over the years to start trying to understand his motivations now.

p.2017-05-26 Ash FullerHome Missi ch-27 p-065 Ash: Did… You let my Dad know where I was? He has to be freaking out

p.2017-05-25 Ash FullerHome Missi Sleepover ch-27 p-064 Ash: I, uh… Why am I in my underwear?

p.2017-05-24 Ash FullerHome Missi Sleepover ch-27 p-063 Ash: Oh come on. This dream again?

p.2017-05-23 Ash Emily FullerHome Missi Sleep ch-27 p-062 Missi: You know, Ash has a really nice butt from this angle

p.2017-05-22 Ash Cricket Emily FullerHome Missi Moon Sleep ch-27 p-061 Missi: Hey! You two coming back inside or what?

p.2017-05-19 Ash Emily FullerHome ch-27 p-060 Emily: You don’t want to go to the party? We don’t have to go to the party

p.2017-05-18 Ash Emily FullerHome ch-27 p-059 Ash: I hate this body. It intrudes in my life in the most awkward ways in the most awkward moments. Every time I find some calm it’s like “by the way, you’re a GIRL.”

p.2017-05-17 Ash Emily FullerHome Missi Rumisiel ch-27 p-058 Emily: Hey! Ash? You coming in?

p.2017-05-16 Cassiel OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-057 Rumisiel: But… But why would you have any interest in this place?

p.2017-05-15 Cassiel DrPatriciaWarding OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-056 Rumisiel: Who are you?

p.2017-05-13 Ash Colour Filler ShoulderAngel Dakimakura (body pillow case) Kickstarter pledge rewards

p.2017-05-12 Emily Missi OldRoad ch-27 p-055 Missi: Is this it? Is the road saved now?

p.2017-05-11 Ash CarterHughes Cassiel DrPatriciaWarding OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-054 Carter Hughes: It’s everywhere

p.2017-05-10 Ash Colour Filler Misfile, etc, Coloring Book - Kickstarter Advert

p.2017-05-09 Ash CarterHughes Cassiel DrPatriciaWarding OldRoad ch-27 p-053 Rumisiel: Look, science guy… Can I call you science guy? The plant thing, which is totally here, by the way, it’s almost inconsequential

p.2017-05-08 Ash CarterHughes Emily OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-052 Rumisiel: Look, science guy… Can I call you science guy? The plant thing, which is totally here, by the way, it’s almost inconsequential

p.2017-05-05 Ash CarterHughes Emily Missi OldRoad ch-27 p-051 Ash: No, no, no. This IS the spot! Did it die? I don’t see a dead plant!

p.2017-05-04 Ash Emily OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-050 Rumisiel: Where is it?

p.2017-05-03 Ash Emily Missi OldRoad XR4Ti ch-27 p-049 Missi: I don’t see anyone that looks official yet…

p.2017-05-02 Acura Ash Emily Missi OldRoad Tom XR4Ti ch-27 p-048 Missi: I made some calls, some invites. Some of it may just have been gossip.

p.2017-05-01 Ash Emily Missi OldRoad XR4Ti ch-27 p-047 Emily: You look nervous

p.2017-04-28 Ash Emily School ch-27 p-046 Ash: Just… Promise not to grow a goatee

p.2017-04-27 Ash Emily School ch-27 p-045 Ash: I’m not… Emily? What are you doing here?

p.2017-04-26 Ash Missi Phone ch-27 p-044 Missi: Houston, we are go

p.2017-04-25 Ash FeminineHygiene Missi Pharmacy Vampire ch-27 p-043 Ash: That’s condoms. What exactly are these supposed to advertize?

p.2017-04-24 Ash FeminineHygiene Missi Pharmacy ch-27 p-042 Notebook: I am a stranger in a strange land. So far the natives do not appear to have noticed me, but as I engage in this commonplace ritual I feel as though I am being watched… judged…

p.2017-04-21 Cassi Cassiel Eponine EponineHome Fern OldRoad OldRoadFlyer ch-27 p-041 Eponine: It’s, like, part of the collective consciousness of this town. Even if it’s always been a little silly to me I’m still part of it, and it’s part of me. I’d feel sad to see it go.

p.2017-04-20 Cassi Cassiel Eponine EponineHome OldRoadFlyer ch-27 p-040 Eponine: It’s a flyer Ash gave me. Apparently someone is trying to buy up and develop the Old Road

p.2017-04-19 Emily HobbyCanyon Nissan240SXModel Rumisiel ch-27 p-039 Emily: A model of my car. I enjoy my car and my car stuff… Most of the time… When we’re not trying to save the road. Not actually stated which car, but the thumbnail picture on the side of the box doesn’t look very like a Mustang

p.2017-04-18 Emily HobbyCanyon Rumisiel ch-27 p-038 Rumisiel: Whatcha doing?

p.2017-04-17 Ash BurgerBarn Missi ch-27 p-037 Missi: You know I’m a better mechanic than Emily! She barely knows anything! I’m so psyched! If you were a boy I would totally have your baby right now!

p.2017-04-14 Ash BurgerBarn Missi ch-27 p-036 Missi: So what happened? I’ve been getting all my information about you third person from Rumisiel. We used to hang out. Did I offend you somehow?

p.2017-04-13 Ash BurgerBarn Missi ch-27 p-035 Ash: Seems… Like an odd venue

p.2017-04-12 Ash Missi School ch-27 p-034 Ash: You’re… Uh… Kind of in my personal space.

p.2017-04-11 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-27 p-033 EllenMcArthur: Let me finish. I’m just saying I know your mom isn’t always the person you want to talk to, but sometimes, even if you don’t talk, it’s nice to know the option is always there.

p.2017-04-10 EllenMcArthur Emily Fridge McArthurRes Moon ch-27 p-032 Emily: No, Just… Mom, I love you but sometimes I just can’t talk to you about… Everything, you know?

p.2017-04-08 Ash Colour Filler Patreon Phone Nissan: Nissan main switchboard. How may I direct your call? Patreon Bonus Page

p.2017-04-07 Angel Ash Cassiel Cliff OldRoad Rumisiel XR4Ti ch-27 p-031 Rumisiel: I think I found it, the cryptic grandma celery or whatever!

p.2017-04-06 Angel Ash Cliff OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-030 Ash: Let’s just find some of the other spots you went. I don’t know how much time we have

p.2017-04-05 Angel Ash Bird Cliff OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-029 Rumisiel: Are you scared of birds now? What gives?

p.2017-04-04 Angel Ash Cliff OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-028 Ash: In this case I’ll give you a pass. As bad of an idea as this is it’s important to me

p.2017-04-03 Ash Cliff OldRoad Rumisiel ch-27 p-027 Ash: Seriously? This is one of the cliffs you fell down?

p.2017-03-31 Ash Emily Missi Rumisiel School ch-27 p-026 Ash: I’m just realizing why you two hang out. You’re like the poster child of not growing up.

p.2017-03-30 Ash Emily Missi School YoghurtMelts ch-27 p-025 Ash: What on earth are you eating?

p.2017-03-29 Ash Emily GasPump NewJersey SchoolRoad ch-27 p-024 Ash: Oh, sure, at first. Then there will be laws. You can’t pump your own gas in New Jersey, you know that? Not even if you want to. You think self-driving cars will be any different?

p.2017-03-28 Ash Emily Mirror MushroomCloud SchoolRoad Skynet ch-27 p-023 Ash: I hate giving up autonomy. Where’s the fun in a self driving car. It’s like being stuck in a cab. Have you BEEN in a cab lately? Was it fun?

p.2017-03-27 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-27 p-022 Ash: Fast enough? People walking here, asshole! Close pass by a fast car

p.2017-03-24 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-27 p-021 Emily: What’s to tell? It was boring. That’s why I only did it once. It was just Molly and I ditching.We hid under her house all day trying to keep quiet and I practically got sick from stress

p.2017-03-23 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-27 p-020 Emily: Well, at the very least, I am glad you’re feeling better

p.2017-03-22 Ash Bed Emily Period SchoolRoad UptonHouse ch-27 p-019 Ash: Wow! THAT feels like a million times better. Almost feels like I could take on the world today…

p.2017-03-21 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-018 Ash: Ok… That’s really… I mean, thanks… But on the flip side, you sitting there staring at me all night while I sleep is pretty creepy

p.2017-03-20 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-017 Rumisiel: She went home a while ago. It was late…

p.2017-03-17 Filler Missi Muffin PogoStick Filler: Missi on a pogo stick, eating a muffin

p.2017-03-16 Ash Ashley Dream Dress Emily ch-27 p-016 Ash: Real or not, I’m the one here now. There is no you. Get out of my head

p.2017-03-15 Ash Ashley Dream Dress ch-27 p-015 Ashley: Oh, yes. We need to talk.

p.2017-03-14 Ash Bed Emily UptonHouse ch-27 p-014 Emily: Maybe. That girl wouldn’t be you though, so what difference does it make how she would or wouldn’t feel?

p.2017-03-13 Ash Bed Emily UptonHouse ch-27 p-013 Ash: I guess what bothered me most was just that I was… Happy

p.2017-03-10 Ash Bed Emily UptonHouse ch-27 p-012 Emily: I mean, maybe you’re worried I’m taking the masculine role in the relationship.

p.2017-03-08 Filler Computer Status: DEAD

p.2017-03-07 Ash Bed Emily UptonHouse ch-27 p-011 Emily: Ah! That face is a total “yes!”. Do tell!

p.2017-03-06 Ash Bed Emily UptonHouse ch-27 p-010 Ash: You’ll get in trouble…

p.2017-03-03 Ash Bed Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-009 Emily: Ash, I’m here because I care. I am really and truly here. Rumisiel said he couldn’t wake you up

p.2017-03-02 Ash Bed Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-008 Ash: Emily? Is school out already? Time flies today… 11:53 shown on the clock

p.2017-03-01 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-007 Ash: I woke up in an ice bath with a nefarious character. I’m checking to make sure I still have my kidneys.

p.2017-02-28 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-006 Rumisiel: No, no, no! Don’t go back to sleep. Get angry! Hit me! Stay with me! The water isn’t even that cold! Are you getting chills now too? Here, let me help you out of there.

p.2017-02-27 Ash Bath Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-005 Rumisiel: You ok, Ash?

p.2017-02-25 Ash Colour Dress Emily Patreon Patreon Bonus: Transformation!

p.2017-02-24 Ash Bath Dream Emily IceCube Kate Missi Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-27 p-004 Missi: Ash, are you ok? Still hot?

p.2017-02-23 Ash Dream Emily Kate Missi Snow ch-27 p-003 Kate: Ash! Get your backpack. Your boyfriend is here

p.2017-02-22 Ash Chicks Dream Kate Missi ch-27 p-002 Kate: Good morning, Ash! I’m afraid you took too long and the eggs I made you for breakfast hatched. You’ll have to catch them if you want to eat

p.2017-02-21 Ash Bed Dream Kate Missi ch-27 p-001 Missi: Get your butt out of bed! It’s time for school!

p.2017-02-20 Colour Cover Emily ch-27 p-000 Book 27

Early Summer ’05 (?)

p.2017-02-17 Ash Bed Rumisiel Thermometer UptonHouse ch-26 p-111 Rumisiel: Ash? Uh… It’s a lot harder to get the chair back upstairs than it was to get it down

p.2017-02-16 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-110 Ash: So… I guess… As long as you are here all day… You can pull up a chair… You know… If you want to hang out with a boring old car guy who…

p.2017-02-15 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-109 Rumisiel: How? I can’t really talk about my past or anything I’ve done. I don’t have much in common with anyone.

p.2017-02-14 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-108 Rumisiel: Friends? I don’t really HAVE any friends there

p.2017-02-13 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-107 Rumisiel: So what’s the plan for the day then?

p.2017-02-10 100 Ash Rumisiel Thermometer UptonHouse ch-26 p-106 Rumisiel: Just over one hundred… why are you smiling?

p.2017-02-09 Ash Bed Flashback Puke StuntPlane Toilet UptonHouse ch-26 p-105

p.2017-02-08 Ash McArthurRes Rumisiel XR4Ti ch-26 p-104 Rumisiel: I think your big “Conspiracy” is that guys like boobs

p.2017-02-07 Ash McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-26 p-103 Ash: Well NOW it doesn’t!

p.2017-02-03 Ash McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-26 p-102 Ash: I… Wha… It’s too tight and hot to do the top buttons! Don’t tell me you…

p.2017-02-02 Ash McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-26 p-101 Rumisiel: You look relieved. I never thought I’d see you being relieved to leave Emily’s house

p.2017-02-01 Ash Emily Fern McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-26 p-100 Emily: Well assuming it is what I think it is AND we can find where it came from and more of it we may have something here

p.2017-01-31 Ash Emily Fern McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-26 p-099 Emily: Fragile Rock-brake “Cryptogramma stelleri”. Status endangered

p.2017-01-30 Ash Fern Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-098 Rumisiel: Well, there’s a fern or something ground into the rug there, but if you mean something useful… probably not.

p.2017-01-27 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-097 Rumisiel: I was… out

p.2017-01-26 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse WhiteRug ch-26 p-096 Ash: Hello? Anyone home? Who the heck left the door open?

p.2017-01-25 Airport Ash Emily Flash ch-26 p-095 Ash: Crap! While I was up there I should have had Jake swing by the Old Road!

p.2017-01-24 Airport Ash Emily ch-26 p-094 Emily: Anyway, I’m sorry. Here I just wanted to help you to relax and have a good time and now you’re wiping puke off your face in a public restroom

p.2017-01-23 Airport Ash Emily ch-26 p-093 Emily: I’m actually guessing it’s not the first time since he seemed to take it pretty well

p.2017-01-20 Airport Ash Emily ch-26 p-092 Emily: I’m sorry. It… Didn’t turn out quite how I expected it to

p.2017-01-19 Airport Ash Emily JakeElliot StuntPlane ch-26 p-091 Jake: Well that’s no good! Smile for me! You know how many G’s we just pulled?

p.2017-01-18 Filler Chris’s Birthday

p.2017-01-17 Airport Ash Emily JakeElliot StuntPlane ch-26 p-090 Jake: I can only do this for so long before we are in the trees!

p.2017-01-16 Airport Ash JakeElliot StuntPlane ch-26 p-089 Ash: <My stomach feels… I… Actually…>

p.2017-01-14 Cassiel Filler Patreon PoliceBox Rumisiel Tardis “The angels have the phonebox…”

p.2017-01-13 Airport Ash JakeElliot StuntPlane ch-26 p-088 Jake: Listen to that engine. Don’t get a whine like that in a car, do you?

p.2017-01-12 Airport Ash Emily JakeElliot StuntPlane ch-26 p-087 Jake: Comfy back there?

p.2017-01-11 Airport Ash Emily StuntPlane ch-26 p-086 Emily: Give it a chance. I think you’ll like it. It will get your mind off your troubles at the very least.

p.2017-01-10 Airport Ash Emily JakeElliot StuntPlane ch-26 p-085 Jake Elliot: It’s not the size. It’s how you handle the stick.

p.2017-01-09 Airport Ash Emily JakeElliot StuntPlane ch-26 p-084 Emily: See that? It’s a stunt plane. It’s like the air equivalent of your car… Well newer I guess.

p.2017-01-06 Airport Ash Emily MileHighClub Nissan240SX ch-26 p-083 Ash: A plane? You can’t afford a plane, You can’t even afford to RENT a plane…

p.2017-01-05 Airport Ash Emily Nissan240SX ch-26 p-082 Ash: We’re quite a way out of town…

p.2017-01-04 Ash Emily Envelope School ch-26 p-081 Emily: TAA-DAAAAAA!

p.2017-01-03 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-080 Rumisiel: You still awake? I’m… Sorry we didn’t find anything

p.2017-01-02 Ash Book Emily OldRoad ch-26 p-079 Emily: Holy crap… Heather is actually human

p.2016-12-30 Ash Emily Heather OldRoad Tears ch-26 p-078 Ash: Haven’t you ever wanted to be part of something that outlasts you?

p.2016-12-29 Ash Heather OldRoad Rumisiel ch-26 p-077 Heather: You’re going about this all wrong.

p.2016-12-28 Ash Emily Heather OldRoad Rumisiel ch-26 p-076 Heather: Oh, no. What’s she doing here?

p.2016-12-27 Ash Heather ch-26 p-075 Heather: Your car. It’s just… Really old not clear which car this is

p.2016-12-26 Ash Emily Heather HeatherHome School ch-26 p-074 Heather: What the hell are you doing here?

p.2016-12-23 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Christmas 2016

p.2016-12-22 Ash Battery Emily Nissan240SX School ch-26 p-073 Ash: You look unusually happy

p.2016-12-21 Cassi Cassiel Key Rumisiel School ch-26 p-072 Cassi: You know I can do anything with that key, right?

p.2016-12-20 Cassi Cassiel Key Rumisiel School ch-26 p-071 Rumisiel: I know you live in a tent. I know you shower in the school locker room.

p.2016-12-19 Filler Moving Day!

p.2016-12-16 ArchonKiller CFS CFS5 Heaven Key ch-26 p-070 Archon Killer: Nothing. Nothing! NOTHING!

p.2016-12-15 Ash UptonHouse ch-26 p-069 Ash: I mean I always knew I wouldn’t be here to drive it someday,

p.2016-12-14 Ash Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-068 Rumisiel: It’s kind of a blur now. It was about you and me and sex…

p.2016-12-13 Ash Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse XR4Ti ch-26 p-067 Ash: Are you still moping up there?

p.2016-12-12 Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-066 Edward: My daughter is a beautiful, wonderful girl. She is a thing of dreams and you are a horny teenager with obvious impulse control issues. So what gives?

p.2016-12-09 Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-065 Rumisiel: OH! I haven’t had sex with your daughter, if that helps!

p.2016-12-08 Ash Emily OldRoad WallaceMine ch-26 p-064 Ash: Not a single damn woodpecker

p.2016-12-07 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad Woodpecker ch-26 p-063 Emily: What about the traffic circle in the town center?

p.2016-12-06 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-26 p-062 Emily: And what SHOULD you be dealing with? James? Your dad? Oh, sorry. I’m being silly. The big picture. Being a boy again

p.2016-12-05 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-26 p-061 Emily: Letting it out is good. Acknowledging your emotions is good. You know guys have have hormonal shifts too

p.2016-12-02 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-26 p-060 Emily: It was awful. There was a lump in my stomach the whole time

p.2016-12-01 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-26 p-059 Emily: … I could never be a doctor.

p.2016-11-30 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-058 Rumisiel: Ever since you made me admit my role in your troubles I’ve had the weirdest feeling

p.2016-11-29 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-057 Rumisiel: Ash, am I a terrible person?

p.2016-11-28 Cassiel Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-056 Cassiel: What bothers me is that people like you and your family push me aside and make assumptions about me because of my uncle

p.2016-11-26 AngelAsh Ash DevilAsh Filler Patreon Patreon bonus page: Angel / Devil Ash

p.2016-11-25 Cassiel Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-055 Cassiel: Look, if coming around giving you shit makes you nostalgic I’m only too happy to oblige,

p.2016-11-24 Angel Ash Filler Turkey Thanksgiving 2016

p.2016-11-23 Cassiel Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-054 Cassiel: “Cassi?” Seriously?

p.2016-11-22 Cassiel Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-053 Cassiel: Oooooh. Somebody’s mopey. Here I came to bring you down and something’s already done my job for me

p.2016-11-21 Ash Edward Restaurant215 Thursday ch-26 p-052 Ash: Look, the fact that I’m growing up and able to make the decision to go off on my own and be comfortable wth it is your success, not your failure.

p.2016-11-18 Ash Edward Marie Restaurant215 Thursday ch-26 p-051 Edward: I mean, recently I feel like I’m out of things to provide for you. Your mother got you that job…

p.2016-11-17 Ash Beer Edward Restaurant215 Thursday ch-26 p-050 Edward: I’m not very good at this “fathering” thing am I?

p.2016-11-16 Cancer EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-26 p-049 Ellen: Weeeeell, I was a fairly sexually active teen as you may have figured out, so there was this one time…

p.2016-11-15 Cancer EllenMcArthur Emily June McArthurRes ch-26 p-048 Ellen: How did you… Do I want to know? No. It’s not important

p.2016-11-13 Cancer EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-26 p-047 Ellen: Old taxes and financial statements? Honey, none of those will be relevant for your financial aid that far back…

p.2016-11-11 Ash ChiliCheeseFries James Restaurant215 Thursday Wink ch-26 p-046 Ash: Look I keep thinking I need to fix the awkwardness but I don’t.

p.2016-11-10 Ash Edward James Restaurant215 Thursday ch-26 p-045 Edward: See? Isn’t this nice? Could you pass me the wine list?

p.2016-11-09 Ash Edward James Restaurant215 Thursday ch-26 p-044 James: Good evening

p.2016-11-08 Ash Edward Marie Phone Restaurant215 Thursday UptonHouse ch-26 p-043 Edward: Grab your shoes. We’re going to dinner

p.2016-11-07 Ash Marie MarieHouse Phone UptonHouse ch-26 p-042 Marie: This has to be the oddest phone call I’ve ever received

p.2016-11-04 Ash Cigarette Emily OldRoad Rumisiel XR4Ti ch-26 p-041 Rumisiel: There’s some good news and some bad news.

p.2016-11-03 Ash Cigarette Emily OldRoad Plans Rumisiel Surveyor1 Surveyor2 XR4Ti ch-26 p-040 Ash: What the heck is he doing?!

p.2016-11-02 Ash Emily OldRoad Plans Rumisiel Surveyor1 Surveyor2 XR4Ti ch-26 p-039 Emily: Good idea. I can check the library and the town records and see if any paperwork turns up, you could check the local papers, Rumisiel…

p.2016-11-01 Ash Emily OldRoad Rumisiel SUV Surveyor1 Surveyor2 Truck XR4Ti ch-26 p-038 Ash: They can’t… They can’t just do that

p.2016-10-31 Ash Colour Filler Hallowe’en: Ash as Kylie from 6Gun Mage!

p.2016-10-28 Ash Emily OldRoad Rumisiel SUV Surveyor1 Surveyor2 Truck XR4Ti ch-26 p-037 Ash: What the heck is this?

p.2016-10-27 Ash Edward Emily Marie School ch-26 p-036 Ash: I’m just saying I can’t help but feel like my life is filled with a lot more offers and parental incentives since I stopped being the person I still wish I was

p.2016-10-26 Ash Emily School ch-26 p-035 Ash: At least you get a choice. I’m working for my mom in fashion and undergarments whether I like it or not

p.2016-10-25 Ash Emily School ch-26 p-034 Emily: So, a night of awkward for everyone then?

p.2016-10-24 Ash Edward Tears UptonHouse ch-26 p-033 Edward: You’ll always be my daughter. That’ll never change

p.2016-10-22 Ash Colour Emily Moon Patreon XR4Ti Patreon bonus page

p.2016-10-21 Ash Edward James Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-032 Edward: I always kind of figured the two of you would probably get married some day

p.2016-10-20 Ash BubblesBG Edward Flashback James UptonHouse ch-26 p-031 Edward: Well, if you are wondering if I figured out you two had sex the answer is yes…

p.2016-10-19 Ash Bed Edward UptonHouse ch-26 p-030 Ash: Dad? Could we… Talk?

p.2016-10-18 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-029 Rumisiel: You sure you want to know? You didn’t like some of the stuff you already found out

p.2016-10-17 Ash Computer Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-26 p-028 Rumisiel: Is that a motorcycle website? I thought you hated them

p.2016-10-14 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Mustang ch-26 p-027 Ellen: I’m your mom, Emily. I know when something is up. It’s like a superpower

p.2016-10-13 Ash Cafe225 Emily ch-26 p-026 Ash: You ever tell your mom about the misfile?

p.2016-10-12 Ash Cafe225 Emily ch-26 p-025 Ash: Not hungry? Is your mom still… You know… Is she going to be ok? I don’t really know how t talk about stuff like this

p.2016-10-07 Ash Cancer Emily Files Phone TempestHealth UptonHouse ch-26 p-024 Ash: You did what?

p.2016-10-06 Ash Emily Files TempestHealth ch-26 p-023 Emily: Ok, it’s not creepy to run across you own file in here or anything. What’s even in these?

p.2016-10-05 Ash CatCallDriver HappyCones IceCream Rumisiel ch-26 p-022 Ash: I don’t know if I feel good or bad about this

p.2016-10-04 Ash Edward Emily TempestHealth ch-26 p-021 Emily: I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with this

p.2016-10-03 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-26 p-020 Ash: I’ll make it happen

p.2016-09-30 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-26 p-019 Emily: Do I need a reason to visit my boyfriend? I thought you liked spending time with me

p.2016-09-29 Ash Emily Fire UptonHouse ch-26 p-019 Ash: I can’t believe he just left… Should I have lied?

p.2016-09-28 Ash Emily James UptonHouse ch-26 p-018 James: What was wrong with it?

p.2016-09-27 Ash Emily Helmet James JamesBike UptonHouse ch-26 p-017 Emily: So? How was it?

p.2016-09-26 Ash Helmet James JamesBike UptonHouse ch-26 p-016 Ash: Oh, this is awful…

p.2016-09-23 Ash Emily Helmet UptonHouse ch-26 p-015 Emily: If you do it now, even if it sucks of you, it’s done and you can claim to have done it.

p.2016-09-22 Ash Emily Helmet James UptonHouse ch-26 p-014 Emily: Because I want you to at least try being on that motorcycle. Do it for me.

p.2016-09-20 Ash Emily Helmet James UptonHouse ch-26 p-013 Ash: It’s… Terrifying. Motorcycles scare the crap out of me, ok?

p.2016-09-19 Ash Emily Helmet James JamesBike UptonHouse ch-26 p-012 Ash: Well, at least I can always hear him coming now

p.2016-09-16 Ash Emily Rachel Rumisiel School ch-26 p-011 Ash: Look, it’s your life and your habit. Just… Don’t drag me into it, ok?

p.2016-09-15 Ash Blush Emily Rachel Rumisiel School ch-26 p-010 Rachel: Come on… I did a strip tease at your birthday party…

p.2016-09-14 Ash Emily Rachel School ch-26 p-009 Rachel: Hey, hey, you two!

p.2016-09-13 Ash Emily SATprimer School ch-26 p-008 Emily: Something finally trumps your period, huh?

p.2016-09-12 Ash Emily SATprimer School ch-26 p-007 Ash: So… Um… I just realized… You’re going local, right? I mean, I know you don’t KNOW know yet anymore but imagining life with you at school in, like some other state from me…

p.2016-09-09 Ash Emily SATprimer School ch-26 p-006 Ash: “SAT Prep?” Already? It’s still your junior year

p.2016-09-08 Car Cassi FlagPole Rumisiel School ch-26 p-005 Rumisiel: I’m going to rashly assume that was you

p.2016-09-07 Ash Car Cassi Emily FlagPole Rumisiel School ch-26 p-004 Ash: All the interviewers turned out to be aliens and I spent the rest of the dream fighting them to save the planet

p.2016-09-06 Ash Dream Emily Moon MushroomCloud PlanetEarth SchoolRoad Tentacle UFO ch-26 p-003 Ash: All the interviewers turned out to be aliens and I spent the rest of the dream fighting them to save the planet

p.2016-09-05 Ash Dream Emily RaceSuit SchoolRoad ch-26 p-002 Emily: Look, Ash. I appreciate the attention you give my twins, really, but they are not exactly MY thing.

p.2016-09-02 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-26 p-001 Emily: Awww. So you and your dad had a moment?

p.2016-09-01 Cassiel Colour Cover ch-26 p-000 Book 26

Early Summer ’05 (?)

p.2016-08-31 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-104 Ash: I’m going to say goodnight to my dad. Maybe there will even be hugging.

p.2016-08-30 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-103 Rumisiel: You worried you may have screwed that up? Feeling guilty?

p.2016-08-29 Ash James Photo Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-102 Ash: It’s an old photo of James and me… Although now I’m beginning to realise it’s more like a picture of James and some girl that used to be his best friend that I replaced one day.

p.2016-08-27 Ash Colour Emily Kilt Patreon ch-25 Patreon Bonus: Emily: Wow, Ash… I never thought I’d see you wearing a skirt by choice…

p.2016-08-26 Ash James JamesBike UptonHouse ch-25 p-101 James: *Sigh* Maybe I should take that thing back

p.2016-08-25 Ash James JamesBike UptonHouse ch-25 p-100 Ash: It feels like a hot vibrating machine between my…

p.2016-08-24 Ash James JamesBike UptonHouse ch-25 p-099 Ash: What were you thinking REALLY?

p.2016-08-23 Ash James JamesBike UptonHouse ch-25 p-098 James: Yeah, but it is fast. A ride on the back might change your mind

p.2016-08-22 Ash James JamesBike UptonHouse ch-25 p-097 James: Ash! Check it out! You like it?

p.2016-08-19 Ash JamesBike UptonHouse WashingMachine ch-25 p-096 [fx: VrroOoooom…]
Ash: Ok, seriously… What kind of jackass…

p.2016-08-18 Ash Emily Rain School ch-25 p-095 Emily: … You know I wasn’t the nicest person to you before all this either

p.2016-08-17 Ash Blush Emily James Rain School TrackTeam ch-25 p-094 Emily: Maybe it didn’t happen now. Remember how it changed with James? Like you said. Relationships between boys and girls are different

p.2016-08-15 Ash DanCreed Emily Flashback School TrackTeam XR4Ti ch-25 p-093 Emily: I thought you were “practicing your drifting” Dan Creed named not shown

p.2016-08-12 Ash Emily Rain School TrackTeam ch-25 p-092 Ash: I didn’t tear up their track with my car for my health

p.2016-08-11 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-091 Ash: Do I? It’s got to be the bathroom. I still feel like an interloper who’s going to be caught; like I’m not supposed to be here

p.2016-08-10 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-090 Emily: Upside? I don’t know. I work harder?

p.2016-08-09 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-089 Ash: I don’t get it. The teacher just … Accepted it as the truth

p.2016-08-08 Ash Rumisiel School Teacher ch-25 p-088 Ash: Again? Seriously? They’ve printed this problem wrong on the last three assignment sheets!

p.2016-08-05 Ash Rumisiel School ch-25 p-087 Rumisiel: She can be SO thick headed! She just won’t get it though her head what a bad idea it is

p.2016-08-04 Cassi Cassiel Fish Rumisiel School Shark ch-25 p-086 Rumisiel: Look on the bright side. If you didn’t think about feeding them until today they’d be dead by now anyway

p.2016-08-03 Cassi Cassiel Fish Hit Rumisiel School ch-25 p-085 Cassi: Where are my fish, Rumisiel?

p.2016-08-02 Ash BubblesBG Emily Sleepover UptonHouse ch-25 p-084 Ash: … Push me. I’ve got to get a handle on this ‘sleepover’ implied here?

p.2016-08-01 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-25 p-083 Ash: Progress is made

p.2016-07-29 Ash Emily UptonHouse Wardrobe ch-25 p-082 Emily: I wear boys clothes all the time…

p.2016-07-28 Ash Emily UptonHouse Wardrobe ch-25 p-081 Emily: See? You’ve got layered shirts all through here. How did you not notice this already? Oh! This is cute… Can I borrow this?

p.2016-07-27 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-25 p-080 Emily: Yeah, the whole layering fad is kind of a rip off… You don’t sound very angry though. You’re usually angry about stuff like that

p.2016-07-26 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-25 p-079 Ash: This humidity is the worst. I feel like I’m still swimming only without the cooling benefits

p.2016-07-25 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-078 Emily: Anyway, maybe a list isn’t the right idea for you. Try just addressing things as they come up

p.2016-07-23 Ash Filler Patreon Patreon Bonus Page: And now: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN ASH COSTUME!

p.2016-07-22 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-077 Ash: I wanted to make a list of things I could do to make my life easier instead of being all victim-y but I’m coming up with nothing

p.2016-07-21 Ash HeartBeat Rumisiel Swim ch-25 p-076 Rumisiel: ...... Uh… I was kind of expecting a punch in the face…

p.2016-07-20 Ash Colour DevilAsh Kiss 3,000 Pages

p.2016-07-19 Ash Rumisiel Swim ch-25 p-075 Ash: Never thought I’d say this, but stop mansplaining.

p.2016-07-18 Ash Cassi Cassiel Rumisiel Swim ch-25 p-074 Ash: So YOU clearly love the view

p.2016-07-15 Eyes Naked Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-25 p-073 Emily: Look on the bright side, At least you’re not changing with that body in the boys’ locker room

p.2016-07-14 Ash Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-25 p-072 Emily: Um… Not to pry, but that’s, like, the third time you’ve scratched your butt in the last five minutes…

p.2016-07-13 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-071 Rumisiel: Weeeeeeell, there’s some good news and some bad news

p.2016-07-12 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-070 Ash: get your damn shoes on! We’re going to be late!

p.2016-07-11 AshMale Emily McArthurRes Moon ch-25 p-069 Emily: Ash’s eyes…

p.2016-07-08 Cassiel Rumisiel Woods ch-25 p-068 Rumisiel: One last question then. How do you ever know what to come down there for?

p.2016-07-07 Cassiel Rumisiel Woods ch-25 p-067 Rumisiel: But we go into the files all the time!

p.2016-07-06 Cassiel Oversight Rumisiel Woods ch-25 p-066 Cassiel: Why on earth would you want to talk to ME when you’re already feeling down?

p.2016-07-05 Cassiel Rumisiel Woods ch-25 p-065 Rumisiel: Cassiel!

p.2016-07-04 Ash Filler Gun Independence Day Filler 2016

p.2016-07-01 Ash Panties Rumisiel Toilet UptonHouse ch-25 p-064 Rumisiel: Are you, uh, really doing that here while I’m peeing, like right now?

p.2016-06-30 Ash Rumisiel Toilet Towel UptonHouse ch-25 p-063 Ash: Look at me! I mean REALLY look at me! I’m a glitch, Rumisiel. My while life is an error; a lie

p.2016-06-29 Ash Rumisiel Towel UptonHouse ch-25 p-062 Ash: …I don’t want to lose my memories when this is all over

p.2016-06-28 Ash Mirror Rumisiel Shower Towel UptonHouse ch-25 p-061 Rumisiel: What exactly are you expecting to see?

p.2016-06-27 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-25 p-060 Emily: There’s an upside though. I can see both your eyes for once. You do have the most beautiful green eyes

p.2016-06-24 Ash Emily JosephTheBarber McArthurRes ch-25 p-059 Ash: How do I get this monster to lie back down? Ash’s barber named here

p.2016-06-23 Ash HairSalon HairSalonWorker ch-25 p-058 Hair Workers: There! Do you like it?

p.2016-06-22 Ash HairSalon HairSalonWorker ch-25 p-057 Ash: Believe me, I know change. It’s NOT always fun…

p.2016-06-21 Ash Emily HairSalon ch-25 p-056 Emily: Ash, have you SEEN your hair lately? Just get comfortable and wait for them to call your name

p.2016-06-20 Ash Emily IceCreamStall ch-25 p-055 Emily: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe want to look good for your girlfriend. Wouldn’t know. Look if your barber is being a creep, come with me to my stylist

p.2016-06-18 Ash AshWilliams ChainSaw Colour Edward EvilDead Filler Patreon Shotgun Ash: Dad? Where did my name come from? Was it, like, a family name or…

p.2016-06-17 Ash Emily IceCream IceCreamStall JosephTheBarber Tongue ch-25 p-054 Ash: I’ve got hair on my tongue Reference to Ash’s Barber, named #p2016-06-24

p.2016-06-16 Ash Blush Emily IceCream IceCreamStall ch-25 p-053 Ash: That’s… Not entirely true

p.2016-06-15 Ash Emily Hug IceCream IceCreamStall Tears ch-25 p-052 Emily: There are philosophies that state we are just the sum total of our memories.

p.2016-06-14 Ash Emily IceCream IceCreamStall ch-25 p-051 Ash: Ice cream? Seriously?

p.2016-06-13 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-050 Emily: Oh… This isn’t just academic, is it?

p.2016-06-10 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-049 Ash: What? Why? What about fighting the good fight?

p.2016-06-09 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-048 Emily: … Uh, no. I choose to get the good grade

p.2016-06-08 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-047 Emily: Anyway, your car is up and running again. Aren’t you supposed to be happy?

p.2016-06-07 Ash Emily School ch-25 p-046 Ash: Test today?

p.2016-06-06 Ash Cassi Cassiel Emily Fish School Water ch-25 p-045 Cassi: Really? You… You’re… Giving me a compliment?

p.2016-06-03 Ash Cassi Cassiel Fish School Water ch-25 p-044 Ash: Who’s “they”?

p.2016-06-02 Ash Fish Missi School Water ch-25 p-043 Missi: Holy crap! You’ve gotta see it! YOU’VE GOTTA SEE IT!

p.2016-06-01 Ash EllenMcArthur McArthurRes Tears Towel ch-25 p-042 Emily: *Sigh*. I’m not going to let this turn into a fight. It happens too often. You’re right about the shirt. I should have thought about it

p.2016-05-31 Ash EllenMcArthur McArthurRes Towel ch-25 p-041 Emily: You’re a bit young to be going senile. We generally call that a “shirt”

p.2016-05-30 Colour Filler Rumisiel Memorial Day 2016

p.2016-05-28 Ash Colour Emily Filler Newspaper Patreon Thief Patreon bonus page: Manual Transmission

p.2016-05-27 Ash Monster UptonHouse ch-25 p-040 Ash: Anyway… All the crap I did… I’m glad I could fix you even with all that. I’d miss you. I’d seriously miss you

p.2016-05-26 Ash Monster Shower UptonHouse ch-25 p-039 Ash: Sometimes I wonder if Aiden was right. You seem… Cars seem more like someones than somethings

p.2016-05-25 Ash Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-038 Emily: We going to fix this thing or what? Wouldn’t want my auto shop skills getting rusty

p.2016-05-24 Ash Emily Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-037 Ash: What? I was joking Why would you… You realise it is really a boy ass right? You’re staring at a guy’s ass!

p.2016-05-23 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-036 Rumisiel: That’s a cool breeze. Do you not like it.

p.2016-05-20 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-035 Ash: New part, Greasy engine bay

p.2016-05-19 Ash Cassi Cassiel Chain Emily Eponine Lock School ch-25 p-034 Ash: What gives? Why isn’t anyone going inside?

p.2016-05-18 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-25 p-033 Ash: I don’t really see the irony

p.2016-05-17 Ash Emily Pregnant SchoolRoad ch-25 p-032 Ash: I was pregnant with a screaming baby. It wouldn’t be quiet. Then it invited all its friends in and they were ALL screaming

p.2016-05-16 Ash Dream UptonHouse ch-25 p-031 Ash: No, they can’t come in… There’s not enough room for…

p.2016-05-13 Ash Emily XR4Ti ch-25 p-030 Ash: Not as a girl. That would take me places I’m not willing to go. As I guy I always figured I would though

p.2016-05-12 Ash Baby Blush Emily HarryJr Kate KateHouse Moon XR4Ti ch-25 p-029 Ash: Uh, Kate. Your shirt… I don’t think it is buttoned right

p.2016-05-11 Ash Baby Emily HarryJr Kate KateHouse Moon ch-25 p-028 Kate: Oh, wow! I need a picture of this!

p.2016-05-10 Ash Emily KateHouse ch-25 p-027 Emily: And you really think something comparable wouldn’t have happened this year regardless?

p.2016-05-09 Ash Baby BabyBottle Emily HarryJr KateHouse ch-25 p-026 Emily: No. Given the stories about my real dad I’m not sure that is a bad thing.

p.2016-05-06 Ash Baby BabyBottle Emily HarryJr KateHouse ch-25 p-025 Ash: I don’t think I’d be a good dad anyway

p.2016-05-05 Ash Baby BabyBottle Emily HarryJr KateHouse ch-25 p-024 Emily: I don’t know. It’s just… A sweet image. It’s oddly attractive

p.2016-05-04 Ash Baby BabyBottle Emily HarryJr KateHouse ShoulderAngel ch-25 p-023 Ash: Are you kidding? We’re talking Kate here. Even if that isn’t wierd creepy on its own. This is practically the nectar of a she demon. I’d probably sprout wings and horns.

p.2016-05-03 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Advert: Misfile Film

p.2016-05-02 Ash BabyBottle Emily KateHouse ch-25 p-022 Emily: You’re taking this pretty well

p.2016-04-29 Ash Baby Emily HarryJr KateHouse ch-25 p-021 Emily: You’re taking this pretty well

p.2016-04-28 Ash Baby Emily HarryJr KateHouse Pee ch-25 p-020 Ash: He’s wet. So I guess I just… Open it and swap it out?

p.2016-04-27 Ash Bidet Emily KateHouse ch-25 p-019 Ash: Why does the bathroom have a midget sink?

p.2016-04-26 Ash Emily KateHouse ch-25 p-018 Emily: Why is there a random gear knob with the family photos?

p.2016-04-25 Ash Emily KateHouse ch-25 p-017 Emily: He’s asleep. Don’t you want to see the house?

p.2016-04-23 Ash Emily Filler Patreon Patreon Bonus page: Baby-Vision

p.2016-04-22 Ash Emily KateHouse ch-25 p-016 Kate & Harry: Have fun. Not too much fun. We’ll be back before you know it.

p.2016-04-21 Ash Emily JaguarXKR KateHouse XR4Ti ch-25 p-015 Ash: I’m still more afraid of that. It’s like a symbol representing all my defeats

p.2016-04-20 Ash Emily KateHouse XR4Ti ch-25 p-014 Emily: You brought your backpack? That’s unusually studious of you.

p.2016-04-19 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-013 Rumisiel: I said I was sorry, right? I wish You’d let me so more to help out now…

p.2016-04-18 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-012 Rumisiel: You sure you don’t need me the tomorrow?

p.2016-04-16 Ash Colour Filler Pin advert

p.2016-04-15 Ash Baby HarryJr Kate KateHouse Phone UptonHouse ch-25 p-011 Kate: Ash! Little Harry’s new favorite “aunt”. I just ordered your part.

p.2016-04-14 Ash Edward UptonHouse ch-25 p-010 Edward: Ash… Do we… Need to have a talk?

p.2016-04-13 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-25 p-009 Emily: Me? Why did you pick me?

p.2016-04-12 Aries Ash Kate ch-25 p-008 Kate: Ash. I haven’t had sex with my husband in a VERY long time. I need one night, just one night. You get your part. I get my… bell rung. Everybody wins

p.2016-04-11 Aries Ash Kate ch-25 p-007 Kate: There’s the rub. You see, I have a bit of a trust problem. I know you and Harry didn’t get off to the best start…

p.2016-04-08 Aries Ash Harry Kate ch-25 p-006 Kate: *Ahem!*

p.2016-04-07 Aries Ash Harry ch-25 p-005 Ash: I’m… I’m afraid to ask if it is good news

p.2016-04-06 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-004 Rumisiel: There’s always an upside. Just think how fast the next 72 years would fly by in a coma

p.2016-04-05 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-003 Rumisiel: … Is it working?

p.2016-04-04 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-002 Ash: That’s it? No “witty retort”? No offer for a magical head gasket that changes itself for free?

p.2016-04-01 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-25 p-001 Rumisiel: Wow. You look like shit.

p.2016-03-31 Ash Colour Cover Emily Rumisiel ch-25 p-000 Book 25

April / May ’05 (?)

p.2016-03-30 Aries Ash Harry Monster ch-24 p-122 Ash: Are you sure it’s not the electrical or the filters or…

p.2016-03-29 Aries Ash Harry Monster ch-24 p-122 Ash: It stutters worse under load. I checked the filters and the electrical and I couldn’t find anything

p.2016-03-28 Aries Ash Hug Kate Tears ch-24 p-121 Kate: Oh Ash. It’s ok. Don’t make hateful wishes.

p.2016-03-26 Ash Colour Filler Missi Patreon bonus page - Dress Up Ash

p.2016-03-25 Aries Ash Kate Tears ch-24 p-120 Ash: Why can’t I just be a boy?

p.2016-03-24 Aries Ash Baby Harry HarryJr Kate ch-24 p-119 Ash: Ah! It… Smells like bad cheese! It’s everywhere!

p.2016-03-23 Aries Ash Baby HarryJr Puke ch-24 p-118 Ash: I guess if you are not screaming you are not so bad

p.2016-03-22 Aries Ash Baby HarryJr Kate Monster ch-24 p-117 Ash: My engine is running rough and hesitating and I wanted to ask Harry for a second opinion

p.2016-03-21 Aries Ash Baby HarryJr Kate Monster UptonHouse ch-24 p-116 Ash: Shit. I’m NOT imagining it. That is NOT right.

p.2016-03-18 Ash Bra Edward Shorts UptonHouse ch-24 p-115 Ash: Good riddance. I’m not sure whether to just chuck you or burn you

p.2016-03-17 Ash Emily Rumisiel School ch-24 p-114 Ash: That must be why the necks of all my girl shirts are so much bigger than the necks of all my boy shirts

p.2016-03-16 Ash Emily School ch-24 p-113 Ash: Like… A “bra pocket”? Why didn’t you mention that earlier when we were discussing pockets

p.2016-03-15 Ash Emily School ch-24 p-112 Ash: First of all, you don’t get to pretend to understand anything about my life until you spontaneously sprout a vagina

p.2016-03-14 Ash Emily Rumisiel School ch-24 p-111 Emily: Wait. I know that face. Why do you look guilty?

p.2016-03-11 Ash Emily Rumisiel School ch-24 p-110 Ash: No, it was me. It wasn’t intimate, and was totally just a friendly thing but…

p.2016-03-10 Ash Rumisiel School ch-24 p-109 Ash: I’ve got a wierd question. Is, uh… Is hugging cheating?

p.2016-03-09 Angel Colour Filler Sword Vashiel Vashiel

p.2016-03-08 Ash Eponine Hug School ch-24 p-108 Ash: ‘Nine… I just… I don’t know if I have said this enough, or ever really, but…

p.2016-03-07 Ash Bed Colour Emily Filler Hug “Love is…”

p.2016-03-04 Ash Eponine School Sweatshirt ch-24 p-107 Ash: What’s this? I mean, I know it is a sweatshirt, but I don’t get it

p.2016-03-03 Ash Eponine School ch-24 p-106 ’Nine: You ok? You don’t look so good

p.2016-03-02 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-24 p-105 Ash: Well, someone should start a big pockets movement

p.2016-03-01 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-24 p-104 Emily: Don’t worry so much about it. You look fine, butt and all. No one will even notice

p.2016-02-29 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-24 p-103 Emily: Ok, you’re totally checking out your own ass. I Caught you. Don’t deny it

p.2016-02-27 Ash Emily Filler Sea Patreon bonus page: Height

p.2016-02-26 EllenMcArthur Emily FilingTool McArthurRes ch-24 p-102 Emily: Mom? Funny question…

p.2016-02-25 Emily McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-24 p-101 Rumisiel: You should put it in you[r] underwear drawer

p.2016-02-24 Ash FilingTool McArthurRes Rumisiel ch-24 p-100 Emily: Where am I supposed to put it?

p.2016-02-23 Ash FilingTool McArthurRes Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-099 Ash: Look we have to lay down some ground rules for what we do with this thing

p.2016-02-22 Ash Cassi FilingTool Rumisiel School UptonHouse ch-24 p-098 Ash: I think we’re done here. If you want to be analysed, pay a professional

p.2016-02-19 Ash Cassi School ch-24 p-097 Ash: My first guess is “because you’re a raging bitch”

p.2016-02-18 Ash Cassi School ch-24 p-096 Cassiel: I have an important question and you have to promise not to laugh

p.2016-02-17 Ash FilingTool School ch-24 p-095 Ash: You need to keep it where you can protect it!

p.2016-02-16 Ash FilingTool Rumisiel School ch-24 p-094 Rumisiel: Oh, that. I left it on the coffee table at home

p.2016-02-15 Ash Missi Rumisiel School ch-24 p-093 Ash: … My junk? Why was I naked?

p.2016-02-12 Ash Colour Emily Filler Valentine’s Day 2016

p.2016-02-11 Ash Missi School ch-24 p-092 Missi: I’m trying to imagine you as a boy

p.2016-02-10 Ash Edward Emily McArthurRes Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-091 Edward: What a morning! Wow. I slept like the dead last night. I am SO rested

p.2016-02-09 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-090 Emily: What a relief…

p.2016-02-08 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-089 Emily: Ash? It’s two in the morning! What are you doing here?

p.2016-02-05 FilingTool Moon Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-088 Rumisiel: Vash! Dude, it’s cool! You can totally come back now! … I kind of need some guidance here!

p.2016-02-04 Ash FilingTool Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-087 Ash: And what if the next one to figure it out is more interested in punitive action?

p.2016-02-03 Ash FilingTool Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-086 Rumisiel: I can’t … I can’t reabsorb it. I don’t know. He must have done something

p.2016-02-02 Ash FilingTool Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-085 Filing tool: Adam: “You play the girl so well, Ash. It’s amusing to watch.”

p.2016-02-01 Adam Ash Bird Bull Cat FilingTool UptonHouse ch-24 p-084 Adam: You have a day, a year, ten years or a life time. Haven’t quite made up my mind which yet

p.2016-01-30 Ash Beach Emily Filler Rumisiel Swim Patreon bonus page

p.2016-01-29 Adam Ash Cat FilingTool Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-083 Adam: All this trifle over such a small thing

p.2016-01-28 Adam Ash Cat Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-082 Ash: Time! It’s all about time!

p.2016-01-27 Adam Ash Cat Heaven Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-081 Ash: I don’t get you! Why tell us all this? Clearly you have your own plan. Is this a game to you? Because it isn’t a game to us!

p.2016-01-26 Adam Ash Cat Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-080 Adam: Please. Let’s discuss what really matters. I know you have the key.

p.2016-01-25 Adam Ash Cat Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-079 Rumisiel: HEY! What’d you do THAT for?!

p.2016-01-23 Adam Donation/Pin Advert

p.2016-01-22 Adam Ash Cat Rumisiel UptonHouse Wrench ch-24 p-078 Ash: You!

p.2016-01-21 Ash UptonHouse Wrench ch-24 p-077 Ash: Something’s not right

p.2016-01-20 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-24 p-076 Ash: If I hope for something that gives me faith in it. Then that faith can be shattered leaving me worse off than before.

p.2016-01-19 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-24 p-075 Emily: Do you think we can actually turn that key thing to our advantage?

p.2016-01-18 Filler Chris turns 40

p.2016-01-15 Cassi Ramael Rumisiel School ch-24 p-074 Cassi: … Incidentally, what is it exactly that you did?

p.2016-01-14 Cassi Rumisiel School ch-24 p-073 Cassi: What’s up, lazy boy?

p.2016-01-13 Ash Emily School ch-24 p-072 Ash: Seventy five frikkin’ dollars. It almost makes me not want to go

p.2016-01-12 Ash Form School Teacher ch-24 p-071 Ash: What is this?

p.2016-01-11 Adam Ash Cake Cat Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-24 p-070 Ash: So… No cakewalk

p.2016-01-08 Ash File Heaven Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-24 p-069 Rumisiel: First I’d have to get, all sneaky like since I’m not allowed

p.2016-01-07 Ash Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-24 p-068 Rumisiel: What gives? We could have had this out of our hands and been home free!

p.2016-01-06 Adam Angel Vashiel ch-24 p-067 Adam: Where are you off to at this time of night?

p.2016-01-05 Ash BubblesBG Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-066 Rumisiel: What gives? We could have had this out of our hands and been home free!

p.2016-01-04 Ash Emily FilingTool Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-24 p-065 Emily: We’re getting off track. The point is we FOUND it. Now we have it… What do we DO with it?

p.2016-01-01 Ash Emily FilingTool Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-24 p-064 Vashiel: So this is the key to Fifth Branch. Hardly seems like anything.

p.2015-12-31 Ash Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-063 Emily: Maybe that’s it then. Maybe instead of looking for something you forgot we should be looking you’ve always known you had but never knew was a key.

p.2015-12-30 Ash Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-062 Ash: Why are we looking in my room? Adam already turned this place upside down

p.2015-12-29 Ash Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-061 Ash: Why are we looking in my room? Adam already turned this place upside down

p.2015-12-28 Ash Emily Pillow Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-060 Rumisiel: So… You two were pretty close there. If you were gunna kiss or something don’t let me stop you.

p.2015-12-26 Angel Ash Filler Donation pin advert

p.2015-12-25 Ash Filler Ychromosome Christmas 2015

p.2015-12-24 Ash Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-059 Rumisiel: Ah, it’s cool. You going to kiss now?

p.2015-12-23 Ash Emily Missi Rain UptonHouse ch-24 p-058 Emily: You can’t be using Missi as a yardstick for normal. I’m betting a lot of those aren’t actual “friend touches”

p.2015-12-22 Ash Emily Rain UptonHouse ch-24 p-057 Ash: Anyway, if I wanted to run my finger from the top of a girl’s head to her toes it’d be like walking through a mine field to not hit a slap zone

p.2015-12-21 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-24 p-056 Ash: I want to ask you a question… Promise you wan’t get mad?

p.2015-12-19 Ash Filler Patreon Ash: For this month’s bonus strip I figured I’d take some reader suggestions

p.2015-12-18 Ash Emily Heaven Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-055 Rumisiel: Cherubim are closer in order to the divine will of the universe than my order. WE created the filing system to help us understand and order it. THEY already have a sort of innate grasp of it

p.2015-12-17 Angel Ash Emily Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-054 Ash: THIS is why you don’t ever get to be part of our plans!

p.2015-12-16 Adam Angel Ash Cat Emily Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-053 Rumisiel: You don’t mess with them. You don’t talk with them. You want something from me? You come to me!

p.2015-12-15 Adam Angel Ash Cat Emily Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-052 Adam: … Your argument has merit. I’m sorry for the problems with your files, whatever they may be.

p.2015-12-14 Adam Ash Cat Emily WallaceMine ch-24 p-051 Ash: Then why are you helping… Whoever you are helping?

p.2015-12-11 Adam Ash Cat Emily WallaceMine ch-24 p-050 Adam: You’re a terrible liar, you know. And I don’t mean you’re a liar and that makes you terrible. I mean you’re very bad at it

p.2015-12-10 Adam Ash Emily WallaceMine ch-24 p-049 Adam: Wouldn’t want everyone upstairs to know that I stumbled on a couple of misfiled humans now would you?

p.2015-12-09 Adam Ash Emily WallaceMine ch-24 p-048 Emily: This job… This is going to be impossible

p.2015-12-08 Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-24 p-047 Rumisiel: Where’s Ash?

p.2015-12-07 Ash BubblesBG Emily School ch-24 p-046 Emily: Maybe we’re being too cautious then

p.2015-12-04 Ash Camera Emily Missi School ch-24 p-045 Emily: Look on the bright side. When you finally get your real racing team up and running you’ll already have a publicity person

p.2015-12-03 Ash Camera Emily Missi School ch-24 p-044 Emily: It’s close by. I’ll visit, like all the time. I’ll be your rock

p.2015-12-02 Ash Emily Missi School ch-24 p-043 Missi: And then she came right up the road and right after the whole thing came down!

p.2015-12-01 Adam Ash Cat Emily Landslide Missi Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-042 Emily: Everyone makes their own choices, Ash

p.2015-11-30 Adam Ash Cat Emily Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-041 Adam: Fair I suppose. Well then, rather than stand around making things awkward I suppose I’ll take my leave

p.2015-11-27 Adam Ash Cat Missi WallaceMine ch-24 p-040 Missi: It’s ok, Ash. I don’t know who he is but… He sort of just saved my butt

p.2015-11-26 Ash Filler Istambul Rumisiel Rumisiel: What? I thought you said you wanted Turkey for Thanksgiving… Thanksgiving 2015

p.2015-11-25 Adam Ash Cat Emily Missi Monster Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-039 Adam: Well, this is starting too feel familiar. At least you stopped under your own power this time

p.2015-11-24 Adam Ash Cat Emily Missi Monster WallaceMine ch-24 p-038 Ash: This feeling. Is this joy or fear?

p.2015-11-23 Adam Ash Cat Emily Missi Monster WallaceMine ch-24 p-037 Missi: Who are… Where did you come from

p.2015-11-22 Filler Missi Patreon Rumisiel Missi: In my heart I could feel that someone was going over the edge tonight Patreon bonus page: “Missifile”

p.2015-11-20 Adam Cat Emily Missi Monster WallaceMine ch-24 p-036 Adam: In my heart I could feel that someone was going over the edge tonight

p.2015-11-19 Camera Emily Missi Monster WallaceMine ch-24 p-035 Missi: GOTTA get this!

p.2015-11-18 Ash Monster Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-034 Ash: So… Frikkin’ Awesome…

p.2015-11-17 Adam Ash Camera Cat Emily Missi Monster WallaceMine ch-24 p-033 Missi: What are you looking at?

p.2015-11-16 Adam Camera Cat Emily Missi Moon WallaceMine ch-24 p-032 Missi: You’ve gotta stop grabbing my camera every time they get to the most exciting bits

p.2015-11-13 Ash Monster Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-031 Ash: This dirt is even looser than my practice track…

p.2015-11-12 Ash Monster Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-030 Ash: You ready for the ride of your life?

p.2015-11-11 Ash Camera Missi Monster Rumisiel WallaceMine ch-24 p-029 Rumisiel: No sign of our “new friend”. Where do you want me?

p.2015-11-10 Ash Camera Emily Missi Monster WallaceMine ch-24 p-028 Missi: Camera check!

p.2015-11-09 Ash BubblesBG Emily Hug Monster UptonHouse ch-24 p-027 Ash: Emily? Hey. What are you doing here at this time of …

p.2015-11-06 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-026 Emily: This is… This is how Ash feels all the time, isn’t it?

p.2015-11-05 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-025 Emily: No. No, wait. This… I can’t just keep digging a deeper hole like this. I’m not gay, ok? That was it. That was the whole point of this.

p.2015-11-04 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-024 Ellen: You seemed pretty intent on some male attention the other day. That’s the number for the son of a colleague of mine. Bit of a pretty boy, but SO smart. You could do worse.

p.2015-11-03 Adam Cat Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-023 Adam: I’ve met them, you know. … And I know something you don’t know. I have a secret…

p.2015-11-02 Adam ArchonKiller Bird Bull Cat Key ch-24 p-022 Archon Killer: Have you found it?

p.2015-10-30 Ash Emily Rumisiel Vashiel ch-24 Halloween filler Star Wars theme with characters from 6 Gun Mage

p.2015-10-29 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-24 p-021 Ash: Why does this camera thing bother me more than that damn angel

p.2015-10-28 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-24 p-020 Emily: I don’t think you are the first girl to be weirded out by inappropriate camera use… Sorry… For calling you a girl

p.2015-10-27 Ash Camera Missi School ch-24 p-019 Missi: I’m testing my camera and my mad camera skills

p.2015-10-26 Ash DirtRoad Emily Monster ch-24 p-018 Emily: Accepted. So… Do we keep driving or is your heart still in it right now?

p.2015-10-24 Ash Cherubim Colour Filler Rumisiel Seraphim Rumisiel: I’ve had lots of questions about the different kinds of angels lately! Patreon bonus page

p.2015-10-23 Ash DirtRoad Emily Monster ch-24 p-017 Ash: Well… He gets more surreal every time we meet?

p.2015-10-22 Adam Ash Cat DirtRoad Emily Monster ch-24 p-016 Adam: There. Was that so hard? Keep an eye out will you? Still love the car, by the way. It’s like me, made up of parts

p.2015-10-21 Adam Ash Bird Bull Cat ch-24 p-015 Adam: Our name is Adam. We are cherubim. I am here for Rumisiel’s Key. That is both what and why.

p.2015-10-20 Adam Ash Cat DirtRoad Emily Monster ch-24 p-014 Emily: Could we take it back a step? Who ARE you?

p.2015-10-19 Adam Ash Cat DirtRoad Monster ch-24 p-013 Ash: … You! What are you doing here?

p.2015-10-16 Adam Ash Bull DirtRoad Emily Monster ch-24 p-012 (a bull appears on the dirt road).

p.2015-10-15 Ash DirtRoad Emily Monster ch-24 p-011 Ash: It’s nowhere special. It’s a loose dirt road. I can’t practice for the course I don’t want to crash on AT the course I don’t want to crash on

p.2015-10-14 Ash Emily Monster UptonHouse ch-24 p-010 Ash: Trust me it’s different. To me it almost looks silly, except I know why I made the changes I did

p.2015-10-13 Clam EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-009 Ellen McArthur: Please do. You know all I want is to see you happy as a clam

p.2015-10-12 DannyWyman EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-008 Ellen McArthur: Honey do you remember Danny Wyman?

p.2015-10-10 Ash Colour Filler Art Auction Advert

p.2015-10-09 Cherubim Rumisiel Seraph UptonHouse Vashiel ch-24 p-007 Rumisiel: So… What DO I do then? I feel like I have to keep looking over my shoulder

p.2015-10-08 Cherubim Rumisiel Seraph UptonHouse Vashiel p-006 Vashiel: Cherubim? What are THEY doing here?

p.2015-10-07 Ash Emily Missi Tempest VideoCamera ch-24 p-005 Emily: Is that… A video camera?

p.2015-10-06 Ash Colour Filler Art Auction Advert

p.2015-10-05 Ash Emily Missi Tempest VideoCamera ch-24 p-004 Ash: You told your mom you were headed to school to pick up dudes?

p.2015-10-02 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-24 p-003 Emily: Mom, do you like this outfit?

p.2015-10-01 Ash CFS CFS5 Cherubim Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-002 Rumisiel: I’m pretty sure he’s the guy who messed up the house a few days back. He said he was looking for my key to fifth branch

p.2015-09-30 Adam Ash Cherub Cherubim Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-24 p-001 Ash: A cherub? Adam is one of those weird chubby baby things?

p.2015-09-29 Ash Colour Cover Dress RaceSuit ShoulderAngel Swim XR4Ti ch-24 p-000 Book 24

April/May ’05 (?)

p.2015-09-28 Adam Bird Cat Cherubim Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-115 Adam: Not that key, you fool

p.2015-09-25 Adam Cat Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-114 Rumisiel: You could have knocked. You know, if Ash finds a single thing out of place she’s going to be pissed

p.2015-09-24 Ash Emily Machete WallaceMine ch-23 p-113 Ash: Whoah! Slow down! Didn’t we have this debate once? I thought we both decided it was still a bad idea to tell people

p.2015-09-23 Ash Emily Machete WallaceMine ch-23 p-112 Emily: Yeah, and it bothers you, or are you going to try to convince me you haven’t been “dwelling on it” for the last year

p.2015-09-22 Ash Emily Lesbian Machete WallaceMine ch-23 p-111 Emily: I’m pretty sure she thought I was going to tell her I was gay. Ash, my mom thinks I’m a lesbian

p.2015-09-21 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-23 p-110 Ellen: Of COURSE not! I mean, I was pretty prepared to hear… Never mind what I was prepared to hear. I would be perfectly happy for you to be an engineer.

p.2015-09-18 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-23 p-109 Emily: We’ve been on the phone all evening, and she thinks I should tell you and I think I should tell you, but at the same time…

p.2015-09-17 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-23 p-108 Emily: Uh, mom?

p.2015-09-16 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-23 p-107 Emily: I feel like I’m somehow tricking my mom, or cheating

p.2015-09-15 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-23 p-106 Emily: Ash, do you think I’m being silly?

p.2015-09-14 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-105 Ash: Not you “Rumisiel”. You, “boyfriend obviously spying on us from the living room window”

p.2015-09-12 Ash BaldDriver Bikini Colour Emily Filler Patreon bonus page: Bikini Car Wash

p.2015-09-11 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-104 Rumisiel: Who was THAT guy?

p.2015-09-10 Adam Ash Cat Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-103 Ash: I… Yes. Mostly. I mean, it started as one

p.2015-09-09 Adam Ash Cat UptonHouse ch-23 p-102 Ash: And the creepy cat is…

p.2015-09-08 Adam Ash Cat Monster UptonHouse ch-23 p-101 Adam: Don’t mind me. There’s just something about watching a master at work

p.2015-09-07 Ash Colour Filler Labor Day: Ash as Rosie the Riveter

p.2015-09-04 Bookshop Emily James ch-23 p-100 James: SATs huh? Glad I’m done with all that

p.2015-09-03 Bookshop Emily James SATprimer ch-23 p-099 Emily: Oh! Hi… Aren’t you…

p.2015-09-02 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-098 Ash: Wow… I don’t know what surprises me more; that I just said that or that you’re not laughing

p.2015-09-01 Ash Blush Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-097 Ash: …And sometimes, yes.

p.2015-08-31 Ash Blush Emily Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-096 Rumisiel: Seriously… You get off on this, don’t you?

p.2015-08-28 Ash Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-095 Ash: My car is set up for tarmac. I have to make adjustments if I want to drive on dirt and gravel

p.2015-08-27 Ash Missi School ch-23 p-094 Missi: That’s gunna be so COOL! I’m going to let everyone know about…

p.2015-08-26 Cassi Rumisiel School ch-23 p-093 Cassi: I’m sorry. Did you say something? I couldn’t here you over the sound of your crippling failure

p.2015-08-25 Ash Emily OldRoad WallaceMine ch-23 p-092 Emily: I take it you don’t want a crowd then. Should I cater?

p.2015-08-24 Ash Filler Link to the Misfile film trailer

p.2015-08-21 Ash Emily Missi OldRoad WallaceMine ch-23 p-091 Emily: I hate to be the fly in the ointment, but is it really a challenge worth celebrating if Rumisiel is making it easy?

p.2015-08-20 Ash Emily OldRoad WallaceMine ch-23 p-090 Ash: There it is

p.2015-08-19 Ash Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-089 Rumisiel: You sure you don’t want to do something… Less boring to celebrate your college thing

p.2015-08-18 Ash Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse WallaceMine ch-23 p-088 Ash: Got to let it all stew in my mind a bit. Just help me pick up, ok? … And no more awkward underwear comments or I’ll have to ban you from my bedroom

p.2015-08-17 Ash Blush James UptonHouse WallaceMine ch-23 p-087 Ash: Look, it is not the aesthetics. It fits right and it’s comfortable. You wouldn’t understand if you have never worn one.

p.2015-08-14 Ash Blush James ch-23 p-086 Ash: it’s… Kind of a disaster in here. Let’s go to my room… Don’t you dare get the wrong idea

p.2015-08-13 Ash James Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-085 Ash: CRAP! He’s home! Clean up! I’ll stall!

p.2015-08-12 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-084 Ash: What the heck happened in here?!

p.2015-08-11 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-083 Rumisiel: It doesn’t HAVE to be women in bathing suits. It could be a nude beach

p.2015-08-09 Anvil Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-082 Rumisiel: I know this might be pointing a big “what an asshole” arrow at myself, but

p.2015-08-08 Ash Filler Patreon bonus page: Ash channel-hopping on the car radio Lyrics are
· Lola – The Kinks (1970)
· Dude (Looks Like a Lady) – Aerosmith (1987)
· Killer Queen – Queen (1974)

p.2015-08-07 Ash Edward Marie Paperwork Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-081 Edward: Mail for you

p.2015-08-06 Cherubim DarkWood Heaven ch-23 p-080 Hello. Fancy seeing you here One speaker is Cherubim (four wings), the other might be Ramael, from the closeup of mouth and hair. It is not clear whether they are in the same conversation.

p.2015-08-05 Ash Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad SparkPlugs ch-23 p-079 Emily: … Can we? What am I saying? I have no money for that and you’ll have college stuff any time now …

p.2015-08-04 Ash Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad ch-23 p-078 Ash: Anyway, I’m glad you still like the car we picked out.

p.2015-08-03 Ash Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad ch-23 p-077 Ash: Back in the 240, Huh? Your mom run off with the Stang again?

p.2015-07-31 Ash Filler Birth: Ivy

p.2015-07-30 Ash Emily Nissan240SX SchoolRoad ch-23 p-076 Emily: Hey there babe. Want a ride to my place?

p.2015-07-29 Ash Missi School ch-23 p-075 Missi: I’M TRYING TO BE DIFFICULT HERE! Stop responding so reasonably!

p.2015-07-28 Ash Missi School ch-23 p-074 Missi: You’ve been doing things without me!

p.2015-07-27 Ash Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-073 Rumisiel: … You know… Vashiel says there is another way to sneak back in. If I get caught though…

p.2015-07-24 Ash Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-072 Rumisiel: Hey, I’m just trying to have a man to man here, but but if you insist on playing the girl card…

p.2015-07-23 Ash Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-071 Ash: Look I’d console you, but I can’t exactly get up there…

p.2015-07-22 Ash Baxter Heaven Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-23 p-070 Ash: You know one day my dad is going to find you up there and just flip out

p.2015-07-21 Ash Blush Emily XR4Ti ch-23 p-069 Emily: Still, you were totally a trooper about that. I didn’t think you’d go through with it. We need to have a REAL celebration about your college still

p.2015-07-20 Ash Blush Emily Tears XR4Ti ch-23 p-068 Ash: I’m sorry… I think I just had a panic attack or something. … Are you … Are you mad at me?

p.2015-07-17 Ash DayeSpa Lars MassageRoom ch-23 p-067 Ash: STOP! STOP THE MASSAGE! STOP!

p.2015-07-16 Ash DayeSpa Emily MassageRoom ch-23 p-066 Ash: Seriously? He’s only touching my back, right?

p.2015-07-15 Ash DayeSpa Emily Lars NailPainter ch-23 p-065 Nail Painter: Would you like to pick a colour for your toes?

p.2015-07-14 Ash DayeSpa Emily FootBath ch-23 p-064 Ash: Ok, ok. I admit it. I’m… Mildly curious what you see in this

p.2015-07-13 Ash DayeSpa Emily ch-23 p-063 Ash: You trapped me. You totally trapped me

p.2015-07-10 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-23 p-062 Ash: It’s wierd… I mean, I feel like a boy… but for some reason I don’t feel very “boyfriendy”

p.2015-07-09 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-23 p-061 Ash: I guess. It sort of feels like an extension of high school. Let me tell you, the worst part was checking the “female” box on the application

p.2015-07-08 Ash Emily Letter UptonHouse ch-23 p-060 Emily: Holy crap!

p.2015-07-07 Ash Monster OldRoad ch-23 p-059 Rumisiel: You think he’ll be ok?

p.2015-07-06 Ash Baxter Monster OldRoad ch-23 p-058 Baxter: That’s real easy to say with your perfect life. You never walked a day in my shoes…

p.2015-07-03 Ash Baxter Monster OldRoad Supra ch-23 p-057 Baxter: Hey! HEY! You could have fucking KILLED me!

p.2015-07-02 Ash Baxter Monster OldRoad Supra ch-23 p-056 Ash: Show him your stuff, monster

p.2015-07-01 Ash Baxter Monster OldRoad Rumisiel Supra ch-23 p-055 Ash: Oh, yeah. Put on your seat belt I guess. You may be immortal but my windows aren’t

p.2015-06-30 Ash Filler Rumisiel Guts and Glory game advert

p.2015-06-29 Ash Monster OldRoad Rumisiel Supra ch-23 p-054 Ash: Wait! I think that’s …

p.2015-06-27 Ash Colour DayOne Emily Filler Patreon Emily: I kind of like this movie. It speaks to me.

p.2015-06-26 Ash Monster OldRoad Rumisiel ch-23 p-053 Ash: … Why are those two dudes staring at us?

p.2015-06-25 Ash Monster Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-052 Rumisiel: I always cut my losses… So trying to fix it is probably the better option

p.2015-06-24 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-051 Rumisiel: Dude! Why didn’t you just hit her back?

p.2015-06-23 Ash Emily Lucy UptonHouse ch-23 p-050 Emily: Are you ok? That wasn’t fair. Rumisiel deserved that, not you

p.2015-06-22 Ash Hit Lucy UptonHouse ch-23 p-049 Lucy: So Baxter came back early last night

p.2015-06-19 Ash Lucy UptonHouse ch-23 p-048 Ash: It’s you… You’re not THAT creepy…

p.2015-06-18 Ash ChrisHazelton DayOne Emily Filler UptonHouse XR4Ti Misfile movie/production stills

p.2015-06-17 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-23 p-047 Emily: Maybe it’s just a guy thing. I just like being pampered now and then

p.2015-06-16 Ash DayOne Emily Filler Rumisiel UptonHouse XR4Ti Misfile movie stills

p.2015-06-15 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-23 p-046 Ash: No way! It’s not even the girly-ness. I just… I, like, don’t even get it. How can anything so stressful sounding be relaxing?

p.2015-06-12 Ash Emily Missi School UptonHouse ch-23 p-045 Ash: Let it be known. If I mysteriously die this week, you get NONE of my stuff

p.2015-06-11 Ash Blue Emily Missi Pink School ch-23 p-044 Missi: YOOOO! Morning Ash!

p.2015-06-10 Ash Blue Emily Pink School ch-23 p-043 Ash: You’re in an unusually good mood after a weekend alone with your mom. Is that a new nail color?

p.2015-06-09 Boston EllenMcArthur Emily ch-23 p-042 Emily: I wish I’d known in advance. I’d have brought a bathing suit. We could have had a spa day.

p.2015-06-08 Boston EllenMcArthur Emily ch-23 p-041 Emily: So… Wait. No colleges this trip? Where’s my real mom?

p.2015-06-05 Ash Emily Filler Auction advert

p.2015-06-04 Ash Baxter OldRoad Supra ch-23 p-040 Rumisiel: You see why we don’t generally do this now?

p.2015-06-03 Ash Baxter OldRoad Rumisiel ch-23 p-039 Baxter: Knowing the universe is spiteful and unfair and withholds justice it could easily dole out without effort on a daily basis is supposed to be a gift?

p.2015-06-02 Ash Baxter OldRoad ch-23 p-038 Ash: Hold on. This is sort of my fault

p.2015-06-01 Baxter OldRoad Rumisiel ch-23 p-037 Baxter: That’s all it take? No side effects? No life deal? Nothing you’re not telling me?

p.2015-05-29 Baxter OldRoad Rumisiel ch-23 p-036 Rumisiel: Ok, That’s it. You’re cured. See ya

p.2015-05-28 Angel Ash Baxter OldRoad Rumisiel ch-23 p-035 Baxter: This is too much. Just stop fucking with me and leave me alone. I just want to beat SOMEBODY on this road so I can move on

p.2015-05-27 Ash Baxter OldRoad Rumisiel ch-23 p-034 Ash: Stop. Just stop. You don’t have to believe in anything. Results talk, right?

p.2015-05-26 Ash Bald Baxter OldRoad Rumisiel Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-033 Ash: I… What did you do to your hair?

p.2015-05-25 Ash OldRoad Rumisiel Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-032 Ash: Yeah. I know. I realize you were born well before the age of enlightenment but these days we have this thing called the internet

p.2015-05-23 Ash Colour Filler Patreon Rumisiel UptonHouse Ash: So… What exactly does your name mean? Patreon bonus page

p.2015-05-22 Ash OldRoad Rumisiel XR4Ti ch-23 p-031 Rumisiel: Any luck?

p.2015-05-21 Ash OldRoad Rumisiel XR4Ti ch-23 p-030 Rumisiel: Where are we going?

p.2015-05-20 Ash Rumisiel Toilet ToiletRoll UptonHouse ch-23 p-029 Ash: Are we seriously having a discussion with this level of consequence while I’m wiping my ass?

p.2015-05-19 Ash Rumisiel Toilet ToiletRoll UptonHouse ch-23 p-028 Rumisiel: Ok, yeah. It may have been me but you shouldn’t just assume. Girls and their frikkin’ toilet paper

p.2015-05-18 Ash Rumisiel Toilet ToiletRoll UptonHouse ch-23 p-027 Rumisiel: Ash! What’s wrong? The door is locked!

p.2015-05-15 Boston EllenMcArthur ch-23 p-026 (Boston landmarks: USS Constitution, Bunker Hill Monument, Museum of Science)

p.2015-05-14 EllenMcArthur Emily MomsCar ch-23 p-025 Emily: Mom? Remember when I was little and we’d go to Boston and […]

p.2015-05-13 Bed Breakfast EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-23 p-024 Emily’s Mom: Morning, birthday girl Emily’s birthday, a Saturday

p.2015-05-12 Ash Bed UptonHouse ch-23 p-023 Ash: Six in on, half a dozen in the other. Is it good or bad?

p.2015-05-11 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-022 Rumisiel: No middle ground

p.2015-05-08 Ash Camera Filler Film Misfile film Kickstarter advert

p.2015-05-07 Ash Coin Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-021 Ash: So I find something I actually WANT to do: Something I think is right that helps someone in need, and I risk getting punished for it?

p.2015-05-06 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-23 p-020 Rumisiel: I just don’t know if that is such a good idea…

p.2015-05-05 Ash Blush BubblesBG Emily McArthurRes ch-23 p-019 Ash: You know… You look really good in that. I meant to say. I mean, if your mom wasn’t in the next room…

p.2015-05-04 Ash Dress Emily McArthurRes ch-23 p-018 Ash: WOW it feels good to be back in my regular human clothes!

p.2015-05-02 Ash Filler Misfile movie - kickstarter advert

p.2015-05-01 Ash Baxter Dress Lucy XR4Ti ch-23 p-017 Lucy: Don’t talk like that! Nothing is over yet

p.2015-04-30 Ash Baxter Dress Emily Lucy XR4Ti ch-23 p-016 Baxter: Good race, by the way. I didn’t really get the chance to say anything…

p.2015-04-29 Ash Baxter Dress Hospital Lucy ch-23 p-015 Lucy: You can’t just check out. Aren’t you at least going to wait for your parents?

p.2015-04-28 Ash Baxter Dress Hospital Lucy ch-23 p-014 Ash: Actually I… I kind of get where he’s coming from

p.2015-04-27 Ash Dress Emily Hospital Lucy ch-23 p-013 Ash: Hyper what?

p.2015-04-25 Ash Filler Misfile Movie Kickstarter Ad

p.2015-04-24 Ash Baxter Dress Lucy OldRoad Racers Supra ch-23 p-012 Baxter: I think…

p.2015-04-23 Ash Baxter Dress OldRoad Racers Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-011 Baxter: Well… Shit. I thought I had that

p.2015-04-22 Ash Baxter Dress Emily Lucy OldRoad Race Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-010 Baxter: Just a few more feet…

p.2015-04-21 Emily Lucy OldRoad Race RacerRCapDude RacerWhoDude Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-009 Emily: I’m sure Ash was more interested in… The car

p.2015-04-20 Emily Lucy OldRoad ch-23 p-008 Pince-Nez: Plus she spent more time looking at me than Baxter… And not in a “she’s competition” kind of way

p.2015-04-18 Ash AshKids Colour Emily Fire Patreon Pregnant Stake Emily: Hey, Ash, you’re kind of lucky about when this misfile happened you know? Patreon Bonus page

p.2015-04-17 Emily Lucy OldRoad ch-23 p-007 Pince-Nez: You hear something, princess? Baxter named

p.2015-04-16 Ash Dress OldRoad Race Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-006 Ash: Grip! Just PLEASE hold, dammit!

p.2015-04-15 Ash Dress OldRoad Race Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-005 Ash: He’s heavier than me. I should stop faster! How did I screw that up?!

p.2015-04-14 Ash Corner22 Dress OldRoad OldShed Race Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-004 Ash: The Shed!

p.2015-04-13 Ash Dress OldRoad Race Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-003 Ash: Wait… How is he suddenly driving better.

p.2015-04-09 Baxter OldRoad Race Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-002 Baxter: Tunes. SO much better

p.2015-04-08 Ash Dress OldRoad Race Supra XR4Ti ch-23 p-001 Ash: This is so much slower up hill. The lines are different… I should have practiced more

p.2015-04-07 Ash Colour Cover ch-23 p-000
Book 23

April ’05

p.2015-04-06 Emily Lucy OldRoad Race Starter Supra XR4Ti ch-22 p-119 Lucy: So what’s YOUR excuse for the fancy get up? Are you the Mountain Princess or some shit?

p.2015-04-03 Ash Dress OldRoad XR4Ti ch-22 p-118 Ash: What do you know… It works…

p.2015-04-02 Ash Dress Emily OldRoad ch-22 p-117 Emily: What was that? It was like you were suddenly a different person

p.2015-04-01 Ash Baxter Corner22 Dress Lucy OldRoad OldShed ch-22 p-116 Ash: You ever drive in a dress? I’m guessing no.

p.2015-03-31 Ash Baxter Dress Emily Lucy OldRoad XR4Ti ch-22 p-115 Ash: This feels so weird…

p.2015-03-30 Baxter Lucy OldRoad RacerB RacerPat ch-22 p-114 Pat: Where IS she? I got this whole road cleared. She said she’d BE here.

p.2015-03-27 Ash Dress Emily LaFondue XR4Ti ch-22 p-113 Ash: I do want to win. I REALLY want to win.

p.2015-03-26 Ash Dress Emily LaFondue ch-22 p-112 Ash: Crap, crap CRAP! I’m already running late and your house is in the wrong direction!

p.2015-03-25 Ash Dress Emily LaFondue ch-22 p-111 Ash: This is taking forever!

p.2015-03-24 Ash Dress Emily LaFondue ch-22 p-110 Ash: Should I have them bring a cake?

p.2015-03-23 Ash BubblesBG Dress Emily LaFondue ch-22 p-109 Emily: Ok. Let’s turn the metaphor on its head.

p.2015-03-21 Ash BubblesBG Chocolate Colour Dream Dress Emily Filler LaFondue Emily: Hello Ash. Welcome to fantasy land… Patreon Bonus page

p.2015-03-20 Ash BubblesBG Dress Emily LaFondue ch-22 p-108 Emily: So Good…

p.2015-03-19 Ash Dress Emily LaFondue ch-22 p-107 Emily: Ooooo… Molten cheese. It’s like a little pot of delicious lava

p.2015-03-18 Ash Dress Emily LaFondue ch-22 p-106 Emily: You know there’s an upside to this, right?

p.2015-03-17 Ash Dress Emily McArthurRes Suit XR4Ti ch-22 p-105 Emily: This isn’t about blame. It’s about solutions

p.2015-03-16 Ash Emily McArthurRes Suit ch-22 p-104 Ash: What the hell? We’re the same size!

p.2015-03-13 Ash Emily Filler Missi Guest page by Samantha Roman

p.2015-03-12 Ash Emily Rumisiel School ch-22 p-103 Ash: You’re not going to finish your lunch?

p.2015-03-11 Ash CassiLunchLady Cassiel Emily Rumisiel School ch-22 p-102 Rumisiel: Dude! The new lunch lady keeps giving me the stink eye!

p.2015-03-10 Ash Emily School ch-22 p-101 Emily: Apparently your opponent has been spotted up on the old road all week.

p.2015-03-09 Ash Bed James Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-100 Ash: It’s totally handled. I called James. I can go to his place and borrow a suit of his.

p.2015-03-05 Ash LaFondue Phone UptonHouse ch-22 p-099 Ash: Seven Fifteen? That’s cutting it a bit close…

p.2015-02-27 Ash RacerB RacerPat School ch-22 p-095 Pat: I’ll spread the word. You’ll have your hour

p.2015-02-26 Ash RacerB RacerPat School ch-22 p-094 Pat: What do you mean we can’t race on Friday? arranging the race vs Baxter

p.2015-02-25 Ash Poop Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-093 Rumisiel: I am the KING jackass. I’m also RIGHT though

p.2015-02-24 Ash Paperwork Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-092 Ash: Paperwork from my mom’s company

p.2015-02-23 Ash Emily XR4Ti ch-22 p-091 Ash: Damn New Yorkers crowding up MY road…

p.2015-02-20 Ash AutoModerZ Baxter Emily ch-22 p-090 Emily: Is there, like, a testosterone drip in this aisle?

p.2015-02-19 Ash AutoModerZ Baxter ch-22 p-089 Ash: Like pulling up next to a random person and trying to make them drag race?

p.2015-02-18 Ash AutoModerZ Baxter ch-22 p-088 Ash: Sorry I… YOU!

p.2015-02-17 Ash AutoModerZ Emily ch-22 p-087 Ash: Pick a place

p.2015-02-16 CassiCreepy Cassiel FullerHome Missi ch-22 p-086 Creepy Cassi: Hello. I hear SOMEone is celebrating a birthday?

p.2015-02-13 Filler Katsucon

p.2015-02-12 Ash Quiche Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-085 Rumisiel: Everybody likes a surprise. Invite everyone from her class

p.2015-02-11 Ash Rumisiel SubtextDetector UptonHouse ch-22 p-084 Ash: She said she didn’t want anything, but my woman to man subtext detector is telling me she sort of would

p.2015-02-10 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-083 Rumisiel: How was your drive?

p.2015-02-09 Ash Missi OldRoad XR4Ti ch-22 p-082 Missi: Woooooooooo!

p.2015-02-07 Emily Filler Donation pin advert

p.2015-02-06 Ash Baxter OldRoad Supra WallaceSign XR4Ti ch-22 p-081 Baxter: Holy… She’s fast

p.2015-02-05 Ash Missi Uniform XR4Ti ch-22 p-080 Missi: If you beat this guy I have no idea how to stop myself from jumping on you right here in this car!

p.2015-02-04 Ash Baxter Supra Tempest XR4Ti ch-22 p-079 Baxter: What gives? You car is clearly set up for racing

p.2015-02-03 Ash Supra Tempest TrafficLight XR4Ti ch-22 p-078 Ash: New York plates… 180° handbrake turn

p.2015-02-02 Ash Missi Supra Tempest TrafficLight Uniform XR4Ti ch-22 p-077 Missi: He wants to race. This is so COOL. Kick his ass!

p.2015-01-30 Ash FullerHome Missi Party XR4Ti ch-22 p-076 Ash: When this place clears out I’ll give you the ride of your life

p.2015-01-29 Ash FullerHome Missi Party ch-22 p-075 Ash: Stop that… Seriously… It’s creeping me out

p.2015-01-28 Ash BirthdayCake ButterCreamIcing Diet Emily FullerHome Party ch-22 p-074 Emily: Cake me. I’ll skip lunch tomorrow.

p.2015-01-27 BirthdayCake Cassiel FullerHome Party Rumisiel ch-22 p-073 Cassiel: Free food… Free cake… I should be there!

p.2015-01-26 Ash Cassiel FullerHome Party Rumisiel Uniform ch-22 p-072 Missi: Taa daa!

p.2015-01-23 Ash Blush Dates FullerHome Party Rumisiel ch-22 p-071 Emily: Aaaaaand now she’s going to model it Emily’s birthday ‘around now’.

p.2015-01-22 Ash FullerHome Missi Party Rumisiel Uniform ch-22 p-070 Ash: I know it’s bad, but I meant for it to match the one you got for me a few month ago.

p.2015-01-21 Ash FullerHome Missi Party Rumisiel ch-22 p-069 Ash: Ow! Come on. I got jabbed enough times dealing with your present

p.2015-01-20 BirthdayCake Dates Emily FullerHome Missi Party ch-22 p-068 Missi: Emily! You came! Missi is 16

p.2015-01-19 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone ch-22 p-067 Emily: Why don’t you just iron them on?

p.2015-01-16 Ash Clock Emily McArthurRes Phone Uniform ch-22 p-066 Ash: I admit I thought it was going to be something more…

p.2015-01-15 Ash Emily McArthurRes Needle Uniform ch-22 p-065 Emily: My mother is a drug addict

p.2015-01-14 Ash Emily School ch-22 p-064 Emily: You ever wonder how much different we’ll be when we’re older

p.2015-01-13 Ash Emily School ch-22 p-063 Ash: Domestic emergency. Do you have a needle and thread

p.2015-01-12 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-062 Emily: You going back to work today?

p.2015-01-09 Ash JamesCreekMall Rumisiel Shopping Uniform ch-22 p-061 Ash: It’s a mechanic’s uniform… Sort of

p.2015-01-08 Ash JamesCreekMall Rumisiel Shopping ch-22 p-060 Ash: Well, she IS a mechanic

p.2015-01-07 Ash JamesCreekMall Rumisiel Shopping ch-22 p-059 Ash: How the heck do you buy presents for girls

p.2015-01-06 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-058 Ash: I’m going to need someone on my team when the sexy pillow fights start

p.2015-01-05 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-057 Ash: Shouldn’t you enjoy yourself in the here and now?

p.2015-01-02 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-056 Emily: Party secrets? I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m going

p.2015-01-01 ApplicationForm Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-055 Ash: Check it out. One application neatly filled out

p.2014-12-31 Ash Missi Rumisiel School Skull ch-22 p-054 Ash: This isn’t like a pajama party or anything, right?

p.2014-12-30 Ash Missi School Skull ch-22 p-053 Missi: It means I’m having a party and you have to come

p.2014-12-29 Ash BubblesBG Missi School Skull ch-22 p-052 Missi: Well MY sixteenth birthday is coming up and I’M getting my learners permit

p.2014-12-26 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-051 Ash: You want to be part of my racing team?

p.2014-12-25 Ash Emily Filler Kiss Mistletoe Christmas 2014

p.2014-12-24 ApplicationForm Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-050 Emily: It’s personal. I don’t think I should go into it.

p.2014-12-23 ApplicationForm Ash BubblesBG Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-049 Ash: Should I dot my i’s with little circles?

p.2014-12-22 ApplicationForm Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-048 Ash: “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” Seriously?

p.2014-12-19 Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-22 p-047 Rumisiel: It is? You don’t mind if I sneak back into heaven?

p.2014-12-18 Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-22 p-046 Rumisiel: So, uh, Vash… That question I asked…

p.2014-12-17 ApplicationForm Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-045 Ash: I… I figured you’d filled out, like, a thousand of these

p.2014-12-16 Emily Mart Rachel Shopping ch-22 p-044 Rachel: It’s not mean if I’m totally going to make out with him afterwards…

p.2014-12-15 Emily Mart Rachel Shopping ch-22 p-043 Rachel: Well howdy. Doing some shopping?

p.2014-12-12 Ash Marie MarieHouse Phone UptonHouse XR4Ti ch-22 p-042 Marie: You do all that and I’LL fund that racing team dream

p.2014-12-11 Ash CatAndMouseBG Marie MarieHouse Phone UptonHouse ch-22 p-041 Ash: Don’t get too happy

p.2014-12-10 Ash Marie MarieHouse Phone UptonHouse ch-22 p-040 Ash: Mom, I’ve got a decision to make and…

p.2014-12-09 Bed EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-039 Emily: How is this going to work now?

p.2014-12-08 Bed Breakfast EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-22 p-038 Emily: It LOOKS like breakfast in bed!

p.2014-12-06 Ash Emily Swim Auction: hand colored pin art (swimsuits)

p.2014-12-05 Ash Hosepipe Rumisiel UptonHouse XR4Ti ch-22 p-037 Rumisiel: Gyaaa! Why did I even ask him that stupid question?!

p.2014-12-04 Missi Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-036 Missi: Want to unload?

p.2014-12-03 Missi Roof Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-035 Missi: Why the long face?

p.2014-12-02 Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-22 p-034 Rumisiel: Is there a way to sneak in?

p.2014-12-01 Ash Bat Bunny Graveyard Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-033 Ash: It makes a HUGE difference.

p.2014-11-28 Ash BubblesBG Chair Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-032 Ash: Ok. Please. Continue

p.2014-11-27 Angel Ash Emily Filler Puritan Rumisiel Tears Turkey Thanksgiving 2014

p.2014-11-26 Ash Chair Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-031 Rumisiel: Ash! Ash!

p.2014-11-25 EllenMcArthur Emily Nissan240SX ch-22 p-030 Emily: Ok? Ok “You’re right” or OK “I just want to end this conversation”

p.2014-11-24 EllenMcArthur Emily Nissan240SX Tears ch-22 p-029 Emily: You’re not allowed to die because “we need the money”.

p.2014-11-22 Ash Emily Filler Donation pin advert

p.2014-11-21 EllenMcArthur Emily Nissan240SX ch-22 p-028 Emily: Speed? Seriously?

p.2014-11-20 Ash Filler Transgender Remembrance Day

p.2014-11-19 EllenMcArthur Emily Hospital ch-22 p-027 Emily’s Mom: *Sigh* I didn’t think you’d even be home yet…

p.2014-11-18 EllenMcArthur Emily Hospital ch-22 p-026 Emily’s Mom: It wasn’t even a heart attack. It was a “cardiac episode”

p.2014-11-17 Ambulance Emily McArthurRes SchoolRoad ch-22 p-025 Emily: Mom?

p.2014-11-14 Ash Emily Rumisiel School ch-22 p-024 Emily: YOU’RE the one with racing dreams. School or job, what are you doing to make THAT happen?

p.2014-11-13 Ash Emily Rachel Rumisiel School ch-22 p-023 Emily: I have done good and it has brightened my soul (Rachel mentioned, as Raechel)

p.2014-11-12 Ash Bed BubblesBG Cassiel Computer Emily Race UptonHouse ch-22 p-022 Ash: School or work?

p.2014-11-11 Ash Bed Computer Phone Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-021 Rumisiel: It’s not like I can “go back to Canada” so to speak

p.2014-11-10 Ash Bed Computer Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-22 p-020 Rumisiel: Where do I go next year?

p.2014-11-07 Emily Rachel RachelHome ch-22 p-019 Emily: I hope this doesn’t mean you’re not going to follow through…

p.2014-11-06 Ash Emily Rachel RachelHome XR4Ti ch-22 p-018 Ash: Feeling better about yourself now?

p.2014-11-05 Emily Oscar ch-22 p-017 Oscar: If you want we could double date. You could bring your boyfriend

p.2014-11-04 Ash Emily Oscar OscarCar XR4Ti ch-22 p-016 Oscar: What the heck?

p.2014-11-03 Ash Emily XR4Ti ch-22 p-015 Ash: It’s not your responsibility, or mine, or anyone’s but Oscar’s 180° handbrake turn

p.2014-10-31 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel Witch Hallowe’en Filler

p.2014-10-30 Ash Emily Oscar OscarCar XR4Ti ch-22 p-014 Emily: Wait… This isn’t the way back to town Road sign: Indian Hill 0.5, Russell St 2.3

p.2014-10-29 Ash BerkshireCollege Emily ch-22 p-013 Emily: You know you have this like your dog just died

p.2014-10-28 Ash BerkshireCollege Emily ch-22 p-012 Ash: But Colin…

p.2014-10-27 Ash BerkshireCollege Emily ch-22 p-011 Emily: You’ve been treating it like you’re choosing between life in prison and a fatal disease.

p.2014-10-25 Filler Donation patch advert

p.2014-10-24 ApplicationForm Ash BerkshireCollege Colin Computer Emily ch-22 p-010 Emily: When my email send me a message asking if I was interested in a “big dick today” I never thought I’d see it before lunch

p.2014-10-23 ApplicationForm Ash BerkshireCollege Colin Computer Emily ch-22 p-009 Colin: I’ve been going here for three years. Working here is part of my financial aid

p.2014-10-22 Ash BerkshireCollege Colin Computer Emily ch-22 p-008 Colin: Look who walked into Colin’s office today

p.2014-10-21 Ash BerkshireCollege Emily ch-22 p-007 Ash: I think I understand why you hate looking at colleges now

p.2014-10-20 Ash Emily XR4Ti ch-22 p-006 Emily: Wow, I love air conditioning

p.2014-10-17 Ash Blush Emily UptonHouse ch-22 p-005 Emily: So you DID try it on

p.2014-10-16 Ash Blush Emily UptonHouse ch-22 p-004 Ash: Wha?! It’s not what you think! I wasn’t going to wear it!

p.2014-10-15 Emily IceCream Nissan240SX Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-22 p-003 Rumisiel: Hi, Emily. Isn’t that your old car?

p.2014-10-14 IceCream Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-22 p-002 Rumisiel: Year’s first scorcher, huh?

p.2014-10-13 ArchonKiller Files Heaven Keys ch-22 p-001 ArchonKiller: I’m growing impatient.

p.2014-10-10 Ash Colour Cover Rumisiel ch-22 p-000
Book 22

March – April ’05

p.2014-10-09 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-118 Rumisiel: Hey, didn’t your mom offer you a job at some point?

p.2014-10-08 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-117 Ash: I’m trying to decide between community college and a shitty job

p.2014-10-07 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Phone ch-21 p-116 Emily: That’s not the story I’ve always heard

p.2014-10-06 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Phone ch-21 p-115 Emily: Mom? Why do you want me to go to Harvard?

p.2014-10-03 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-21 p-114 Emily: Think of it sort of like “good” change

p.2014-10-02 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-21 p-113 Ash: How do I get into college?

p.2014-10-01 Ash Edward Newspaper UptonHouse ch-21 p-112 Ash: Wow… Growing up sucks…

p.2014-09-30 Ash Edward Newspaper UptonHouse ch-21 p-111 Ash: Uh… Thanks? I read my news online

p.2014-09-29 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-110 Ash: That makes me a double loser because I can’t do either

p.2014-09-27 Ash Filler Donation / Pin advert

p.2014-09-26 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-109 Emily: Just putting it out there, but “in practice” a girl can actually wear less than a guy on an every day basis

p.2014-09-25 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-108 Ash: Clearly summer is on the way

p.2014-09-24 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-107 Ash: Being kissed by Rumisiel is like being kissed by some creepy drunk in stranger in an alley

p.2014-09-23 Ash Emily FaceHugger Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-106 Ash: All he did was stick his tongue in my throat. An Alien facehugger could have done that

p.2014-09-22 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-105 Ash: So… Here we are walking home together…

p.2014-09-19 Ash Lesbian Rumisiel School ch-21 p-104 Ash: You taste like a smoker! And tongue? Seriously?!

p.2014-09-18 Annie Ash Dyke Emily Rumisiel School ch-21 p-103 Emily: Taking it “dyke” has a different meaning to you than it does for me

p.2014-09-17 Annie Ash Dyke Emily Kiss Lesbian Rumisiel School ch-21 p-102 Annie: I’m straight up saying you’re a dyke and totally lesbianing it up with THAT dyke

p.2014-09-16 Annie Ash Emily School ch-21 p-101 Annie: Ash and Emily alone in a corner mid day. Now THERE’S a surprise.

p.2014-09-15 Ash Rumisiel School ch-21 p-100 Ash: *Sigh* Without Emily it’s like the beginning of Junior Year all over again

p.2014-09-12 Ash Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-099 Rumisiel: If it WASN’T for me […] YOU would never have met her

p.2014-09-11 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad UptonHouse ch-21 p-098 Rumisiel: You’re going to break up with her!?

p.2014-09-10 Ash Bed Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-097 Emily: I don’t like girls. I just make an exception for you

p.2014-09-09 Ash Bed Flashback Lesbian Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-096 Rumisiel: “Totes a dyke dish” I think was the exact phrase Flashback to 2013-08-07

p.2014-09-08 Ash Bed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-095 Ash: The guy network came through!

p.2014-09-05 Filler Artwork auction: angel / devil Ash

p.2014-09-04 Cassiel Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-094 Cassiel: I suppose the boyfriend is always the last to know…

p.2014-09-03 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-093 Ash: Great. Now whenever I see her in a turtleneck I’m going to think about…

p.2014-09-02 Ash Hickey Marie Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-092 Marie: Uhg. I knew it was too muggy for a turtleneck

p.2014-09-01 Ash Emily Marie Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-091 Marie: I’m not going to see these on Ebay when I get home am I?

p.2014-08-29 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-090 Ash: Everybody? How does my mom win in all this?

p.2014-08-28 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-089 Ash: How do these count as pants?

p.2014-08-27 Ash CatAndMouseBG Marie Rain UptonHouse ch-21 p-088 Ash: That’s… A big box

p.2014-08-26 Ash Emily Marie MarieCar Rain Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-087 Marie: Do a couple of pretty girls need a ride? MarieCar = Lexus SC 430

p.2014-08-25 Ash Emily Rain Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-086 Emily: I will be patient and reap the rewards in time

p.2014-08-22 Ash Dates Emily Rain Rumisiel School ch-21 p-085 Rumisiel: I seem to recall some old saying about April showers Date: April

p.2014-08-21 Ash Lab Rumisiel School ch-21 p-084 Ash: You know all those racers. Why don’t you just ask them?

p.2014-08-20 Ash Lab Rumisiel School ch-21 p-083 Ash: Ask them why people are snickering at Emily, or me or us.

p.2014-08-19 Ash Emily School UNbuilding ch-21 p-082 Emily: Something must be up. I’ll have to check my sources

p.2014-08-18 Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-081 Rumisiel: My socks all have holes in them

p.2014-08-15 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-21 p-080 Emily: Don’t think of it as wierd. Just think of it as… Adventurous

p.2014-08-14 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-21 p-079 Ash: Apparently I need quantitative measurement of my tits and ass and you’re the only person I trust to help

p.2014-08-13 Ash Marie MarieHouse Phone UptonHouse ch-21 p-078 Ash: I need… The laundry ate some of my clothes

p.2014-08-12 Ash Marie MarieHouse Phone UptonHouse Vashiel ch-21 p-077 Ash: I HATE shopping for clothes

p.2014-08-11 Ash UptonHouse Vashiel ch-21 p-076 Ash: Warning. Doing laundry. There will be underthings involved.

p.2014-08-08 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-21 p-075 Emily: I used almost all of your eggs

p.2014-08-07 Ash Emily Rachel School SchoolRoad ch-21 p-074 Rachel: Total deal killer. Discuss it with HIM first

p.2014-08-06 Emily Rachel School ch-21 p-073 Rachel: You’re kidding, right?

p.2014-08-05 Ash Emily OldRoad ch-21 p-072 Ash: Should I hook him up with one of the vast array of girls I get along with?

p.2014-08-04 Ash Emily OldRoad ch-21 p-071 Ash: Me?! No way! I already told you he reminds me of you

p.2014-08-01 Ash Emily Monster Mustang OldRoad ch-21 p-070 Emily: So, did you enjoy your “man-night”?

p.2014-07-31 Emily OldRoad Oscar ch-21 p-069 Oscar: “Adorkably cute” hasn’t really gotten me far.

p.2014-07-30 Emily OldRoad Oscar ch-21 p-068 Emily: < … Awkward … > Uh, hey… Oscar. Ash, like, told you I was seeing someone, right?

p.2014-07-29 Emily OldRoad Oscar ch-21 p-067 Emily: Perfect. Ash gets to race. Ash doesn’t have to mingle. A good night is had by everyone

p.2014-07-28 Emily Mustang OldRoad RacerG RacerH RacerXray ch-21 p-066 Emily: You want Ash, you’ve got to find her on the road

p.2014-07-25 Ash Computer Emily OldRoad RacerXray UptonHouse ch-21 p-065 Ash: So much for not being treated like a girl today

p.2014-07-24 Ash Computer Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-064 Ash: Exactly. It’s Saturday. That’s an Old Road day.

p.2014-07-23 Ash AshMale Computer Emily MMO UptonHouse ch-21 p-063 Ash: Ok. I admit is. I was hesitant, but this is… Fun.

p.2014-07-22 Ash AshMale Computer Emily MMO ch-21 p-062 Ash: Uh… So what are we actually supposed to DO?

p.2014-07-21 Ash AshMale Computer Emily MMO UptonHouse ch-21 p-061 Ash: Ok, I’m still not entirely sure why we’re doing this

p.2014-07-18 Ash AshMale Computer Emily MMO UptonHouse ch-21 p-060 Ash: An MMO? Really?

p.2014-07-17 Ash Computer Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-059 Ash: It’s awesome, thank you

p.2014-07-16 Ash Bacon Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-058 Emily: No, it’s not a dream, silly

p.2014-07-15 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-057 Ash: Hello? Where is everybody?

p.2014-07-14 Ash Dates UptonHouse ch-21 p-056 Ash: One full year… Misfile anniversary day 2005-03-20, Sunday

p.2014-07-11 Filler Connecticon Filler

p.2014-07-10 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-055 Emily: You’d be surprised what I believe in after this last year

p.2014-07-09 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-054 Ash: When the heck did I become Obi-Wan Kenobi?

p.2014-07-08 Ash Computer Emily UptonHouse ch-21 p-053 Emily: No! Just trust me…

p.2014-07-07 Ash RacerXray School ch-21 p-052 X-Ray: I’ve been having some trouble in the third corner

p.2014-07-04 Filler Fireworks Rumisiel 4th July 2014

p.2014-07-03 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-21 p-051 Emily: If you can’t enjoy the good things when they are right in front of you then what’s the point

p.2014-07-02 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-21 p-050 Ash: Can we talk now? I mean, like, a normal conversation. Or normal for US at least…

p.2014-07-01 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-21 p-049 Emily: Let me sit down. Ok, I’m ready. Do it.

p.2014-06-30 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-21 p-048 Ash: I thought that it might bother you, like I was throwing your being wrong about Oscar in your face

p.2014-06-27 Ash Emily SchoolRoad ch-21 p-047 Emily: So he called you and told you? He, like, actually said it?

p.2014-06-26 Ash Blush Computer Emily McArthurRes Phone Rachel UptonHouse ch-21 p-046 Emily: We will talk about this later!

p.2014-06-25 Ash Computer Emily McArthurRes Phone Rachel UptonHouse ch-21 p-045 Ash: It’s not ME. It’s YOU!

p.2014-06-24 Ash Computer Emily McArthurRes Oscar Phone Rachel UptonHouse ch-21 p-044 Oscar: Your friend, Emily… Is she seeing anyone?

p.2014-06-23 Ash Blush Oscar Phone UptonHouse ch-21 p-043 Oscar: Just wanted to ask you something. It’s… Kind of awkward

p.2014-06-20 Ash Phone Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-042 Rumisiel: Do you have any idea how much a sibling would complicate your situation right now?

p.2014-06-19 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-041 Rumisiel: Harsh… Not denying it, but still harsh

p.2014-06-18 Ash Emily IceCreamStall Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-040 Ash: Is this an awkward pause in the conversation?

p.2014-06-17 Ash Chocolate Emily IceCream IceCreamStall Oscar Smoothie ch-21 p-039 Ash: Can I get a scoop of chocolate?

p.2014-06-16 Ash Emily IceCream IceCreamStall Oscar OscarCar ch-21 p-038 Ash: Not THAT much. Not much at ALL actually

p.2014-06-13 Ash Emily IceCream IceCreamStall Oscar ch-21 p-037 Emily: Oscar. I’ve heard SO much about you

p.2014-06-12 Ash Emily IceCream IceCreamStall Oscar XR4Ti ch-21 p-036 Emily: I even promise I won’t bring up Oscar unless you do Oscar mentioned

p.2014-06-11 Ash Emily Mustang XR4Ti ch-21 p-035 Emily: There were days growing up when we didn’t have power because we needed to eat

p.2014-06-10 Ash Emily Mustang XR4Ti ch-21 p-034 Ash: I still don’t understand why I couldn’t just buy you gas Talking about the Mustang

p.2014-06-09 Ash Emily McArthurRes Mustang Oscar Phone UptonHouse ch-21 p-033 Emily: Does this mean your Oscar thing is over?

p.2014-06-06 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-21 p-032 Ash: I just wanted to say sorry for the way I was moping around…

p.2014-06-05 Aries Ash Baby Blush HarryJr Kate ch-21 p-031 Ash: Doesn’t that hurt?

p.2014-06-04 Aries Ash Baby HarryJr Kate ch-21 p-030 Kate: Could you hand him to me

p.2014-06-03 Aries Ash Baby HarryJr Kate ch-21 p-029 Kate: The baby was up all hours

p.2014-06-02 Aries Ash Kate ch-21 p-028 Ash: Kate… Is this a bad time?

p.2014-05-30 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-027 Rumisiel: Should I… Er… Mark it somehow?

p.2014-05-29 Ash Computer Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-026 Rumisiel: Then what’s so important about one year?

p.2014-05-28 Ash Computer Dates Period Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-025 Ash: It’s going to be March twenthieth soon Misfile day: 2004-03-20
Ash’s 12th period

p.2014-05-27 Ash Computer Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-21 p-024 Ash: Have you seen a calendar lately?

p.2014-05-26 Ash BubblesBG Flashback UptonHouse Vashiel ch-21 p-023 Vashiel: Life isn’t simple because you have so many choices ‘flashback’ view of pre-industial period Ash, with kids

p.2014-05-23 Ash Monster UptonHouse Vashiel ch-21 p-022 Ash: You’re like the anti-Emily

p.2014-05-22 Ash Monster UptonHouse Vashiel ch-21 p-021 Vashiel: Are you… Feeling ok?

p.2014-05-21 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-020 Rumisiel: “He?” That’s new for you

p.2014-05-20 Ash Emily Period Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-019 Ash: You put that stupid thought about Oscar and me

p.2014-05-19 Ash Emily Rumisiel SchoolRoad ch-21 p-018 Emily: You look tired

p.2014-05-16 Ash Dream Oscar UptonHouse ch-21 p-017 Ash: Ssshhh! My dad is home.

p.2014-05-15 Cassi Cassiel Honda Missi Rumisiel ch-21 p-016 Cassiel: He is NOT a HERO!

p.2014-05-14 Cassi Cassiel Honda Missi Rumisiel ch-21 p-015 Missi: Oh WOW! You totally SAVED her!

p.2014-05-13 Blush Cassi Cassiel Eponine Honda Rumisiel ch-21 p-014 Eponine: Cassie? Is that you? Where have you been? …and what are you wearing

p.2014-05-12 Cassi Cassiel Missi Rumisiel ch-21 p-013 Missi: Ok… Picking up trash is… Nice. But it is hardly heroic

p.2014-05-09 Emily Filler Kickstarter advert

p.2014-05-08 Ash UptonHouse Vashiel ch-21 p-012 Vashiel: My vows can’t be allowed to get in the way of my duty, so there are loopholes Vashiel can lie.

p.2014-05-07 Ash UptonHouse Vashiel ch-21 p-011 Vashiel: Rough day?

p.2014-05-06 Missi Rumisiel ch-21 p-010 Missi: You’d have been fine if you’d just handed it back to her

p.2014-05-05 Missi Rumisiel Tears ch-21 p-009 Rumisiel: Go ahead Say “I told you so.”

p.2014-05-02 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-21 p-008 Emily: That doesn’t sound like something you came up with…

p.2014-05-01 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-21 p-007 Ash: Emily… If your yardstick for logic and possibilities is this past year for us, then I don’t know

p.2014-04-30 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-21 p-006 Ash: What? Blech! Emily, I don’t like guys!

p.2014-04-29 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-21 p-005 Emily: You went out to LUNCH with him? That’s like “first date” stuff!

p.2014-04-28 Cassiel Missi Rumisiel ch-21 p-004 Missi: Fine! Ok… But I’m reserving my “I told you so” in advance.

p.2014-04-25 Missi Rumisiel ch-21 p-003 Rumisiel: Hero time!

p.2014-04-24 Ash GasStation Monster Oscar ch-21 p-002 Ash: I’m glad I ran into you

p.2014-04-23 Ash GasStation Monster Oscar ch-21 p-001 (A chance meeting at the pump)

p.2014-04-22 Angel Cassiel Colour Cover ch-21 p-000
Book 21

late February - early April ’05

p.2014-04-21 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-114 Everyone thinks they are the protagonist

p.2014-04-18 Ash MaxSpeed Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-113 Rumisiel: Ash, do I have a hero personality?

p.2014-04-17 Missi Rumisiel School ch-20 p-112 Rumisiel: Maybe you just don’t realize how important I am…

p.2014-04-16 Missi Rumisiel School ch-20 p-111 Missi: It’s our new secret “Sidekicks” handshake

p.2014-04-15 Ash Filler Misfile Kickstarter: books 13-19

p.2014-04-14 Ash Blush Emily SchoolRoad ch-20 p-110 Ash: If seeing me is wierd for you, you could wear a blindfold

p.2014-04-11 Ash Blush BubblesBG Emily SchoolRoad ch-20 p-109 Ash: Ok. New rule. Nothing that leaves any marks

p.2014-04-10 Ash Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-108 Please, Ash, PLEASE tell me you used protection!

p.2014-04-09 Ash Edward Hickey Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-107 That’s an invasion of privacy!

p.2014-04-08 Ash Edward Hickey UptonHouse ch-20 p-106 It’s supposed to be warm today. You may want to wear a t-shirt

p.2014-04-07 AngelGirl2 CFS CFS4 Cassiel Computer Heaven Oversight Tempest Xaphrael ch-20 p-105 There’s nothing for Oversight to even DO with the branches closed

p.2014-04-04 AngelGirl2 CFS CFS4 CFS5 Cassiel Heaven ch-20 p-104 It’s the fifth branch alarm

p.2014-04-03 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-103 Did you just use the “L” word?

p.2014-04-02 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-102 You realize he’s going to think he has a chance at dating you now, right?

p.2014-04-01 Ash Emily Filler Rumisiel April Fools Day 2014

p.2014-03-31 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-101 Hello, I’ve got my shirt off here…

p.2014-03-28 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-100 That was… Unexpected.

p.2014-03-27 Ash BubblesBG Emily Kiss McArthurRes ch-20 p-099 Ash? I didn’t think…

p.2014-03-26 Ash Monster OldRoad Oscar ch-20 p-098 Here’s your jack, by the way

p.2014-03-25 Ash Monster OldRoad Oscar OscarCar ch-20 p-097 We took forever to get together and I’ve wanted to be physical for the longest time

p.2014-03-24 Ash Monster OldRoad Oscar OscarCar ch-20 p-096 “sometimes it helps to tell your problems to a total stranger on a bus”

p.2014-03-21 Ash Monster OldRoad Oscar ch-20 p-095 I don’t suppose you can change a tire

p.2014-03-20 Ash Filler Ten Years of Misfile

p.2014-03-19 Ash Monster OldRoad Oscar ch-20 p-094 I’m sorry… You look like someone I know

p.2014-03-18 Ash Monster OldRoad Oscar ch-20 p-093 Emily?! What the heck are you…

p.2014-03-17 Ash Emily Flashback Kiss McArthurRes Monster OldRoad ch-20 p-092 Pants! Pants! Pants…

p.2014-03-14 Ash Emily Flashback Kiss McArthurRes Monster OldRoad ch-20 p-091 So… Does this change your opinion of Valentines day?

p.2014-03-13 Ash Emily Flashback Kiss McArthurRes Monster OldRoad ch-20 p-090 I feel… Weak? Like PHYSICALLY Weak. Like I just want to lay here.

p.2014-03-12 Ash Emily Flashback Kiss McArthurRes Monster OldRoad ch-20 p-089 Just drive… No! Just DRIVE!

p.2014-03-11 Ash Emily Rumisiel School ch-20 p-088 Seriously? Am I not sending enough sub text about “coming back to my place”?

p.2014-03-10 Ash Emily Missi School ch-20 p-087 I keep looking at people and feeling like they know

p.2014-03-07 Ash Dates Emily School ch-20 p-086 You’re… Unusually bright this morning Tuesday

p.2014-03-06 Ash Hickey Rumisiel XR4Ti ch-20 p-085 Also, you have lipstick on your ear… And a hicky

p.2014-03-05 Ash Rumisiel XR4Ti ch-20 p-084 Wow. You’re on time. How was your night out?

p.2014-03-04 Ash Emily McArthurRes Missi Rumisiel ch-20 p-083 if it was wrong to be doing this the universe would do SOMEthing to let us know

p.2014-03-03 Ash BubblesBG Emily Kiss McArthurRes Missi Rumisiel ch-20 p-082 I’m not going to be able to explain this one away am I?

p.2014-02-28 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-081 What I’m trying to say is…

p.2014-02-27 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-080 I’m nervous, ok?

p.2014-02-26 Ash Emily McArthurRes Missi Rumisiel ch-20 p-079 Missi: I saw Ash in her braaaa agaaaaaain…

p.2014-02-25 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-078 These things catch food like a shelf

p.2014-02-24 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-077 I think I’ve found a flaw in this meal as date food

p.2014-02-21 McArthurRes Missi Rumisiel ch-20 p-076 If you weren’t so busy pining after Ash you’d have probably been in a dozen relationships by now

p.2014-02-20 McArthurRes Missi Rumisiel Tears ch-20 p-075 Oh no! Spaghetti! They are going to do the spaghetti kissing thing!

p.2014-02-19 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-074 If this is all some elaborate plan to do the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss thing…

p.2014-02-18 Ash McArthurRes Missi Rumisiel ch-20 p-073 No! The inevitable sexy love-fest that follows!

p.2014-02-17 McArthurRes Missi Rumisiel ch-20 p-072 … Dinner?

p.2014-02-14 Ash Emily Filler Hug Valentines Day 2014

p.2014-02-13 McArthurRes Missi Rumisiel ch-20 p-071 Rumisiel: I made it… I can’t feel my fingers, but I made it.

p.2014-02-12 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-070 Emily: What’s simple to cook?

p.2014-02-11 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-069 Emily: But… I followed the instructions

p.2014-02-10 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-068 Emily: It’s… Did I cook leather?

p.2014-02-07 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-067 Emily: Let me bring out dinner

p.2014-02-06 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-066 I’m still not sure about the food, but I can coordinate a table

p.2014-02-05 Ash Rumisiel ch-20 p-065 I cannot WAIT to watch your sexy girl date go down, Ash

p.2014-02-04 Ash Rumisiel ch-20 p-064 Ok, we’re clear of the house. Where do you want to get out?

p.2014-02-03 Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-063 I still have to find something to cook!

p.2014-01-31 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-062 So do I just hang out while you two are awkwarding over each other?

p.2014-01-30 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-061 Plausible deniability

p.2014-01-29 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-20 p-060 I know two people who ARE dating

p.2014-01-28 Ash BubblesBG Dates UptonHouse Valentine Vashiel ch-20 p-059 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Monday

p.2014-01-27 Aries Ash Harry ch-20 p-058 By the way do you babysit?

p.2014-01-24 Aries Ash Harry ch-20 p-057 ’Arry … I mean “other ’Arry”, is still in the NICU

p.2014-01-23 Emily McArthurRes Nissan240SX ch-20 p-056 Why did I suggest cooking?

p.2014-01-22 Ash Emily School ch-20 p-055 “Blimp Bras”!

p.2014-01-21 Ash Bacon Emily Flashback School ch-20 p-054 She trusts you at home all week by yourself?

p.2014-01-20 Ash Emily School ch-20 p-053 I was thinking some more about Valentine’s Day…

p.2014-01-17 Ash Emily School ch-20 p-052 Ash! I just heard about Kate!

p.2014-01-16 Harry HarryJr Hospital Kate ch-20 p-051 You should beg forgiveness now while I’m still high on endorphins

p.2014-01-15 Ash HarryJr Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-050 So was it a boy or a girl?

p.2014-01-14 Ash Edward Hospital Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-049 You’re almost there. I can see the head

p.2014-01-13 Ash Hospital Kate Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-048 You can’t get pregnant just being near it, you know

p.2014-01-10 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-047 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD… SHEATH THAT THING!

p.2014-01-09 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-20 p-046 Ash? You… Ok?

p.2014-01-08 Ash Blush Hospital Kate ch-20 p-045 Ash, promise me, if Harry doesn’t make it and I have this baby tonight,

p.2014-01-07 Ash Hospital Kate ch-20 p-044 I know. That cake thing is horrible, right?

p.2014-01-06 Ash Blush Hospital Kate ch-20 p-043 So help me take my mind off all this

p.2014-01-03 Ash Edward Hospital Kate ch-20 p-042 You’re the closest I have to family outside Harry

p.2014-01-02 Ash Edward Hospital Kate ch-20 p-041 Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

p.2014-01-01 Ash Hospital Kate Tears ch-20 p-040 Her hand is… Shaking

p.2013-12-31 Ash Hospital Kate Wei ch-20 p-039 Your blood pressure is still quite low

p.2013-12-30 Ash BabyShower Heather Kate ch-20 p-038 This is SUPPOSED to be fun

p.2013-12-27 Ash BabyShower Blush Heather Kate KateRel1 KateRel2 ch-20 p-037 That is a HEART, NOT A BUTT

p.2013-12-26 Ash BabyShower Heather Kate ch-20 p-036 “Episiotomy”

p.2013-12-25 Ash Filler Christmas 2013

p.2013-12-24 Ash BabyShower Heather KateRel1 KateRel2 ch-20 p-035 Your concern is touching

p.2013-12-23 Ash BabyShower Kate KateRel1 ch-20 p-034 Welcome to my shower, Ash!

p.2013-12-20 Ash BabyShower ch-20 p-033 I know two people here. One freaks me out and the other pisses me off.

p.2013-12-19 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes MiniVan ch-20 p-032 I have a little reunion and I want to show up in something nicer than my old mini-van

p.2013-12-18 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Mustang ch-20 p-031 Can I borrow your Mustang next week?

p.2013-12-17 Ash BubblesBG Marie MarieHouse Phone UptonHouse ch-20 p-030 Other guy split quick enough though.

p.2013-12-16 Ash Marie MarieHouse Phone UptonHouse ch-20 p-029 Rumisiel… Ok. We can go with that.

p.2013-12-13 Ash Marie Phone UptonHouse ch-20 p-028 Ash: What did you and Dad do on your first date?

p.2013-12-12 Ash Rain Rumisiel Valentine ch-20 p-027 I still don’t know what to do for the actual day though

p.2013-12-11 Ash CardShop Rumisiel ShopAsst Shopping Valentine ch-20 p-026 “Wanting to get closer to your heart because…”

p.2013-12-10 Ash CardShop Rumisiel ShopAsst Shopping Valentine ch-20 p-025 Shop Assistant: I don’t want to see couples fighting in my store this close to Valentine’s Day

p.2013-12-09 Ash CardShop Rumisiel ShopAsst Shopping Valentine ch-20 p-024 Ash: Because Emily and I decided we were doing something for Valentine’s Day

p.2013-12-06 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-023 Being passive can be infuriating

p.2013-12-05 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-022 The he started laughing nervously like it had all been a joke

p.2013-12-04 Ash AutoModerZ Blush Colin Valentine ch-20 p-021 It wasn’t sweet. It creeped me out. I will never, ever go on a date with you

p.2013-12-03 Ash AutoModerZ BubblesBG Colin Valentine ch-20 p-020 Welcome to Automoderz. May I…

p.2013-12-02 Ash ShoulderAngel XR4Ti ch-20 p-019 You’re going to crush that guy, you know?

p.2013-11-29 Ash Computer Missi UptonHouse ch-20 p-018 It’s HIS car. I KNOW that car!

p.2013-11-28 Filler Rumisiel Thanksgiving 2013

p.2013-11-27 Ash Camera IRsensor Missi UptonHouse ch-20 p-017 It’s blinking.

p.2013-11-26 Camera IRsensor Rain UptonHouse ch-20 p-016 Shkk… Shkk… Shkk…

p.2013-11-25 Ash Missi UptonHouse ch-20 p-015 That doesn’t mean I want to get all close and naked with him wrapped up in a blanket

p.2013-11-22 Ash Missi UptonHouse ch-20 p-014 You know, they SAY the fastest way to warm up a cold person is

p.2013-11-21 Ash Missi Rain UptonHouse ch-20 p-013 This is my project. No, it’s a MISSION

p.2013-11-20 Ash Missi Rain UptonHouse ch-20 p-012 I hear a car…

p.2013-11-19 Ash Emily McArthurRes Valentine ch-20 p-011 We totally have to do something nice for Valentines day

p.2013-11-18 Ash Emily McArthurRes Valentine ch-20 p-010 That’s just you being too busy to date

p.2013-11-15 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-009 there are times I envy Rumisiel’s ability to just give responsibility the finger

p.2013-11-14 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-20 p-008 Shoot me

p.2013-11-13 Ash Heather HeatherHome ch-20 p-007 You know you have issues, right?

p.2013-11-12 Ash Heather HeatherHome ch-20 p-006 It’s always important to at least HAVE a plan

p.2013-11-11 Ash Heather HeatherHome ch-20 p-005 I’m not even related to Kate except through marriage

p.2013-11-08 Ash Heather HeatherHome ch-20 p-004 Well you weren’t answering the phone…

p.2013-11-07 Ash Heather HeatherHome ch-20 p-003 Seriously? You just show up at my house now?

p.2013-11-06 Ash Missi UptonHouse ch-20 p-002 I will find him and expose him, and then I will crush him

p.2013-11-05 Ash Camera IRsensor Missi UptonHouse ch-20 p-001 Operation Stalker Smack Down is underway!

p.2013-11-04 Colour Cover Emily ch-20 p-000
Book 20
February ’05

Valentine – Baby Shower – Early – The Stalkers

p.2013-11-01 Ash Bed UptonHouse ch-19 p-115 I’ve got to find out who is leaving those letters

p.2013-10-31 Ash Filler Halloween 2013

p.2013-10-30 Ash ChainSaw Dream Kate Shotgun Zombies ch-19 p-114 THE BABY IS COMING! POINT ME AT THE ZOMBIES!

p.2013-10-29 Ash CupidBow Dream Zombies ch-19 p-113 Weeeee wuuuuuuvv youuuuuu…

p.2013-10-28 Ash Dream Valentine Zombies ch-19 p-112 Booooobs… Boooobs....

p.2013-10-25 Ash Emily McArthurRes Valentine ch-19 p-111 You mean stalker

p.2013-10-24 Ash Computer Emily McArthurRes ch-19 p-110 Here’s another one: guess the babyfood

p.2013-10-23 Aries Ash Kate ch-19 p-109 You’ll be working with Harry’s niece Heather

p.2013-10-22 Aries Ash Hit Kate ShoulderAngel ch-19 p-108 You jackass!

p.2013-10-21 Aries Ash Kate ch-19 p-107 Oh no! She has… a baby belly thing starting

p.2013-10-18 Aries Ash Rumisiel ch-19 p-106 Ok, it’s simple. I just go in, tell her I can’t make it because…

p.2013-10-17 Ash UptonHouse ch-19 p-105 So, what’s worse, this secret admirer crap or the baby shower?

p.2013-10-16 Ash Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-19 p-104 Remind me to send a fruit basket with you

p.2013-10-15 Ash Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-19 p-103 Oh, Kate.

p.2013-10-14 Ash Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-19 p-102 And just how is this pregnancy my fault?

p.2013-10-11 Ash Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-19 p-101 What does this mean when I change back?

p.2013-10-10 Ash Dates Emily McArthurRes Phone UptonHouse ch-19 p-100 Sounds like Harry was in deeper 2005 Feb “five month since they got married”

p.2013-10-09 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-099 Aw… It’s a baby shower!

p.2013-10-08 Ash Rumisiel SchoolRoad UptonHouse ch-19 p-098 Another looooooove letter?

p.2013-10-07 Ash GirlA GirlB Rumisiel School Valentine ch-19 p-097 It has terrible handwriting and it’s only signed “your secret admirer”

p.2013-10-04 Ash Rumisiel School Valentine ch-19 p-096 A challenge with a bow? That’s new…

p.2013-10-03 Ash Emily Mustang OldRoad ch-19 p-095 Should we make a grand unromantic gesture?

p.2013-10-02 Ash Emily Mustang OldRoad ch-19 p-094 Aren’t you SORT of in a relationship now?

p.2013-10-01 Ash Emily James Molly Mustang OldRoad ch-19 p-093 I wonder if Molly knows how it works.

p.2013-09-30 Ash Emily James Mustang OldRoad ch-19 p-092 If James and I could do it in the front seat of his 3000GT…

p.2013-09-27 Ash Emily Mustang OldRoad ch-19 p-091 How did people have sex in the back of these things?

p.2013-09-26 Ash Emily Mustang OldRoad ch-19 p-090 So come on. Do you like it?

p.2013-09-25 Angel Cassiel Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-089 We had lots of fun together; great times.

p.2013-09-24 Missi Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-088 Would you even KNOW if it was your thing?

p.2013-09-23 Missi Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-087 I mean, have you ever BEEN with a girl?

p.2013-09-20 Missi Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-086 Missi: Good thing I know you’re gay, or I’d totally think you’re checking me out

p.2013-09-19 Canada Missi Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-085 Missi: What are you doing here all by yourself?

p.2013-09-18 ArchonKiller Heaven Sword ch-19 p-084 Keys…

p.2013-09-17 Aries Emily Harry Mustang ch-19 p-083 Harry: My favorite of the Yank Tanks

p.2013-09-16 Aries Ash Emily Lesbian ch-19 p-082 Emily: Yeah. But I wanted it to bite HER, not ME!

p.2013-09-13 Ash Emily Lesbian School ch-19 p-081 Emily: I thought the only bad fallout from that party would be from my mom

p.2013-09-12 Emily GossipGirl1 GossipGirl2 Lesbian School XR4Ti ch-19 p-080 Gossips: … Jenny … this weekend … total closet case … always suspected …

p.2013-09-11 Ash Emily School ch-19 p-079 I mean, there were some tense moments…

p.2013-09-10 Ash Emily School ch-19 p-078 Did you win Publisher’s Clearing House or something

p.2013-09-09 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-19 p-077 I have to show Ash! This is so Awesome!

p.2013-09-06 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-19 p-076 “Oh, Patricia, what beautiful wrinkles…”

p.2013-09-05 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-19 p-075 She was being a bitch, mom!

p.2013-09-04 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-19 p-074 You could have been arrested, you know!

p.2013-09-03 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-19 p-073 Mom… Before you say anything…

p.2013-09-02 Ash Rumisiel Shower UptonHouse ch-19 p-072 Well, if you go with that image maybe you can make it work

p.2013-08-30 Ash Blush Rumisiel Shower UptonHouse ch-19 p-071 Missi and I talk. She thinks she’s my “fruit fly”

p.2013-08-29 Ash Blush Rumisiel Shower UptonHouse ch-19 p-070 I’ll take that as a “yes”. How was it? I mean, comparatively…

p.2013-08-28 Angel Ash Blush Rumisiel Shower UptonHouse ch-19 p-069 My bathroom is a fortress of solitude!

p.2013-08-27 Ash Blush Rumisiel Shower UptonHouse ch-19 p-068 Ash! I’ll save you!

p.2013-08-26 Ash Blush ShoulderAngel UptonHouse ch-19 p-067 Can’t argue. Too turned on

p.2013-08-23 Ash Blush Shower UptonHouse ch-19 p-066 Damnit, Emily… Now I’m all turned on

p.2013-08-22 Ash BubblesBG Emily UptonHouse ch-19 p-065 Ok, now I’m thinking about your dad

p.2013-08-21 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-19 p-064 Wait… Are you not wearing underwear?

p.2013-08-20 Ash BubblesBG Emily UptonHouse ch-19 p-063 This is nice…

p.2013-08-19 Filler 6GM

p.2013-08-16 Ash Emily Kiss Tears UptonHouse ch-19 p-062 What? What are you thinking and not saying?

p.2013-08-15 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-19 p-061 Maybe you could grab MY ass and you could see if it was still creepy

p.2013-08-14 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-19 p-060 I’ve got to admit I’m flattered

p.2013-08-13 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-19 p-059 The way the phones came out I’m sure my mom already knows

p.2013-08-12 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-19 p-058 So what’s going on?

p.2013-08-09 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-19 p-057 Oh… My… God…

p.2013-08-08 Ash Computer Emily GreeneHouse JennyGreene Party Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-056 That’s a goodbye kiss, Jenny!

p.2013-08-07 Blush Emily GreeneHouse JennyGreene Kiss Party Shrimpy ch-19 p-055 Right. Like you could even…

p.2013-08-06 Emily GreeneHouse JennyGreene Party ch-19 p-054 Fine. I was trying to be nice, but you are now on the out

p.2013-08-03 Emily GreeneHouse JennyGreene Party Shrimpy ch-19 p-053 Hey, I don’t think we’ve met. Shrimp?

p.2013-08-02 Emily GreeneHouse Party ch-19 p-052 I can’t believe I used to actually like these things…

p.2013-08-01 Emily GreeneHouse JennyGreene ch-19 p-051 Emily! So glad you could make it, girl.

p.2013-07-31 Ash GreeneHouse Vashiel ch-19 p-050 You’re a good brother, you know that?

p.2013-07-30 Ash UptonHouse Vashiel ch-19 p-049 In many ways we envy your human freedom to pursue your dreams.

p.2013-07-29 Ash UptonHouse Vashiel ch-19 p-048 Why not just ask Rumisiel? Why me?

p.2013-07-26 Ash UptonHouse Vashiel ch-19 p-047 Cultural differences causing tension in your relationship?

p.2013-07-25 Ash EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Vashiel ch-19 p-046 You just wait until you see how “going” I am.

p.2013-07-24 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-19 p-045 I let you be friends with that Ash girl, but you need to broaden your horizons. (mention of the Rich Bitch squad: Jenny Greene, Abigail LaFontain, Brittany Wu

p.2013-07-23 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes ch-19 p-044 I don’t want to have anything to do with those girls

p.2013-07-22 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Phone ch-19 p-043 It’s just a little gathering for you to go to

p.2013-07-19 EllenMcArthur Emily McArthurRes Phone ch-19 p-042 Emily, please tell me you are not busy this evening

p.2013-07-18 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-041 Rumisiel: Being a huge douche is just one of the many services I’m prepared to offer

p.2013-07-17 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-040 Rumisiel: I hadn’t really thought about it

p.2013-07-16 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-19 p-039 What’s our backup plan?

p.2013-07-15 Ash Cantina32 Diner James ch-19 p-038 I apologize for the awkwardness, you know

p.2013-07-12 Ash Cantina32 Diner James Marie ch-19 p-037 You’re eighteen. You’re not the kid you used to be

p.2013-07-11 Filler ConnectiCon

p.2013-07-10 Ash Cantina32 Diner James Marie ch-19 p-036 You could design car bras car bras

p.2013-07-09 Ash Cantina32 Diner Marie ch-19 p-035 Ok, so then what are you doing after high school?

p.2013-07-08 Ash Cantina32 Diner James Marie ch-19 p-034 Underwear. Number two on the list is totally underwear.

p.2013-07-05 Ash Cantina32 Diner James Marie SpitTake ch-19 p-033 Who’s a better kisser, Ash, James or your new boyfriend?

p.2013-07-04 Ash Emily Filler Fireworks for 4th July 2013

p.2013-07-03 Ash Cantina32 Diner James Marie ch-19 p-032 I hope this isn’t awkward. Did you two used to date?

p.2013-07-02 Ash Cantina32 Diner James Marie ch-19 p-031 There’s no way dinner with my mom could be nearly so awkward 2005-01-16 Sunday Lunch

p.2013-07-01 Ash Lesbian Rumisiel ch-19 p-030 Ash: That was so awkward!

p.2013-06-28 Ash Rumisiel ch-19 p-029 You want to talk about it?

p.2013-06-27 Ash BreakfastAnytime Diner Emily Missi Rumisiel ch-19 p-028 EVERYBODY KISS ASH

p.2013-06-26 Ash BreakfastAnytime Diner Emily Kiss Missi Rumisiel ch-19 p-027 Whoa! Getting a little dark there.

p.2013-06-25 Ash BreakfastAnytime Diner Emily Missi Rumisiel ch-19 p-026 You could bring Emily and her dad and make it an estranged parent free for all

p.2013-06-24 Ash BreakfastAnytime Diner Emily Rumisiel ch-19 p-025 It’s not like she’ll dare ask about your sex life if I’m there

p.2013-06-21 Ash BreakfastAnytime Diner Emily Jen WaitPerson ch-19 p-024 Oh… Iced tea then, I guess

p.2013-06-20 Ash BreakfastAnytime Diner Emily Jen Missi WaitPerson ch-19 p-023 Should it be called “breakfast anytime we happen to be open”?

p.2013-06-19 Ash BreakfastAnytime Diner Emily ch-19 p-022 How can they call this place Breakfast Anytime?

p.2013-06-18 Ash Emily OldRoad ch-19 p-021 We won but… It’s just not the same kind of rush

p.2013-06-17 Ash Heather Missi OldRoad Phone ch-19 p-020 Missi: Heather wants to say something

p.2013-06-14 Ash CapKid Emily Missi OldRoad Phone ch-19 p-019 They want you to know first

p.2013-06-13 Heather Ivan OldRoad Race ch-19 p-018 Just a little more juice

p.2013-06-12 Heather Ivan OldRoad Race ch-19 p-017 YOU spend entirely TOO much time checking me out

p.2013-06-11 Filler art auction

p.2013-06-10 Heather Ivan OldRoad Race ch-19 p-016 Where is this “mythical” passing point?

p.2013-06-07 Ivan OldRoad Race ch-19 p-015 She’s done nothing but ride my ass

p.2013-06-06 Ash Emily Heather OldRoad ch-19 p-014 Like I said, I figured I’d play to our strengths

p.2013-06-05 Ash Emily Heather OldRoad Race ch-19 p-013 Damn… I was hoping he would end up being a paper tiger

p.2013-06-04 Ash Emily OldRoad ch-19 p-012 So this is what it is like to be stuck up top with you guys

p.2013-06-03 Ivan OldRoad Race ch-19 p-011 I’m in front. Just gotta stay there

p.2013-05-31 Ash Emily OldRoad Race ch-19 p-010 I thought you had no plan

p.2013-05-30 Filler Philadelphia Comic Con

p.2013-05-29 Ash Emily OldRoad Race ch-19 p-009 Go!

p.2013-05-28 Ash Heather Ivan OldRoad ch-19 p-008 There’s no way you can lose

p.2013-05-27 Ash Heather Ivan OldRoad ch-19 p-007 It’s a secret I learned from James about this road

p.2013-05-24 Ash Emily Heather Ivan OldRoad ch-19 p-006 I heard you lost to some girl named Emily

p.2013-05-23 Ash Ivan OldRoad ch-19 p-005 Feeling pretty warm tonight

p.2013-05-22 Ash Dates Heather OldRoad ch-19 p-004 Looks like we’re ready to go 2005-01-15 Saturday ref: 2013-04-30

p.2013-05-21 Ash Emily School ch-19 p-003 Ash: You know what I SHOULD be thinking about?

p.2013-05-20 Ash Emily School ch-19 p-002 Ash: It’s worth more than my car and has a clasp weaker than a shoelace

p.2013-05-17 Ash Emily School Snow ch-19 p-001 I’m really happier with the gas card

p.2013-05-16 Colour Cover ShoulderAngel ch-19 p-000
Book 19
January ’05

Heather–Ivan race II — lunch with mom — Jenny Greene’s party – 68 Mustang – Fruit Fly – Valentine – Baby Shower
Ash must choose a successor to keep a usurper who fancies himself an “ice racing specialist” from stealing the title of “King of the Mountain”. Is Heather an enemy, or an ally?

p.2013-05-15 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-18 p-117 there are “things” I’d have gotten rid of

p.2013-05-14 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-18 p-116 personal panic fest

p.2013-05-13 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-18 p-115 strapdangle, weatherman

p.2013-05-10 Ash Dates UptonHouse ch-18 p-114 The sleeper awakes 2005-01-12 Wednesday

p.2013-05-09 3GemPendant Ash Diner Marie ShawsSteak WaitPerson ch-18 p-113 Marie: It’s so beautiful on you

p.2013-05-08 3GemPendant Ash Diner Marie MariePresent ShawsSteak ch-18 p-112 Marie: They belonged to your grandmother… sort of. I had them reset.

p.2013-05-07 Ash Diner Edward ShawsSteak ch-18 p-111 a good time for presents

p.2013-05-06 Ash Diner Edward Marie ShawsSteak ch-18 p-110 How’s the underwear business going?

p.2013-05-03 Ash Diner Edward Marie ShawsSteak ch-18 p-109 More awkward than I imagined

p.2013-05-02 Ash Marie UptonHouse ch-18 p-108 Marie: My little girl’s eighteenth

p.2013-05-01 Ash Marie Rachel UptonHouse ch-18 p-107 Rachel: I’m not exactly dressed for snow

p.2013-04-30 Ash Rumisiel Snow UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 p-106 Ash: I’m not getting THAT back anytime soon… / race on Saturday

p.2013-04-29 Ash Emily James Missi UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 p-105 Seriously, Ash. What do you want?

p.2013-04-26 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-18 p-104 Emily: I just hope you remember me

p.2013-04-25 Ash Emily Tears UptonHouse ch-18 p-103 It’s not too late

p.2013-04-24 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-18 p-102 You told me you just looked like a more masculine

p.2013-04-23 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-18 p-101 I can’t remember what I looked like

p.2013-04-22 BirthdayCake Emily Eponine Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-18 p-100 I’ll go check

p.2013-04-19 Ash Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 p-099 Remember how everything looked…

p.2013-04-18 Ash Camera Rachel Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 p-098 You like it? It’s from your mom’s

p.2013-04-17 Ash BirthdayCake Emily Missi Rachel UptonHouse ch-18 p-097 Ash: Ok, your outfit is still REALLY distracting

p.2013-04-16 Ash Emily Eponine Nosebleed Rachel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 p-096 Is it time for cake yet?

p.2013-04-15 Ash Emily Rachel UptonHouse ch-18 p-095 Oh dear Lord

p.2013-04-12 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-18 p-094 Emily: I… Arranged an alternative?

p.2013-04-11 Ash Emily Missi UptonHouse ch-18 p-093 Emily: MOST of them made it on time

p.2013-04-10 Ash Emily Eponine James Rachel Rumisiel Snow UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 p-092 Missi: Surprise!!!

p.2013-04-09 Ash McArthurRes Snow ch-18 p-091 Some Birthday

p.2013-04-08 Ash Emily School ch-18 p-090 I know you don’t think it is a big thing

p.2013-04-05 Ash Edward Emily Missi Rumisiel School UptonHouse ch-18 p-089 Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Happy…

p.2013-04-04 Ash Bed UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 I don’t really GET breakfast in bed does not appear in the print Book 18

p.2013-04-03 Ash Bed Dates Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 p-088 Happy Birthday

p.2013-04-02 Ash Dream ShoulderAngel ch-18 p-087 Horizontal dancing

p.2013-04-01 Ash Dream Filler ShoulderAngel April 2013 foolishness, in Japanese

p.2013-03-29 Ash Dates Dream ShoulderAngel ch-18 p-086 You deserve a pretty party dress 2005-01-11 02:00 Tuesday

p.2013-03-28 Ash Rumisiel Snow ch-18 p-085 Do you like being the bad kid?

p.2013-03-27 Ash Rumisiel Snow ch-18 p-084 I’m making a snow you

p.2013-03-26 Ash Rumisiel School Snow Teacher Tempest ch-18 p-083 Ash, is there some sort of problem?

p.2013-03-25 Ash School Snow ch-18 p-082 Eighteen. I didn’t think it would affect me this much

p.2013-03-22 Emily Rachel School ch-18 p-081 Like EVERYONE goes to college

p.2013-03-21 Emily Rachel School ch-18 p-080 College doesn’t really seem like her thing

p.2013-03-20 Ash Rumisiel SchoolRoad Snow ch-18 p-079 And that’s why he’ll use a knife

p.2013-03-19 Ash Rumisiel SchoolRoad Snow ch-18 p-078 You don’t have to stand that far from the road

p.2013-03-18 Ash Edward Rumisiel Sausage Scissors Snip UptonHouse ch-18 p-077 Edward: I know you know Ash turns eighteen at midnight. I also know you know that means certain… things change legaly in regard to what can be done to her person. What you may NOT know is that I keep a variety of instruments at my home office;

p.2013-03-15 Ash BubblesBG Dates Edward Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-18 p-076 Welcome to your last day as a minor

p.2013-03-14 Ash Bed Snow UptonHouse ch-18 p-075 Ash: Snow again? 2005-01-10 07:00 Monday

p.2013-03-13 CFS Cassiel Heaven Tempest Xaphrael ch-18 p-074 You will tell him nothing

p.2013-03-12 CFS Cassiel Heaven Xaphrael ch-18 p-073 Any news of Ramael’s wherabouts?

p.2013-03-11 Ash Emily Missi Rumisiel UptonHouse ch-18 p-072 A ‘legal gray area’!

p.2013-03-08 Ash Missi UptonHouse ch-18 p-071 You have to warn me about these things!

p.2013-03-07 Ash Emily Missi Rumisiel Snow UptonHouse ch-18 p-070 So explain this again. Nobody won?

p.2013-03-06 Ash Ivan OldRoad Race Snow ch-18 p-069 Ivan: You just nullified this whole race!

p.2013-03-05 Ash Ivan OldRoad Race Snow ch-18 p-068 Time to put the brakes on

p.2013-03-04 Ash Heather Ivan OldRoad Race Snow ch-18 p-067 I may not be a snow specialist…

p.2013-03-01 Ash OldRoad Race ch-18 p-066 Ash: Move over Heather

p.2013-02-28 Heather Ivan OldRoad Race Snow ch-18 p-065 Heather: I have no intention of making this easy for you.

p.2013-02-27 Ash OldRoad Snow ch-18 p-064 Ash: I just hope this ‘plan’ actually works

p.2013-02-26 Ash Heather Ivan Missi OldRoad Snow ch-18 p-063 Heather: Enough talk. Let’s do this.

p.2013-02-25 Ash Heather Missi OldRoad Snow ch-18 p-062 Ivan: So Ash’s protégé arrives at last

p.2013-02-22 Ash Emily Ivan Missi RacerFrizz Racers Rumisiel Snow ch-18 p-061 Ivan: Rumor has it you’ve picked a racer

p.2013-02-21 Ivan OldRoad Snow ch-18 p-060 The game is afoot

p.2013-02-20 Dates FullerHome Hug Missi MrCuddles ch-18 p-059 Missi: Like some horrible Faustian deal 2005-01-08 Saturday

p.2013-02-19 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-18 p-058 Ivan on Ice?

p.2013-02-18 Ash Emily McArthurRes ch-18 p-057 Emily: How could you?

p.2013-02-15 Ash Heather HeatherHome ch-18 p-056 Heather: That bought you a couple of seconds

p.2013-02-14 Ash Heather HeatherHome ch-18 p-055 Ash: I can’t believe I’m considering this…

p.2013-02-13 Ash RacerC Rumisiel School ch-18 p-054 Ash: That only gives me two days…

p.2013-02-12 Ash Dates RacerC Rumisiel School ch-18 p-053 Rumisiel: You’re in a better mood than I thought 2005-01-06 Thursday

p.2013-02-11 Emily Rumisiel School Snow UptonHouse ch-18 p-052 Emily: Well if Ash isn’t expecting anything

p.2013-02-09 Filler 6 Gun Mage

p.2013-02-08 Emily Rumisiel UptonHouse Vashiel ch-18 p-051 Emily: We HAVE to do something

p.2013-02-07 Ash BubblesBG Emily UptonHouse ch-18 p-050 Ash: I always knew it was a long shot but I’d really hoped I’d be a boy again by the time I turned eighteen

p.2013-02-06 Ash Emily Flashback UptonHouse ch-18 p-049 Ash: You know, I spent half my life so far trying to get girls to touch me

p.2013-02-05 Ash Emily UptonHouse ch-18